Pop Tarts: Spice Girls, 'Idol' Founder Simon Fuller Marries in Secret Ceremony

While the world was gushing over the nuptials between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller on Friday afternoon, a far more powerful entertainment figure was tying-the-knot a few hours north in California's Napa Valley.

"American Idol" Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe confirmed to Tarts on Saturday evening that he had just returned from the wine country after attending the wedding of Idol owner, Spice Girls manager and founder of 19 Entertainment Simon Fuller.

The British-based music man tied-the-knot to longtime girlfriend, U.S. Interior Designer Natalie Swanston in a star-studded ceremony, where cost was reportedly no object.

According to Lythgoe the night was "just amazing" and quite the "Idol" reunion with the likes of Carrie Underwood and Daughtry in attendance as well as the group he started from scratch, The Spice Girls.

"It was great seeing everyone," a slightly fatigued but smiling Nigel added. "It was quite the party!"

Hugh Hefner's Girlfriend 'Scared' of Being Naked

You would assume that as Hugh Hefner 's girlfriend, a former body-painted Playboy party promoter and a frequently featured model in the men's magazine, Kendra Wilkinson would be pretty comfortable with baring her body. But it turns out that the "Girl Next Door" is terrified of taking it all off.

"I'm really, really self-conscious, believe or not," she told Pop Tarts. "I get so nervous and shy. Even though I'm this crazy party girl, taking my clothes off really scares me."

But being "uncomfortable" flashing the flesh isn't the only surprise coming from the bubbly blonde. She also said that Hef is the one with all the "energy," bouncing from place to place for the filming of their E! reality show.

"He [Hef] is always pushing us along when we're tired," she said with a laugh.

So while Wilkinson is busy hiding her itty bitty bod, fellow Hef girlfriend Bridget Marquardt has been whipping hers into shape quite, er, unconventionally.

"I flip off the trapeze bar and swing up and catch it again. It's really fun and a really intense workout," she said. "Trapeze gets the heart rate right up."

Hmmm, let's just hope that at 82, Hefner doesn't try to join in on that one. ...

Paris Hilton: ADD on the Dance Floor

Perennial party princess Paris Hilton certainly knows how to get down on the dance floor, but it turns out she can’t bounce to the same beat for very long. At a recent bash, Hilton reportedly told the DJ not to play a song for more than 20 seconds because she “has ADD” (aka Attention Deficit Disorder).

That said, the heiress hasn't been hitting the Hollywood scene quite as much as usual, but it isn't because she's taking it easy.

Hilton has already started filming her new reality show "Paris BFF," where wannabes all live in a house with her and audition to be her best bud. The heiress told us that she'll be judging them on their sincerity, fashion sense and, like, whether or not they can get into a club.

Hey, when you're the highest-paid party princess in the world, that's important!

Spears' Lawyer Says She's Still Crazy

Britney Spears' court-appointed attorney Samuel Ingham told Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday afternoon that his famous client is still not yet "fit" enough to turn up to her conservatorship hearings.

Despite all the positive changes the pop princess seems to have made in recent months, Ingham announced that her condition is "fluid" as her treatment is changing.

Brit's custody case is set to go to trial on July 31, but it doesn't look as though she'll appear in the flesh, as her father Jamie Spears and her legal team believe this could be "harmful" to her health.

'Other Woman' Denies Affair With Shania Twain's Husband

Despite rampant reports that Shania Twain's recent split with her hubby Robert "Mutt" Lange is a result of his alleged affair with their longtime personal assistant Marie-Anne Thiébaud, the woman involved is flatly denying the accusations.

"It's not true, you can't believe everything you read in the press," Thiébaud told People magazine, while Lange added that their romantic rupture was a result of simply "growing apart."

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