In the wake of speculation that Ashlee Simpson may be expecting and the growing Hollywood trend of having children before marriage (Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Jamie Lynn Spears), at least one religious group is advising young people to turn away from Tinseltown when it comes to finding an individual to idolize.

"We encourage young people not to look up to these Hollywood starlets as role models," a spokeswoman from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights told Pop Tarts.

"In Hollywood nowadays, we just hear so much about going in and out of rehab, having multiple babies to different fathers and their lack of responsibility. We hope that most young people can admire Hollywood stars for their talents but filter out these negative influences and turn to other people in their community as more positive role models."

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But according to the organization, the pregnant women who are already rocking "the rock" are still en route to benefiting the unborn child more than those who don't take the next step. (Simpson, Richie, Alba and reportedly Jamie Lynn are all engaged.)

"In the past, pregnancy out of wedlock has had a stigma; as a society we have worked hard to filter out stigma. The Catholic Church certainly doesn't condone premarital sex, but if these girls can get married even after falling pregnant, it definitely helps," added the rep. "It certainly benefits the child to have parents that are married and stable."

Recent statistics issued by government health officials state that nearly one in four babies in the U.S. is born out of wedlock.

But others argue that the baby-before-marriage "fad" really isn't a bad thing.

"I say congratulations to the pregnant stars if that's what they want," said single mom Janet Housley, who has two tween daughters yet has never married. "I am still happy for my girls to listen to Ashlee or watch 'Fantastic Four.' I have raised two beautiful, intelligent and well-mannered girls alone — if anything they are more together than most people their age with stable parents."

Whether Simpson is pregnant is still unclear given denials from her fiance Pete Wentz; however, she did a taping for MTV's "TRL" on Tuesday in which she said she wanted to keep the issue "personal."

"I just think that's an inappropriate question to ask a woman," she said. "For me to have to answer something I didn't ever want to respond to ... and I think that when people deny [reports], it's probably because it's something they want to keep personal."

Dina Lohan: Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Brother and Cousin!

Well, it's no secret that Lindsay Lohan gets her partying practices from her mama. But it seems it's all in the family.

Our Sin City spies spotted Dina Lohan with her brother and cousin partying their way into Prive nightclub in Planet Hollywood around 3:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

The Lohan team apparently requested a table in the Living Room, where they drank Ketel One vodka until almost 5 a.m. We're also told that the extended "Happy Hour" left Mama Lohan a little worse for wear as she wandered out.

Also busted boogying into the wee hours (although they were still outdone by the "Mean Girl" relatives) were Mariah Carey, Nick Carey and Da Brat, who were later joined by The Black Eyed Peas from some serious sipping until 4 a.m.

"Mariah looks amazing at the moment, and she clearly wanted to show off that booty," said a clubgoer. "She was up there on the banquettes doing her thing like no one else even existed."

Report: Cameron Diaz's Father Dies

Emilio Diaz, the father of screen sensation Cameron Diaz, reportedly passed away from pneumonia early Monday morning.

According to TMZ, the 58-year-old foreman worker recently developed a flu which turned into pneumonia and died suddenly in his hometown of Seal Beach, Calif.

Emilio made a cameo appearance as a jailbird in Cameron's hit flick "There's Something About Mary" and was once described by Diaz as her "rock."

Calls to Diaz's rep were not returned.

Michael Jordan’s People Peeved

Carmelo Anthony’s arrest on Monday morning for DUI isn't just a huge blow to the NBA star and his Denver Nuggets — it sounds as if he may have made Michael Jordan mad too.

Last year, the 23-year-old launched Jordan Melo M4: Carmelo Anthony's New Signature Shoe under the Jordan Brand umbrella, under the tagline "I Know I Can" to represent his "commitment and dedication" to a successful season. However, it seems that his ability to bounce balls won’t be the only aspect of his career that is now in jeopardy.

"Jordan Brand athletes are supposed to be positive role models," an inside source told Pop Tarts. "Michael will want to have strong words."

After failing a series of sobriety tests, Anthony was officially charged with DUI and is due in court on May 14.

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