Tila Tequila has made it no secret that she roots for both sides, and the itty-bitty beauty believes that deep down, "every girl is born bisexual." And now, the MySpace sensation has revealed that her sexual experimentation started at a particularly young age.

"Before I was 10, I had had experiences with girls," Tila told the June edition of Blender magazine, which hits stands on Tuesday. "But when you're that young you don't think, 'Oh, I'm having sex! I'm a lesbian!' Still, I always knew. I didn't have my first kiss with a guy until I was 15. I was with women long before that."

Tequila (whose real last name is Nguyen) is back for a second season of the reality series "Shot at Love." But even though she only went public with her attraction to women at the start of the series, her friends and family always have been very "accepting" of her bisexuality.

"I think a lot has changed. It’s not the '90s anymore. I think the gay community is a lot more accepted these days," she added.

But while the flamboyant femme fatale comes across as super-confident and comfortable on national television, could it be that she's a closet lesbian suffering from identity issues?

"All women aren't born bisexual; Tila seems to have a lack of self-esteem and is using that to justify her own sexuality," Beverly Hills psychologist Leslie Seppinni (who does not treat Tila) told Pop Tarts.

"Americans love trainwrecks and the controversy over her sexuality, but she's using this to defend her actions instead of saying that she's gay. Tila should seek counsel to discover who she really is rather than swinging back and forth."

Will Britney Become a Full-Time 'Mother'?

Britney Spears probably has a long way to go before she becomes a full-time mother in the real world again, but she’s making up for it with her appearances on the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother."

An on-set source told Pop Tarts the pop princess is "really popular" with the cast and crew and "worked hard" throughout her second two days of filming.

The show’s co-creator, Craig Thomas, even told The Hollywood Reporter that Britney "was better than the first time," which means we could see her strut as a secretary on our screens a third time.

"When people watch Britney's second appearance on the show, they'll see that the door is still open for her to come back," Thomas said.

In Monday night’s episode, Brit once again succeeded in nailing that blonde bimbo image and proved how hard she’s been sweatin’ it out at Bally’s by showing off her killer cleavage and smaller, tighter bod.

But in keeping with the episode’s title, "Everything Must Go," Brit’s co-stars Marshall and Lily (played by Jason Segal and Alyson Hannigan) are so strapped for cash that they’re auctioning some of their possessions at lilyandmarshallselltheirstuff.com, with all proceeds going to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

"No word yet if Britney is participating in giving away her clothes from the show," an insider told Tarts. "But in effort to keep her on the road to clean-up, a little charity might be in her best interest."

More Spears: She’s Sexier Than Cameron Diaz, Sienna Miller, Beyonce and Penelope Cruz

Speaking of Britney Spears and her reformation, the songstress has successfully strutted her way back onto the Top 20 of Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list — scraping in at No. 19. Seeing as though our gal didn’t even make the cut last year, we’re pretty proud of how far she’s come.

After sneak-peaking at the steamy list, we can safely say Spears beat the likes of Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, Mandy Moore and Sienna Miller.

"... [Britney] still oozes genuine sexiness, and if anyone can make a comeback, it's her," a Maxim editor said.

But there are a few sexy surprises as well — the not-so "Ugly" America Ferrera comes in at No. 84, Emma Watson makes her debut at No. 94, tattooed Tinseltowner Kat Von D is No. 62 and Meg from "Family Guy" (aka Mila Kunis) gets to show off much more than just her voice in the men's mag as she comes in at No. 81.

But who was the hottest on the hot list? Stay tuned.

Caught on Camera: Rumer Willis the Next Songstress?

She's known as the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, but is 19-year-old Rumer Willis getting ready to bring out a record?

According to insiders, the young actress has drummed up a lot of interest from music executives with her "deep, husky" voice unique to someone her age and is "in talks" for some projects.

"She can definitely hold a good tune — keep in mind her mother, Demi, has a sultry, raspy voice, and father, Bruce, likens himself as being a blues artist," our music insider said. "With the right production and material, she could put out something solid and already people are talking."

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