Paris Hilton may have snagged her former flame, but Australian actress Sophie Monk seems to be ahead of her American counterparts when it comes to feeling "comfortable" flashing the flesh.

The blonde beauty stars alongside Winona Ryder and fellow Aussie Simon Baker in the upcoming "Sex and Death 101," and according to director Daniel Waters, she had no hang-ups whatsoever when filming full-on nude scenes.

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"I cast Americans and they're always like, 'Yeah, we like sex,' but then they start to question everything, so I like casting Australians because they like going naked," he told Tarts.

"Sophie had no hang-ups at all. She was more worried about her air-hockey abilities than going nude, which is very rare for an actress. Australians are much more open and don't get embarrassed — in fact, they are impossible to embarrass."

Monk's ex is Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, who is dating Paris.

Britney Wants to Do 'Mother' Again?

Britney Spears loved playing a shy-yet-amorous receptionist on the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" so much that it looks as though she is set to star in the role again.

According to TV Guide, Spears is in talks with the television show's executives to strut her way back on the set; however, it all depends on "availability" (Spears' schedule seems pretty wide open to us!)

Meanwhile, Kevin Federline's lawyer said that with the help of her father, Jamie Spears, Britney is heading in the right direction — but she's not "cured" yet.

"Jamie is doing a really good job," Mark Vincent Kaplan told People magazine. "There was a situation and that seems to be stabilized. Does that mean she’s cured? Of course not.

"Obviously, before Jamie, it wasn't a question of what was going to happen — it was a question of when," he continued.

Katie Turning Into Tom?

Well, they don’t call them "TomKat" for nothing, right?

It appears as though with every passing day, the gorgeous Katie Holmes is morphing more and more into her hubby, Tom Cruise. Aside from having drastically changed her fashion sense to suit Tom’s more straight-laced style, the former "Dawson’s Creek" beauty is now sporting a new buzz cut.

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Holmes’ new crop was pap-snapped earlier this week as she snuck out of Hollywood’s Pizzeria Mozza, and we have to say that while Katie is cute enough to pretty much pull off anything, this one makes her look just a little too much like her loved one.

Sorry, Guys, Rihanna Is Boring … and Scared

She’s young, she’s hot and she’s a big-name star — however, Rihanna probably won’t be keeping us as entertained as the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have over the years (well, when she isn’t on stage, that is).

"My ideal night out really is sitting in the hotel room and watching some DVDs, having girl talk, playing some loud music, dancing around, having fun. I think that would be the most fun," Rihanna recently told Tarts.

Hmmm, exhilarating. But it turns out that the R&B beauty is "scared" of something she can’t escape from — herself.

"When I think about all the things that I’ve accomplished and I’ve achieved, it makes me a little scared because it’s kind of overwhelming," she added. "It’s a surreal feeling and I really have a lot to be grateful for."

Well, when you’re listed as one of the four richest teens in Hollywood alongside Daniel Radcliffe, Hillary Duff and Hayden Panetierre, we are inclined to agree.

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