Pop Tarts: Paris Hilton Drops the F-Bomb ... on Her Shoes

Paris Hilton's mother might want to wash her shoes out with soap.

The former "Simple Life" starlet cut up and personalized some men’s clothes from Benji and Joel Madden's collection DCMA and (as always) stole the spotlight at the grand opening of the line's new flagship store in West Hollywood over the weekend.

It was her boots, however, that Pop Tarts was a little more interested in.

"Oh, I picked these up at Maxfield," Hilton said sheepishly while looking down at her boots — one of which said "mother" and the other, well, use your imagination. "I just thought they were fun."

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Paris told us late last year that seeing her best friend Nicole Richie pregnant made her "feel ready to have a baby." But even though the heiress seems to have met her match in Benji Madden, she's had a change of heart about motherhood.

"I’d love to have a family one day — not yet," she said. "I have decided I want to focus on my career and charities right now, but eventually I would love to."

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Benji, meanwhile, was also supporting Paris' career.

"I’m wearing Heir for Men, [Paris'] cologne, and I got my Paris Hilton watch here right now, so I got to support, too," he said.

His brother Joel, the father of Richie's baby, was also happy to help out.

"I’m wearing the socks from Paris’ line right now," he added. "DCMA also has a baby clothing line now. That’s our newest inspiration."

Minnie Driver’s Belly: Baby and Beer?

Minnie Driver still looks as lavish as she did in "Good Will Hunting," even though the star of the FX series "The Riches" recently confessed that she is pregnant.

And while Driver is expecting a "Minnie-me," we're expecting that she'll enjoy a large lager when her nine months are over.

"I've tried to pass this (she points to her baby belly) off as a beer gut for the last four months, so that is pretty much my worst lie," she told Pop Tarts at Sunday's second season premiere. "But I do really like my beer."

But if the Emmy-nominated actress has her way, she'll be downing drinks with a daughter rather than son in 21 years time, and it's all in the name.

"When you think about it, Driver is a silly name. Driver is kind of a hard name to put with a first name, particularly boys' names," the 38-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres last week, adding that friends have been offering tongue-in-cheek suggestions with a motor vehicle theme.

"Apparently I should call the baby Duncan Driver. Then I can call it Dunk Driver, Pile Driver, Rally Driver. I'm hoping for a girl — I think it's a girl."

Driver has not yet announced the paternity of her first child; however, she has said she's looking for a lunch date and has $100,000 to give away (well, she doesn't, but "The Riches" does).

Fans can rev their way to eBay and bid to talk personally with the British babe about babies, bellies and, well, anything else.

Rachel Smith Is No 'Mess' USA

Former Miss Tennessee USA-turned-Miss USA Rachel Smith may be handing over her coveted crown in Sin City in just a couple of weeks, but she's still on her best behavior.

Smith celebrated the launch of Southern Beauty magazine on Tuesday night, and where better to do that than at fellow native Tennessean Justin Timberlake's dining digs Southern Hospitality on New York's Upper East Side?

But despite all the free booze on offer — "Southern Belle" martinis, wine and lots of beer brands — our sources say Smith was very specific about sticking to soda. Inside sources said Smith was smiling the entire evening and was an absolute "pleasure" to work with.

Alanis Morissette Goes Psycho on Matchbox 20 Tour

We’re assuming Alanis Morissette’s duty as the preceding act on the Matchbox 20 "Exile on Mainstream" tour is to pump up the crowd … not outshine the headliners.

Despite the fact that she slowed down most of her hits, the "Jagged Little Pill" performer clearly had enough energy to electrify the Staples Center on Sunday evening. She convulsed, head-banged, spun, leapt and ran from one end of the stage to the other beneath the strobe lights — resembling something of an extremely talented musician that still has that youthful ability to bring audiences to their feet in excitement.

After seeing her sterling yet highly strung set that lasted almost an hour, Pop Tarts is somewhat scared of what Morissette may do come summer, when she kicks off her own tour for her upcoming album "Flavors of Entanglement."

"Again it's going to be a very personal album based on Alanis’ own life experience and relationships," an insider told Pop Tarts. "But she isn’t the teenager she was when she started out in the industry; she has a totally new perspective and I’m sure her new tracks will reflect that."

Hmmm, we wonder if the likes of Scarlett Johansson will make the lyrics. After all, she’s on the arm of Ryan Reynolds, the man Morissette once was "Head Over Feet" smitten with and engaged to.

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