Comedian Sarah Silverman sparked controversy at last year’s VMAs with her scathing commentary of Brit’s, ah, “incredible” performance and referenced her sons as “adorable mistakes."

But it seems as though the stand-up starlet has developed a “serious” soft-spot for the pop princess.

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“I think she’s doing great, like her appearance on that sitcom was mind-blowing — she did great, she did it again,” Silverman told Tarts at her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel’s 1,000th episode party last week.

“She seemed very together and she was really funny I thought, very impressive," Silverman said. "I just wish her the best. I hope she is able to stop and just pick up the pieces and focus on herself. I don’t know why I’m getting suddenly serious, but I just feel for her.”

But while Silverman may be sweet about Spears, Silverman's sex life is a somewhat more salty.

“I don’t know who I will do next now I am done with Matt Damon,” Sarah said in response to her hit video “F—-ing Matt Damon”. “I’m such a whore, who knows? It doesn’t have to be A list. It can be any list.”

So while Sarah sarcastically swears she “sleeps around,” her man Jimmy seems a little more loyal.

“Nobody’s next really," Kimmel said. "I’ve had Ben Affleck; now I’m done. I don’t go sleeping around with a whole bunch of other stars. I’m a one guy guy, and I am practically a Girl Scout.”

Hmmm, we wonder if they will change their mind when they find out about their friend Carson Daly’s desire. …

“I would like to have sex with Jimmy and Matt and Sarah and Ben at once in this pool at this hotel," said a straight-faced Daly. "That’d be a video.”

Inside the swanky soiree, the guests had more interest “trying” to be Kid Rock rather than gawking over the guest of honor. Tarts spotted several partygoers dressed almost exactly like Pamela Anderson’s former flame (perhaps he wasn’t too pleased about it because he snuck out around 11).

Meanwhile, Kimmel cut the cake and blew out the candles with only a handful of people watching (sniff sniff). We guess the rest of the party peeps like David Spade, Johnny Knoxville and Rebecca Romijn were too preoccupied taking advantage of Jameson Irish Whiskey's open bar. …

Sneak-Peak at 'Idol Gives Back': Kimmel Attacks Cowell, Dr. Phil Sings and Big Stars Breakdown

The star-studded show "Idol Gives Back" doesn't hit the FOX airways until 7:30 p.m. ET Wednesday, however Pop Tarts talked our way into the taping in Hollywood Sunday evening to get all the scoop. (But shhh, you didn't hear it here, OK?!)

"My mission as a performer is to give back, educate and inspire others. It's not enough for me as an artist just to make and sell records," John Legend told Tarts backstage, after sheepishly admitting he doesn't actually watch "American Idol."

Hmmm, but it seems as though Beyonce and Jay-Z's spontaneous nuptials wasn't a surprise to everyone. (By the way, Legend also said he only "works out" to Jay-Z's tunes.)

"I'm happy for them, they are an amazing couple and have a huge impact on pop culture," Legend said. "I didn't know the exact date the wedding would happen, but I knew it definitely was on the agenda."

While we've all grown accustomed to Simon Cowell's caustic critique of contestants, he got hit by a little karma thanks to comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

"It's time to give away that black turtleneck Simon," Kimmel said. "It makes your nipples stick out, it looks like you've smuggled the Olsen twins in under your shirt, although it does draw attention away from your hideous hair. Does Moses part it for you?"

(Trust Tarts though, Cowell got him back very nicely with that Jay Leno remark. ...)

Reese Witherspoon probably wasn't expecting to have to do multiple "takes" on her live segment, but due to a sound snafu, the "Sweet Home Alabama" star showed how skilled she is executing her lines perfectly more than once. Brad Pitt suffered the same fate: But was it just an excuse for the sound tech to touch the sexy star?

Hmmm, and we don't know how Billy Ray Cyrus would feel about his daughter Miley's super sexy performance involving an all-boy backup and a few raunchy floor moves. (Again, this young superstar also admitted to us that she has never watched a single episode of "Idol." Ever. Tsk-tsk.)

Other well, interesting, tidbits included Ellen DeGeneres "pretending" to be Oprah Winfrey, a cute "Get On Your Feet" comeback from pop princess Gloria Estefan and a very energetic music video featuring everyone from Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton, Dr. Phil, George Lopez, Kylie Minogue and Selma Blair.

This year's show also gave our political candidates a chance to share their thoughts with the world, but it was a little one-sided. Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama addressed the audience via video, but the Republicans weren't represented as John McCain suffered a serious technical trauma.

"I'm not politically biased. I promise it's just a technical problem that we're hoping to have fixed by Wednesday," British-born "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe assured the audience. "I'm not even allowed to vote."

But what left the largest impact on the audience was seeing a number of our A-list stars breakdown (aka Annie Lennox, Forest Whitaker) coupled with Ryan Seacrest's simple reminder — just 50 cents is enough for a pill to save a child from dying of malaria in Africa.

So in all honesty, how hard can it be for us all to pick up the phone on Wednesday?

Eva Swings Solo, Eve 'Desperate' for a Seat

It was a girls’ night out for “Desperate Housewives” hottie Eva Longoria, who spent her Thursday giggling side-stage at hotspot Teddy’s for Hennessy’s jazz night. Longoria surrounded herself with a bevy of beauties, however the (ah, very bubbly) babe was the only one in her group game enough to bust some moves.

But even though her basketball hubby Tony Parker was nowhere to be seen, he was clearly in her thoughts as Eva screeched “Tony would LOVE this, this band is amazing!” in between her hip-shakin’ and cocktail sippin’.

While Eva was all smiles, the night started out a little less laughable for rapper Eve, who popped in with her posse (which included actor Michael Rappaport), just before midnight.

Eve looked a little lost as all the VIP tables were taken, and every time she found a seat she was escorted elsewhere. Finally Pop Tarts were gracious enough to give up one of our tables to accommodate the (alcohol bracelet-free) babe.

Kelly Osborne (Trying) to Cover the Bags …

Her name is synonymous with thick black eyeliner, and it seems as though Kelly Osborne is doing whatever she can to cover dem’ dark circles too.

The 23-year-old rocker/reality star was busted boogying her way into Barney’s in Beverly Hills on Monday to make an emergency purchase of an ultra-luxe eye cream — apparently after advice from mama, Sharon.

Tarts has heard word that Kelly is busy working on a new blues duet of Roy Orbison's "Blue Bayou" with singer Brian Evans … so fingers crossed that a fresh face (and eyes) will give the girl a fresh sound too!

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