Pop Tarts: Paris Hilton's Shoe Fetish

It doesn't seem so long ago that Paris Hilton was pap-snapped without her panties while partying in Hollywood. However, the heiress seems to have learned her lesson — well, at least when it comes to covering the region a little further below.

"No girl should ever go without shoes, ever, so that's why I am launching my own shoe collection and they're totally hot," Hilton told Pop Tarts at the Magic Clothing Convention in Vegas last week.

"Actually, my entire line is hot — it is young, it's sexy and it stands out. It is also great quality and it's just good and it's stylish. It's totally my style."

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But while many people think a day in the life of the hotel hottie is all play, Paris insists that she deserves every dime.

"This week I am at my booth all day working, meeting all the buyers, showing them all my favorite styles and taking orders," Hilton said. "We have monthly meetings where the design team comes in or I fly into New York, and we go over different designs and I'll send them drawings or inspirations. It is my line so I do it all, but it's a lot of fun to actually draw something and then actually see it here today at Magic."

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But that doesn't mean her duties only go from nine to five. Paris was reportedly paid to party for six consecutive nights while in her home-away-from-home Sin City, but it is just as well she has her peeps to keep her "workload" list in order.

When asked when and where she would be for the week, our glam girl got a little confused and turned to her staff for some guidance. (Hey, perhaps she was just a little lethargic from the night before. After all, she was "working" 'til the wee hours, then up again at the crack of dawn to woo buyers!)

However, the brand-name blonde has won over an entire state ... sort of. Tarts has been told by a visitor at the convention that she felt "very frightened" when Paris entered the building with a protection posse of 30-plus.

"I thought I was going to get trampled when these people just started marching toward me," said the onlooker. "But I managed to yell to Paris that I had come all the way from Alaska, and was so surprised when she turned around and said sweetly, "Hello Alaska," in the middle of all the chaos."

But naturally, Miss Hilton found a way to go out every single night of her Sin City stay — topping off her 27th birthday celebrations with a boogie at Bellagio's The Bank on Sunday night.

Pop Tarts has been told the heiress got down and dirty with the rail ... after apparently announcing to partygoers that she was very single at the moment.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Naked With Sister Watching

Lindsay Lohan posed nude for the spring fashion issue of New York magazine, re-creating Marilyn Monroe's famous final shoot with photographer Bert Stern.

And the fact that Linds' little sister Aliana was present during the shoot has caused a little controversy ... but Li-Lo's pals just don't know why.

"I think it is so silly, all this attention on it," an insider told Tarts. "It is her sister and they're very close. I'm sure she's seen her sister in the nude before. Big deal. There is nothing wrong with that."

Pop Tarts Predicts a 'Very Sexy' Academy Awards

The Oscars will be "Very Sexy" ... if Heidi Klum has anything to do with it.

The buzz around Hollywood right now isn't about which party will be the hottest or whether Ellen Page will walk away a winner. It seems a lot of attention has been (strangely) placed on Klum.

Pop Tarts has been told that the German-born beauty teamed up with her employees at Victoria's Secret to create something special for the Best Actress nominees.

Klum and her clan have comprised a "Good Luck" package consisting of Very Sexy beauty items and lacy lingerie for the lovely ladies. And at Klum's insistence, a low-cut push-up bra (with garter belt and panty) just had to be included in the prize package.

Apparently, the recipients will be receiving their goodies this week, and should they choose to wear them under their couture come Sunday, we are predicting a very high temperature in the Kodak Theater.

Harry Morton Buys a Piece of River Phoenix

The Viper Room, tucked away on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip, is infamously known as the location where River Phoenix overdosed on Halloween 1993. But now it has another claim to fame — Harry Morton.

Just last week, the former flame of Lindsay Lohan and Pink Taco entrepreneur (who is also the son of the legendary Peter Morton, who created the Hard Rock) spent his big bucks on buying out the hard-hitting, heavy-metal music venue.

But don't expect burritos or The Beatles to take over the dimly lit nightspot. Pop Tarts has been told Morton has no intention to "remodel the brand," but still plans to bring in a team of "experts" from daddy's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas to do their thing.

But with Morton's name attached, should we soon expect to see Paris, Lindsay and Britney head-bangin' here? Stay tuned.

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