Tara Reid apparently upheld her reputation last weekend while hosting the "Bikini Beach 2008" party at Chicago's Crobar.

According to an eyewitness, at one point Reid was busting her moves in the man-made sandbox while holding a martini before going on stage and giving a very slurred shout-out on the mic.

The "American Pie" actress apparently then made her way upstairs into the VIP room while bumping into people and even knocking other guests’ drinks out of their hands.

We're also told the perennial party princess arrived over an hour late for her appearance.

A rep for Reid did not respond for comment.

Juliette Lewis Kisses, Grinds Girlfriends

Juliette Lewis certainly is one free spirit — and it seems she didn’t care who or how many people were watching her girl-on-girl good times in Sin City on Saturday night.

"The Licks" frontwoman celebrated her 35th birthday with a bender at Prive nightclub, arriving around midnight with four very attractive female friends.

We’re told Lewis and her gal pals did shots and drank mojitos and champagne before dancing wildly on the VIP couches. The actress/musician reportedly was grinding up against the girls and was spotted exchanging brief but sensual kisses throughout the evening.

Vanessa Hudgens' Sexy New Album Cover

Now that the spotlight on scandalous snaps has moved over to fellow "Disney" gal Miley Cyrus, 19-year-old Vanessa Hudgens has been busy in the studio working on her new album ... and doing a lot of growing up.

Ness looks quite the stunning young woman in her soon-to-be released "Identified" album cover, with her sultry stare and body-hugging pose set against a cloud of smoke. Zac Efron ought to be a little worried!

"This album is going to be a lot more grown-up than the last one, a little jazzier, and I’m showing a side of me that people haven’t seen before," Hudgens told Pop Tarts earlier this year.

Lindsay Lohan Has a Secret Little Sister?

The troubles and tales inside the Lohan family seem to be never-ending. Reports have surfaced that Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, may have fathered a daughter while still married to his now ex-wife Dina Lohan.

Michael reportedly met a woman named Christie in Houston, Texas, in 1982 and the two reunited for just one week in 1995 when he was separated from Dina and she was going through a divorce.

"Years later, while I was in prison, she contacted me to say she had a paternity test done that revealed the child’s father was not her husband. She said I was the only other man she had been with," Michael told "Extra."

"My lawyers are dealing with this. When we find out the truth we will deal with it in the appropriate manner," he said.

Linda Has Two Boytoys?

We don’t recommend getting on the bad side of a former world-wrestling champ, but it seems Linda Hogan’s 19-year-old beau isn’t too concerned with doing naughty things.

Hulk Hogan told radio host Bubba the Love Sponge that young Charley Hill is giving him one heck of a headache by riding his uninsured motorcycle, whipping around town in his daughter Brooke Hogan's Escalade and going through jailed son Nick’s belongings.

Click to listen.

The reality star also said that Brooke called him "scared to death" after discovering Hill and another 19-year-old pal hiding out in Nick’s bathroom. According to Hulk, Hill told Brooke that both he and his teen friend were living at the house.

Wardrobe Malfunction Could Have Cost Janet Evans Her Life

Five-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time world record holder Janet Evans managed to survive years of swimming, but the now-retired athlete was lucky to have escaped serious injury recently on the set of NBC’s reality show "Celebrity Circus."

Pop Tarts caught up with Janet last week (the morning after she was eliminated) and she opened up about her scary 15-foot fall during a training session.

"I was trying to help my training partner who was having a wardrobe malfunction and [I] fell, landing half on the mat and half on the concrete ground," Evans said, adding that the experience was very scary but it only added to her determination to continue competing.

The former freestyle queen has just been named the face of Johnson's "Thanks Mom" baby lotion campaign and is getting ready to head over to this year’s Olympics in Beijing — not just to support the athletes on the American team, but the parents of the athletes. At 10 months old, Janet’s little one is just a little too tiny to follow in her mama’s footsteps — although it seems young Sidney already has spent a lot of time in the pool.

"I swam throughout my entire pregnancy and even the day I gave birth," Janet said. "But pregnancy was difficult for me in the sense that I had to learn to relax and let my body become whatever it was supposed to. As an athlete, I was used to really controlling my body and every muscle group — it was challenging to let that go."

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