Paris Hilton is certainly no stranger to the spotlight and knows how it feels to be followed 24/7. So speaking from experience, the perennial party princess is urging the paparazzi and the press to give Britney Spears a break.

"Everybody should just kinda leave her alone and let her live her life," Hilton told Pop Tarts on Saturday night at the Sundance Film Festival.

But despite rampant rumors that the singing starlets never recovered from a falling-out following Brit's panty-free partying with Paris at the end of 2006, it turns out that the two have actually been bonding.

"She is a great girl and I really love her," Paris said, adding that the two had recently conversed.

But parties in Park City certainly wouldn't be quite so "happening" without Paris, who stars in the upcoming "Hottie and the Nottie."

Both the Hilton heiresses took to the tabletops at 5W/Butter nightclub's private party over the weekend, turning up at a time when alot of early risers would be getting ready to wake.

After slamming center front at 50 Cent's concert at the MySpace/Tao Lounge on Saturday night, the joined-at-the-hip hoteliers headed out on the town for another long, long night of twisting on tabletops.

However, while these hotties had a hip-hoppin' time with 50 Cent, they did spoil the night for another concertgoer. Pop Tarts was told a filmmaker was thrown out of the sell-out performance for "standing too (unknowingly) close to Paris Hilton." Bad boy.

Hilton clearly had a good time, because she was at Tao (again) on Sunday to see Velvet Revolver, and in her hasty entrance took a little trip ... up the stairs. (And always the center of attention, the "Simple Life" sensation even attempted a drum-set with the band.)

But that wasn't the only slippin' the socialite did that night. Pop Tarts popped Paris in the early hours of Monday morning at the Village of the Yard's Hyde Lounge going down Amstel's Winter Wonderland sled in a dress and heals. Classy.

Lindsay Lohan Stays Away From Rehab Region

Rumors were abuzz throughout Park City over the weekend that "reformed" rehabber Lindsay Lohan may very well wander back into the wilderness and join fellow party princesses like Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton for the indie film festival.

But apparently Lohan isn't quite ready to return to Utah, where she recently resided while attending Cirque Lodge Rehab Facility.

"It's all one step at a time," a source told Pop Tarts. "She is slowly venturing back into the public eye, but at this stage an appearance at Sundance probably won't happen."

But you just never know. Stay tuned.

Freebie Flirt: Rex Lee Wins the Swag Award

Forget the SAG awards. This weekend, it is all about the SWAG awards.

"Entourage" sensation Rex Lee must love film festivals and awards season, because this guy seems to have gotten enough gifts to last a lifetime.

Rex has become a regular at all the gifting suites and was again living up to his rep at the many Sundance suites over the weekend. (But hey, who could blame him?)

The small screen star made sure he hit up every single sponsor at the Boost Mobile Lounge, Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge, the Alive Expo at the Green Pavillion, Village at the Yard, M. Frederick/5W PR's Style Lounge, Pure and Natural Eco Retreat and down the road at the Kenneth Cole Reaction Lounge at Stereo (among many, many others) and filled many, many bags with bling.

But it seems Lee sticks to picking up presents for himself rather than for any furry friends. Pop Tarts popped him turning down the offer to take luxury animal items from animago.com. Like, "as if" he has any interest in having a pet.

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