Watch out, Paris Hilton is getting all smelly on us again as she gets ready to debut another fragrance in her ever-expanding empire. The hotel heiress looks particularly thin in the upcoming campaign for "Fairy Dust" but we’re told there was no airbrushing and that Hilton worked-out like crazy to don a barely-there bikini boob-tube and short skirt.

"Paris didn’t want to be altered so as soon as she found out what she had to wear she went overboard with Pilates classes and exercise," said an inside source, with another pal confirming that the "My BFF" babe "went totally crazy toning up."

But the perennial party princess is no stranger to being ethereal and whimsical given her many appearances at Hugh Hefner’s famed annual "Midsummer Night’s Dream" soiree. At this year's party, Miss Hilton wore her wings with just a see-through nightie and thong, so perhaps she drew inspiration from the Playboy for the perfume.

After all, Hilton is reportedly more than just the face of the fragrance — she’s also the brainchild behind the idea. She wanted to be able to wave a magic wand and bring some "fantasy" to her fans during these tough economic times. (Sweet, but isn’t that name of the perfume her former best friend Britney Spears brought out over three years ago?)

Oh and now that the hotel heiress has been busy err, running for president, she also wants her "Fairy Dust" in the Whitehouse powder room. Hilton's first perfume PA stop is (coincidentally) scheduled for Chicago in early November which means she’ll be close to where Barack Obama will spend Election Night. Schmoozing, perhaps?

Lindsay Lohan’s Wild Ride Crashes into Los Angeles Superior Court

Lindsay Lohan must be pretty familiar with legal woes by now, but it looks as though she is going to have to dig deep into her bank account to get out of yet another driving-related mess.

On Tuesday three men filed an assault and battery lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court against Lohan, claiming that the intoxicated actress helped herself to their SUV and took them on a wild ride down Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway as she chased after her assistant in July last year. According to the documents, Lilo had little regard for their lives as she broke an enormity of road rules.

The not-so-joyful trip came to a halt at the Santa Monica Police Department where Lohan was arrested with her second DUI in less than 90 days. But thanks to powerhouse lawyer Blair Berk, she managed to escape with just one day behind bars and some community service.

In another road-related legal drama, Britney Spears’s trial for driving without a valid Californian license was thrown-out by the judge on Tuesday afternoon. The jury was deadlocked at 10-2, the majority ruling that the pop princess was not guilty of a criminal offense. That means Brit Brit is totally free to beep beep about town to her heart’s desire, so watch out y’all.

"Sunset Tan" Stars' Dog Held for Ransom

If you thought reality television was dramatic enough when the cameras were rolling, this behind-the-scenes story sounds like something out of a strange thriller film.

The stars of the hit E! reality series "Sunset Tan" Jeff Bozz and Jenae Alt have had quite the weird week since their prized shitsu Sweetie (who sports a "Sunset Tan" collar with phone number) escaped from their Hollywood Hills home last Tuesday.

The distraught reality stars immediately placed posters around their neighborhood and when Sweetie was still missing by Friday, Jenae went on popular Los Angeles Radio Station KIIS FM and pleaded for information regarding the pup’s whereabouts. The next morning the tanned twosome received an anonymous call from a man who claimed to have the dog and demanded a large sum of money for its safe return. The ransom negotiations continued all day, before finally that evening Bozz called on pals who previously worked for the Secret Service.

After tracking down the location of the blocked calls, we’re told the former agents burst into a home deep in the San Fernando Valley (complete with guns and bullet-proof vests) where they found scared little Sweetie and an equally as terrified young man who had been holding the pampered pooch.

Phew. After all that, Bozz and Alt still gave the guy some reward money.

Felicity Huffman & Brooke Shields Would Rather Diss FOX then Promote Worthy Causes

Felicity Huffman and Brooke Shields have been busy on the media circuit in recent times promoting various causes, but obviously both actresses feel that bypassing FOX (for political reasons) is more important then getting the word out there to millions of viewers.

Last month, Felicity Huffman was brought to the Big Apple by Iams for their "Home 4 the Holidays" campaign to promote pet adoption, but she suddenly backed out saying no FOX News interviews (even though it was with entertainment). The poor puppies! Mind you, the Iams co-coordinator was extremely apologetic about the cancellation.

On Tuesday, the entertainment unit was scheduled to do a satellite interview with Brooke Shields regarding Season 2 of Lipstick Jungle as some FOX affiliates are NBC shares (and given the show's low-ratings one would think positive promotion was in Brooke's best interest). But even after a rep called to confirm there would be no political questions, Shields still bowed out and declined to do FOX-related interviews "right now."

So we wonder isn't it better to make your point than not say it all?

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