Pamela Anderson Leaves Kids in Hotel Room to Party; Paris Hilton Has Eating Issues

Pamela Anderson may be one busty babe who still gets paid to party, but while the mama was making moves at PURE in Vegas, she left her kids in the hotel room to lay low.

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"My kids came, too, and they're staying in their hotel room having hot chocolate, watching the fireworks and trying to stay up until midnight," the former "Baywatch" bella told Tarts, referring to her sons, who are 10 and 11.

And Pammy is certainly crossing her fingers that 2008 won't bring any marriage break-ups.

"There is so much I want to do next year work-wise but focus is on family," she added.

Hmmm... So we're wondering why she chose parties over playing parent for the stroke of midnight.

Speaking of parenting, Pop Tarts was pleasured to talk with Larry Birkhead, who insisted that his resolution was to bring Anna back by investing in some TrimSpa himself for the New Year; however, Kevin Federline was feeling a little frightened at the possibility of being bombarded by Britney questions that he ran down the red carpet — well, either that our Fed is just too "famous" for the press these days.

But when it comes to hosts the Hilton sisters, it turns out that money cannot make you perfect.

"Every year I make a resolution to work out and eat healthily but I can't keep it," Paris told Pop Tarts. "But I'm giving it another try this year. It's a big year for me, two movies coming out and a lot of projects in the works."

But it has been one helluva hot weekend for the hotel heiresses (who certainly have done well earning some post-Christmas cash by partying since Thursday). Pop Tarts has heard that the post-pokey princess and her lil' sis will be pocketing almost a mil between them just for sinning in Sin City for the New Year.

It was the not-so-pure Paris' turn to host the party at PURE on Sunday where she popped by just after midnight to shake her booty for the big bevy of boogiers and boom, that soulful singing voice of hers with a rendition of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

While Pop Tarts didn't hear a direct answer, somehow when you're wearing a hot-pink sequined mini and strutting on a stage (on the Strip) for hundreds of peeps who just wanna get down and dirty, we would assume Paris gets a yes.

The other more Mini mogul, Nicky, sat back with her beau Dave Katzenberg and cheered on her sis alongside "rapper" Federline, who brought out his entire family (minus the baby boys), to take shots of JD and watch everybody's wild ways.

Hmmm... And we are starting to speculate whether "The Hills" hottie Brody Jenner has something spesh stirring with the eldest Hilton heiress. After the two looked lovely together on Friday and Saturday at the MTV reality show, the boys returned to PURE again on Sunday for more good times... and at least for Jenner, what looked to be a little more fun and flirting. But will he have to beat out K-Fed for the "Simple" Star?

"Kevin couldn't keep his eyes of Paris all night," an insider told us. "He thinks she is a pretty cool chick."

But Brody's on-again/off-again bella Lauren Conrad and her "Hills" pals Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port weren't too far away as they did plenty of sinning of their own down the Strip at the lush LAX at the Luxor. The gals were later joined by Avril Lavigne and her hubby, Deryck Whibley, and the normally straight-faced punk princess actually smiled... well, wouldn't you, too, if the DJ kept turning the tables with "Girlfriend"?

Even though Tarts was busy groovin' and movin' at the opening of Jay-Z's 40/40 at the Palazzo, we didn't forget that that wasn't the only hotspot opening its doors for the first time. Funny men David Spade and Adam Sandler made a lethal mix of laughs and liquor on Friday night at the Bellagio's brand new "The Bank" as they celebrated the birthday of filmmaker Judd Apatow.

The boys got boozy by head-banging (seriously) as they took over the DJ booth on a bender, which burned through to Saturday night when Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis came along to add some more spice to the err, spirit... Or shall we say spirits?

Pop Tarts also popped Dave Navarro partying by himself at the new club on Saturday night. We've heard word that the muso wasn't supposed to be seen at any other nitespot as he hosted the NYE shindigs at Rain... hmmm, seems like he committed a double-sin 'cause we also caught him at LAX on Sunday night. Dirty Dave!

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