Pop Tarts: Oops! Britney Hits Hollywood Without Her Underwear While Her Dogs Run Amok in Hotel

Britney Spears is proving yet again that she can't help but show off her private parts to the public.

The songstress stepped out of her Cadillac Escalade en route to the B2V Borrelli-Vo Salon in West Hollywood on Tuesday evening, willfully displaying her uncovered crotch to the packs of paparazzi.

"She didn't care at all," a pap on the scene told Pop Tarts. "People were warning her to pull her dress down, but she just ignored them and made her way inside the salon."

(Hey, maybe she was getting a Brazilian wax and it was just easier this way...)

Spears' panty-free fetish first hit the headlines in December 2006, when she was photographed out and about with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan without underpants.

However, this isn't the only deja vu regarding Brit's behavior. The pop princess seems to have uncovered a passion for pampering. Over recent months, Spears has been spotted several times a week making her way in and out of numerous spas and salons from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to Sunset Tan to the Peninsula Hotel.

But sadly, we don't think it has anything to do with preparing for this weekend's Academy Awards.

"Britney has always had a complex about her appearance," an inside source told Tarts. "People think because she goes around without panties that she must be proud, but I think her self-esteem is very low. Brit loves the attention she gets through these beauty treatments and it gives her temporary pleasure to escape from what's really going on."

But speaking of Spears' interest in The Peninsula Hotel, Pop Tarts busted the pop princess "in the act" at the five-star Beverly Hills location on Wednesday. Brit caused chaos as she arrived to apparently check out some more spa services, prompting hotel staff to angrily shoo the packs of paps away.

Brit allowed her five dogs to run amok in the luxe lobby while she skipped through the building, all smiles. But her panty-free antics from the day before prompted the peeps in a suite upstairs (who were hosting a private viewing of Melissa Odabash's stunning swim '08 collection) to extend an invitation.

"We've invited Britney to come upstairs and (hopefully) choose one of the cute new swimsuits to cover up in," said a rep for the high-end London-based label. "We love Britney; we want to help her."

Sadly, Spears was a no-show.

English Rose? Kate Beckinsale Plays Princess

Walt Disney Studios in Los Angeles was abuzz on Tuesday afternoon with the "Chevy Goes Green" concert headlined by tween sensations the Jonas Brothers.

However, we think the whole "organic" vibe of the event went a little too much to Kate Beckinsale's head, because she resembled something of an English rose.

Beckinsale appeared on the carpet coyly by herself, smiling and waving cutely but refusing to say a single word before quickly disappearing.

However, the British beauty must have noticed that the likes of Shanna Moakler and Shar Jackson actually were there with/for their kids, so she finally came back with her daughter (and her daughter's friend) in tow. But still no word from behind those black "don't-touch-me" sunglasses.

Pop Tarts was excited, however, to witness a "90210" reunion between former on-screen lovers Luke "Dylan" Perry and Jennie "Kelly" Garth. While the "Dancing With the Stars" starlet hasn't aged a day, we can't exactly say the same for the now (very hairy) 41-year-old former pin-up boy...

Will Ferrell Encourages Petit Larceny

Funnyman Will Ferrell again was up to his usual bad behavior at the premiere of his new flick, "Semi-Pro," on Tuesday night, unveiling exactly how he earned his keep before "making it" in Tinseltown.

"Steal money from your mother and your father’s wallets or purses and sneak into the movie," Ferrell advised Pop Tarts.

But one man we would not recommend pilfering from is his "apparent" best friend — the 325-pound, 7.1-foot-tall NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal.

"I 'borrow' clothes from Shaquille O'Neal," he added sheepishly. "Yeah, I borrow from Shaq, that's all I can say, really. This is the Shaquille O’Neal collection. We're pretty tight. We roll, we roll together when he allows me to roll with him."

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