Pop Tarts: Paris Hilton Turns to God

Party princess turned pending prisoner Paris Hilton seems to be sanctifying her sins by turning to the word of the Lord.

The Hollywood Boulevard blonde was busted bumming around Beverly Hills carrying the self-help book “The Power of One” and the Holy Bible.

Perhaps Paris was so busy praying and preaching that she forgot to put on her bra.

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Report: Spears Strips, Swims and Gets Sloshed

Just when we thought Britney Spears had rehabilitated from sinner to star, the bald beauty seems to have turned back into a “Toxic” train wreck.

According to photos on thesuperficial.com, after her concert at Mansion in South Beach, Miami, on Sunday, Spears sported a dress with a great big split down the center.

As if that wasn’t enough, she then stripped down for a swim in the Raleigh Hotel’s pool.

The Miami Herald is also claiming that Spears then boogied and boozed until 5 a.m. in the VIP section of SET.

A source splurged to the paper that Spears was doing Purple Hooter Shots — which are part vodka, part Chambord and part 7-Up — while getting down and dirty to tracks by Fergie and Nelly Furtado as per her request.

"Spears was dancing around like a crazy lady,” said one eyewitness. “ She is definitely back in the scene."

But while Brit may have been surrounded by her party posse, it seems the pop princess could still be struggling with depression.

"Britney seemed lonely,” another source told the Herald.

Jess & John: The Best Part of Breaking Up Is When You're Making Up

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer reportedly called it quits last week, but it seems they may already be en route to sharing “Sweet Kisses” again.

According to insiders, the couple spent a mushy Monday together in New York City and Mayer was spotted leaving Jess’ hotel around midday.

"He was looking really happy," a witness told In Touch magazine. "He couldn't stop smiling."

Another friend of Jess’ also splurged to the mag that the duo went on a date together Monday evening.

“She (Simpson) still loves him," the friend said. "[But] he's scared of commitment. He breaks up with her and then regrets it and then begs her to get back together."

Keira Knightley Says She's 'One of the Heaviest in Hollywood'

It seems hard to believe, but “Pirates of the Caribbean" star Keira Knightley insists she is one of the biggest babes on Hollywood Boulevard.

“I’m twice the size — height and everything — of most other girls going in to see the director for a part,” she told Australia’s OK! magazine. “When you realize that I’m one of the largest actresses there, you start to think ‘this is ridiculous.'"

However, Knightley wouldn’t mind adding some lard to the chest department.

"I would love to have t—s! I would love to have Monica Bellucci's figure,” Keira recently told GMTV. “But I'm never going to get it. I'm naturally who I am. Surgery is far too frightening. I couldn't."

And when it comes to romance, the 22-year-old says this is another area where she is far from larger than life.

“Dating is always a difficult thing,” the British belle told OK! “I’m so dim I don’t notice when a guy’s coming on to me. Subtlety doesn’t work with me — you have to be blunt!”

Does Britney's Nipple Have a Ring to It?

Britney Spears never shies away from sporting a new look.

The bald beauty apparently hit Millennium Dance Complex last week with a little excess metal poking through her top.

“It was pretty obvious she was wearing a nipple ring,” a witness told Australia’s Famous magazine.

“She was flaunting it,” said another source in the dance class.

Another Hollywood hottie who has been spotted exposing her "girls" is former “O.C” teen queen Mischa Barton. The Boulevard blonde was busted leaving London's Boujis Nightclub over the weekend with her breast completely hanging out.

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However, the 21-year-old seemed completely undeterred by the uh, wardrobe malfunction.

Cameron Diaz Dating Magic Man?

For the second week in a row, Cameron Diaz has been spotted performing tender tricks in Vegas with “Mindfreak” illusionist Criss Angel.

According to a source for People magazine, the duo had a dinner of divination on Friday night at Treasure Island before magically disappearing to a private dining room overlooking The Strip.

Criss and Cam then reappeared at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace, where they reportedly kissed and caressed in the VIP area.

The People spy also claimed that the pair hocus-pocused for one last stop at Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English later that night.

Kellie Pickler on 'Boobs,' Boys and Babies

From singing in front of Simon Cowell to singing in front of cows, life has sure been one rip-roaring rodeo for last year’s “American Idol” contestant Kellie Pickler.

Not only was she nominated for a new female vocalist award at the Academy of Country Music Awards, but she’s been touring with legendary country crooner Brad Paisley.

The blond beauty-school dropout now resides in Nashville, where life is all about recording, romancing and raw fish.

While the 20-year-old doesn’t have a serious steady, she is waiting in the wings for a particular Nashville hockey player, Jordin Tootoo.

"Everyone always says we're the 'hockey-tonk hookup' or whatever in Nashville. It's kind of cute," she recently told WCNC-TV in Charlotte. "He has introduced me to so many different types of food. I've been eating raw fish. It's kind of weird. I ate eel the other day."

Pickler also has plans to move from music to motherhood at some stage, but if it doesn’t work out, she’ll settle for being “an old hag with a bunch of cats."

Despite her new ballooning bust, Picker is still adamant that it is what’s on the inside that counts.

"Oh, my boobs? I don't care," she said. "You know what? The most important thing is you're happy with what you see when you look in the mirror. And your real friends are gonna love you regardless of what you look like, whether you're a negative A cup or a triple D. They're gonna love you just because you're you."

'Crash' Crush: Britney Spears After Ryan Phillippe?

Britney Spears has been wasting no time since her rumored romantic partner Howie Day checked back into rehab.

According to X17 Online, the sexy songstress spent a night out last week at Hollywood hotspot Les Deux dancing and drinking with Reese Witherspoon’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe.

"Britney hung out with her friends and her security guard in the VIP area of the club,” an eyewitness told the site. “She looked really happy."

Meanwhile, at Spears' concert at the House of Blues in Orlando on Saturday night, her CD with her prerecorded vocals started skipping, multiple sources told PerezHilton.com.

This happened four to five times during her performance of "Do Something," Perez reported.

While it's commonly known that Spears doesn't sing live, "Several people in the audience started booing," said a Perez spy who was at the show. "It was not pretty!"

Yet others in the audience started cheering, giving Britney some moral support.

"When the CD started skipping, she turned her back to the audience," a witness told Perez. "Then when it stopped, she turned around with this look on her face like she was gonna puke!!! I really felt bad for her. Then the thing started skipping really badly again!!! And then again and again. It was crazy."

The problem was eventually fixed before she moved on to the next song, Perez reported. But Spears suffered another technical difficulty toward the end of her show: The headset microphone — that she clearly was not singing into — broke.

"She was rolling on the ground dancing and her face microphone broke and was hanging down at her neck ... and she was embarrassed again! So she tried to push it back up and it went up to her forehead ... and then back down to her chest. I couldn't believe with a 5-second show that the whole thing fell apart!! What are the odds of that?" a source said to Perez.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Spears will perform on the finale of "American Idol" this week.

Richards and Sambora Split

“Blonde and Blonder” beauty Denise Richards and her Bon Jovi guitarist boyfriend Richie Sambora have officially sailed into splitsville after a year-long romantic rendezvous.

A rep for Richards confirmed to In Touch magazine that the dramatic duo broke up two months ago. However, according to an insider, "they didn't want to make it public because they lived through public divorces and it was very painful."

The friend also added that the former flames remain close, with Denise even flying across the country for Richie’s father’s funeral on April 20.

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Split, Reports Say

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have ended their nine-month relationship, according to various reports.

Mayer and Simpson very recently split up, and sources told PerezHilton.com that is was Mayer who broke up with Simpson.

"They officially called it quits this past weekend," a source told the site. "They'd been having problems for a while now and just decided it'd be better to end things."

Just a few days ago, Simpson's father was praising Mayer in the press.

While Jessica is currently at the Cannes Film Festival — smiling for the cameras — John also appears to be delving back into the single life, according to Perez.

Mayer and pals partied at New York City club Stereo on Thursday night, and the rocker was having a really good time.

"He was way tipsy and was spending a lot of time with an ugly brunette that was not Jessica Simpson," a source told PerezHilton.com.

Why did they break up? As reported in Pop Tarts Thursday, Simpson was said to be furious that Mayer lingered and laughed with the pretty Roberta Armani (Giorgio's niece) at last week's Costume Institute Gala, according to Australian magazine Famous.

"Jess barked in his ear and John just sighed and put his hand up to his head," an eyewitness divulged to the mag. "Later he tried to grab her hand, but it was clear she was upset with him."

Despite being "irresistible," the busty blonde-turned-brunette suffers from some insecurities, even when it comes to her sister Ashlee, a pal dished.

The source splurged that John recently saw a picture of Ashlee and asked how old "Jessica" was when it was taken.

"He definitely touched a nerve," added the insider.

Who's Your Daddy? Bruce Willis Picks Up a Playboy Playmate

Nine years after his divorce from Demi Moore, Bruce Willis is still a “Die Hard” fan of much younger Hollywood hotties.

This time, the 52-year-old is getting hot and heavy with a Hugh Hefner heartbreaker, 23-year-old Tamara Witmer. The bubbly blonde bunny is just five years older than Bruce’s daughter Rumer, but she isn’t concerned about the age gap.

“People expect that,” Witmer told the New York Daily News.

While the busty beauty confessed to being a bit "hoppy" about meeting the “Sin City” star recently at L.A.’s Peninsula Hotel, she was seduced by his senior sex appeal.

"He's got the sexiest voice!" she says (they got to know each other over the phone). "He's so smooth and suave. I don't mind the bald head. He's really good-looking in person."

But is tantalizing Tamara just another youngster with too many stars in her eyes?

"I love going out with celebrities,” she added. “I'm always up for it."

As for cradle-rocking Bruce, reports surfaced last year that he was also romantically romping with another Boulevard “babe” — 20-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

Britney’s 'Busty' Bender With the Girls

She may have come out of rehab reformed, but it seems Britney Spears will never overcome her “Toxic” taste in fashion.

The single mom hit up Hollywood hotspots on Tuesday night with her female party posse, but made sure her own "girls" didn’t miss out on the good times. Spears sported a scarlet see-through shirt to showcase her bra beneath.

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After a fishy feast at Dominick’s in West Hollywood, the pop princess and her pals got down and dirty on the dance floor at Les Deux until 3 a.m.

“Britney was dancing like crazy and in a great mood," a fellow partygoer told People magazine. "She seemed like she was on top of the world and wanted everyone to see her."

Perhaps that was before her rumored boyfriend Howie Day rocked his way back to rehab.

Spears and Day apparently started dating after meeting at Promises rehab facility earlier this year, but according to Us Weekly magazine, the musician has slipped back to his wayward ways.

"He has some more issues he has to deal with," an insider told the mag.

Avril Lavigne Strips and Still Slams Britney Spears

Punk princess Avril Lavigne may be married now, but she still has no problem letting the world "Under Her Skin."

The 22-year-old music mogul posed topless in a short skirt and fishnets for the June cover of Blender magazine, accompanied by a "Hell Yeah, I'm Hot" headline.

Miss Lavigne was not only snapped flashing her flesh, she was also drinking whiskey and smoking a cigarette in the shots.

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Despite the controversial photos, Avril is still slamming Britney Spears for promoting a poor pop-idol image.

"She has paparazzi at her house every day," Lavigne told Australian newspaper the Townsville Bulletin. "Then she does things that are crazy, so everyone talks about it."

Bringing Biel Back: Timberlake Flies Jess to the U.K. for a Date

After months of rumors regarding an on-again/off-again romance with Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake has finally shown his affection for her by flying the sexy screen star to hang with him in London.

"Justin's really into Jess and when he found out she had some free time, he asked her to join him on the U.K. leg of his tour," a Timberlake pal told the U.K.'s Daily Mirror. "They're both doing everything they can to keep their relationship low-profile, but when they're among friends they can hardly keep their hands off each other."

The couple reportedly dined in Manchester at Portuguese chicken joint Nando's with 10 other friends. The following day, Timberlake took his Hollywood hottie to watch Manchester United play West Ham in a soccer match at Old Trafford stadium.

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Britney Spears Back to Wearing Panties — But Nothing Else

She may be a reformed rehabber who has revived her rhythm, but Britney Spears still can't keep her clothes on.

According to the New York Post, the bald babe stripped down at Hollywood hotspot Teddy's last Saturday night, partying in panties — just her panties.

Brit's bodyguards reportedly blocked off her VIP area, but a spy saw Spears and her party pals — jumping on couches in their underwear."

When a waiter approached the posse, the bodyguards boomed “No boys … no boys." A waitress then tended to the table, but Brit said she was sticking to Red Bull. However, the eyewitness claimed that her gal pals did all the alcohol ordering.

“Britney took shots throughout the night,” another spy told Page Six.

Lohan's New Beau Reportedly Straying

Lindsay Lohan and British bad boy Calum Best have only been dating for a few months, but it seems Best is already deceiving.

Model Sara Kova told the New York Daily News that Calum made a move on her last Friday at L.A.’s Aura nightclub — while Lohan was lounging in the other room.

"I was walking to the ladies' room when I passed him walking from the men's room. He gave me a smile,” Kova said. “Then he put his hands on my hips and turned me toward the wall, like he was a cop who was about to frisk me."

The blonde beauty also claimed that she had no idea who Cal was, and that he then grabbed her by the jaw and gave her a smooch before she broke away.

After returning from her bathroom business, Sara spotted Lohan straddling the same guy and asked herself: “What just happened here?”

However, according to Daily News insiders, the “Bobby” beauty isn’t particularly innocent herself, and was apparently caught caressing Aussie business boy Andy Valmorbida at a Hollywood hotspot just weeks ago.

Kelly Clarkson Won't Sing Lohan's Song

The spell of Lindsay Lohan isn’t only affecting multitudes of men, it is also jeopardizing the relationship between Kelly Clarkson and her record label RCA.

The former "American Idol" told MTV that her label sent her a tune off Lohan’s last album and requested that she record it.

And while she claims to have no prejudices against the “Mean Girl," Clarkson was offended as she believes the song “doesn’t sit well."

"They were just sending me stuff that was like almost insulting,” the “Breakaway” babe told MTV. “I'm like, 'You can't even find new songs? You don't want me to write my album but you're sending me hand-me-downs?' I ended up writing the entire thing with the people that I write well with."

The pop princess also added that she will never settle for being a second-hand songstress.

“I just don't like working with someone that gives you a song and is like, 'Oh, I wrote this for you,'” she said. “But you find out that they've given it to every other artist and they turned it down, you know?"

However, Clarkson also told AP Television News that the media is exaggerating reports that she and music mogul Clive Davis clashed over her upcoming CD, "My December."

Davis controls RCA Records as chairman and CEO of BMG Label Group.

Christina Ricci, Keira Knightley OK With Nude Scenes

While most Hollywood Boulevard beauties stress when it comes to shooting a sex scene, “Black Snake Moan” star Christina Ricci loves roaming in the raw even when it isn’t scripted.

“I didn’t cover up between shots because I had to get used to being like that and get into the way [my character] was thinking,” Ricci told the London Mirror. “It didn’t matter to her whether she had clothes on or not, so I needed to lose any self-conscious affectations.”

It still took some convincing, however, to prove to the director that she was sexy and sassy enough for the raunchy role.

“They didn’t even want me to audition, but I bleached my hair, auditioned and they still weren’t fully convinced,” she added. “They were worried I wasn’t going to be sexual enough, so my agents and publicist just inundated them with sexy images of me. Eventually they said, ‘OK, we’ll hire her.'"

Speaking of stars who smile when it comes to stripping, British babe Keira Knightley is another who doesn’t mind baring her bod. The actress is currently filming steamy sex scenes with Sienna Miller in the epic “The Best Time of Our Lives."

“I think soon people are going to insist I keep my clothes on,” Knightley told Total Film Magazine. “I wouldn't do anything I didn't feel completely comfortable with. I suppose I'm very European in my attitude to my body. I'm an actress. I have certain tools. One of them is my body. I don't mind stripping off occasionally."

However, being a Hollywood hottie and jousting with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in “Pirates of the Caribbean” has its downside too.

"Women look at me as if they want to kill me,” Keira whined. “And then when they don't kill me, they say through gritted teeth, 'Lucky you.'"