Pop Tarts: Sienna Miller's Newfound Love for Guns

Sienna Miller seems pretty pumped about being able to mess around with guns in her current project, "G.I. Joe."

"This is definitely not an independent film — this is big-budget stuff," Sienna told FOX at the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday. "This is fun stuff; I get to really kick some butt."

But unlike her admitted failure to get in Edie Sedgwick-shape for "Factory Girl," the British babe has been busting out the blood, sweat and tears.

"I am working out a lot and kickboxing and all that," she said. "But the best bit is that I'm doing that gun-twisting stuff. I'm learning how to shoot properly, and it's all cool and a lot of fun."

It seems her efforts are paying off, as a super-slender Sienna strutted along the red carpet, chatting with Hollywood hunks like Josh Hartnett and Matt Dillon. Jude Law, eat your heart out.

Speaking of star-studded sexiness, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also attended the awards, held on a Saturday filled with rain.

Let's not forget that these two humanitarian hotties are probably very used to coping with a little cold and drizzle, having jet-setted around the world. So was there honestly a need for at least half a dozen guards with umbrellas to escort them a few yards from their drop-off to the undercover area?

Perhaps it has something to do with Angie's very prominent tummy bump, which is why the entire production staff went into over-protection mode.

Dressed a little — well a lot — like a tomboy, but with a trendy twist, Ellen Page popped out to take her winnings as best actress for "Juno," but still seemed scared of, er, herself.

"I don't pick up the magazines or anything that has my picture," she told Tarts. "Some of the write-ups are good and some are bad, but I'm not into all the publicity and free things. I just do my job and then go home."

But "Michael Clayton" star Tom Wilkinson certainly had his priorities right before the show.

"I'm presenting an award. I don't know who or what it is for," he said. "But what's important is I get to meet Meg Ryan. She's presenting with me." Awww.

Finally, Ricki Lake, whose very own indie documentary "The Business of Being Born" hits theaters this week, explained why she enjoys Hollywood's awards season.

"These awards are great," she said. "Everybody getting drunk in the middle of the day."

Lotsa Lovin' at the Oscars

There was a sense of surreal calm in the air Sunday morning as Pop Tarts walked down a very empty red carpet in anticipation of the 80th Academy Awards.

The screamers were already in place, crews were coming in and half a dozen hosts were still sitting around with a head full of hot rollers.

Something sinister happened to the Southern California sun, because rain was patting heavily on the plastic covering above. But nothing could hide the smiles of the organizers who seemed more relieved than stressed that it was all going ahead.

It didn't take long before the corner of Hollywood and Highland was littered with Tinseltown's trendiest and most talented. And it seemed like there was more love bursting from the red carpet than talk about the awards.

Decked out in a dazzling red John Galliano gown, Heidi Klum made sure hubby Seal stood by her side the entire time. But when we asked whether he ever gets starstruck, he turned and said: "Only when I look at my wife."

Anne Hathaway also wore red as she clung to her current squeeze, real-estate developer Raffaello Follieri. The "Devil Wears Prada" starlet gave us her most critical fashion advice: Always be alert to stop your partner from stepping on your dress to avoid a potential disaster.

Hmmm, funny then that we looked down to see Follieri with his feet firmly planted on her plush gown. Oops.

George Clooney may have been nominated for best actor in "Michael Clayton," but his waitress girlfriend Sarah Larson triggered more screams from the fans whenever she smiled.

John Travolta told us how impressed he was with wife Kelly Preston's tight, strapless outfit selection because she was a "curvy woman." (Mind you, Preston didn't seem too thrilled by this remark.)

A slightly pale (and very pregnant) Jessica Alba also popped by in purple and told us how excited she was about the ceremony (although Alba seemed more sleepy than sassy).

Cameron Diaz also looked her usual stunning self, but surprisingly wore very little makeup. Is someone making a statement?

As usual, however, several stars got somewhat snobby with the press and preferred to run down the red-carpet. Johnny Depp! Jennifer Hudson! Brangelina! James McAvoy! Oh well, Pop Tarts will still keep you in mind for future columns. ...

Time flies when you're at your (first ever!) Academy Awards, and before Pop Tarts knew it, the doors were closing (20 minutes late) and the air of anticipation as to who would take home a golden Oscar lifted a level.

So which after-party did Pop Tarts attend? Stay tuned.

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