How does someone like Paris Hilton celebrate her 27th birthday? She'll appear as a burlesque bombshell and guest Pussycat Doll on stage at the lounge at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, of course!

Paris will be 27 on Feb. 17, and Pop Tarts has confirmed that she'll be celebrating her birthday (a little early) next weekend at her home away from home: Sin City.

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After purring and prancing, our Paris then has plans to party into the very wee hours at PURE nightclub — no word yet as to whether extra poles will be placed in the club to complement the corseted cleavage that will no doubt be on display.

But is it possible that Paris has a new boy-toy?

The hotel hottie spent Tuesday night in New York City, attending the launch party for the Blackberry Pearl 8130 Smartphone from Verizon. Pop Tarts has been told that she strutted in with a gorgeous young model identified as James from Park Slope, Brooklyn.

"It wasn’t clear if they were anything more than friends, but he totally adored her," said our spy. "They were both having a good time, smiling and working the crowd together."

Spears Sick of Sam?

Finally. It seems as though Britney Spears might be seeing the light — and losing Sam Lutfi .

Hours before she was taken away from her home by ambulance early Thursday and escorted to a hospital by more than a dozen police officers to "get help" (she was reportedly placed on a "mental evaluation hold"), Spears was busted having a full-on screaming match with her supposed friend/manger Lutfi outside her Summit Circle home.

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Apparently, Sam wanted to take control over her new Mercedes, but Brit wouldn’t hear of it, insisting (in her strange British accent) that she was the only one to take the f-----g wheel.

"It seems like he might be getting on Britney’s nerves," said our insider. "Don’t be surprised if she gets rid of him soon, like she seems to eventually do with most of her so-called friends."

Reese Laughs at Vince; Drew and Justin’s 'Interesting' Valentine's Day Plans

Amid rumors that Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn have been fighting on the set of "Four Christmases," Pop Tarts can confirm there is, in fact, a lot of laughing going on, instead. At each other's expense, of course.

"Yeah, and I laugh at her jokes; she’s funny," Vaughn told us on Monday evening at the premiere of his "Wild Wild West Comedy Show" documentary. "We've had a good time. She’s a good actor, but she’s also just really funny and the whole cast, really, Sissy Spacek, Robert Duvall, we’ve been having a good time on it."

Also cruising the carpet was the comely couple Justin Long and Drew Barrymore , who looked like giggling school kids who had just been busted making out behind a tree with their lovey-dovey expressions.

But according to Long, Vaughn and his comedic crew are "even funny in their sleep."

And even though they are all kisses and cuddles, we don’t know that Drew will be so happy after hearing what her boyfriend has in mind for Valentine’s Day.

"We’ll go to some fun place and we got to clean the asbestos off my pipes, that’s going to be a blast," Long told Tarts. "It’ll be fun, just different. Everyone goes to dinner and like, you know, makes love."

'Desperate' Eva's Presidential Pledge

Most people say the same thing when asked what issues are on their mind this election year: the economy and Iraq.

However, lush Latina Eva Longoria-Parker is determined to make sure America’s next president also prioritizes her peeps.

"I do a lot of work with Latino Outreach — whether it be helping with registering votes, immigration issues and health care reform, things that represent my community," the "Desperate Housewife" told Pop Tarts at Tuesday’s premiere of "Over Her Dead Body."

"So I will be looking out for the candidate that represents that," she added.

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Speaking of Latinos, our chat with Eva was interrupted when Mario Lopez came over to give the itty bitty beauty a quick kiss. After all, he may as well take advantage of the fact Tony Parker was nowhere to be seen!

Madness at the Manor: Athletes Turn SUPER Bad in New York Club

As the biggest game in American sports draws close, a number of athletes were busted in the Big Apple behaving somewhat strangely.

Pop Tarts has learned Antonio Pierce, Kawika Mitchell, Steve Smith and Sam Madison from the New York Giants joined Mike Brown of the Chicago Bears, Keith Bulluck from the Tennessee Titans and Elton Brand from the Los Angeles Clippers for a wild weekend at hotspot Manor.

Apparently, the guys used their night on their town to squeeze in extra workout — on tabletops.

"They were crazy dancing and jumping all over the tabletops with their mistresses (blond New York models)," said our insider. "Tabs were in the thousands of dollars and female partygoers flocked to the tables to get a glimpse of the athletes. Clearly, they should have tipped the waitresses a little extra hush money."

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