While the world is mourning the fact that they won’t get to see Hollywood’s hottest couple (aka Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) cruise down the carpet at the 65th Annual Golden Globes this weekend, it turns out that Jolie will be doing something even more enjoyable than donning a designer gown.

"I’m not too disappointed. I’ll stay home with my kids. It’s all right," Jolie told us on the carpet of the 13th Annual Critics' Choice Awards on Monday night. "I support the writers and what they’re doing."

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And while her movie "A Mighty Heart" might not have blasted the box office as initially anticipated, the Oscar-winning actress doesn't think she has anything to feel insecure about.

"This film means a lot to me, so it’s just to have the film mentioned, and hopefully maybe that will get one or two more people to see it — [that] would mean a lot," she added. "We are very proud of it."

And despite the usual rumors that Jolie and Pitt’s relationship is rocky, the pair certainly looked the picture of bliss as Brad stepped aside to let his love take the limelight and work the press line alone.

Meanwhile, "Michael Clayton" star George Clooney has a solution to the ongoing writers' strike that could cause some scratches and bruises.

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"The big hope is that all these guys get in a room and start to solve this," he said. "Lock the doors and don’t come out until they solve it."

Your Daily Britney

In yet another blow for Britney Spears, People magazine is reporting that the LAPD issued a restraining order against the star during last Thursday's conflict.

Kevin Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told the mag that following last Thursday's "Chaotic" standoff, the cops called for an "emergency protective order" to be enforced for five days, although the attorney did not request this and is unsure if it will be extended.

Speaking of last week's slew of strange Spears events, the pop princess' peeps have spoken out about Dr. Phil's interesting visit to Cedars-Sinai.

A rep for the family, Lou Taylor, appeared on the "Today" show Wednesday morning, blasting the talk-show host's "inappropriate" behavior and sly attempts to set up a show about Britney even when the family refused the request.

And amid the rampant rumors that Brit's pap pal Adnan Ghalib is attempting to pawn private pics of the pop starlet (which has been denied by Spears' rep), X17 online reports that the only customer is an Aussie weekly who scored a bargain — apparently buying the "semi-nude" snaps for a mere $57,000.

However, our "Crazy" crooner still has a cute side and knows how to pose like a sweetheart. Just weeks ago, Spears sat with her boys for an adorable OK! magazine shoot.

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"She was very loving," photographer Dani Brubaker recalls. "She told me she loved her children and that they are her life."

The photographer tells OK! that Brit was "very attentive" to the needs of her sons.

As for the 26-year-old singer's reaction to the shots, Brubaker said, "I’m told that when she saw the photographs she literally cried for over an hour and stared at them all night long."

Spears is also "inconsolable" as the chance of her winning the custody battle for her children looks increasingly slim, a "friend" told the magazine.

"Those boys are her everything, and she’s said repeatedly that life isn’t worth living if she can’t have her babies with her," the friend said.

Dave Navarro to Celebrate Porn in Sin City

He’s known across the world as a rocker, a reality star and the former husband of Carmen Electra — however, Dave Navarro has most recently added "adult" director/moviemaker to his long list of achievements.

Pop Tarts has been told that the guitarist will party alongside his latest pornographic project "Broken" at PURE in Sin City this Friday in celebration of its five Adult Movie Awards (AVN) nominations.

Navarro joined forces with porn princess Tera Patrick’s company Teravision last year to bring the X-rated reel to life, and Patrick will host the star-, er, sex-studded event in Vegas on Saturday.

Party Princesses: Even Beyonce Thinks She's Royalty

Pop Tarts was perplexed enough when punk princess Avril Lavigne donned a tiara at Prive last Tuesday, and again we were left in wonderment when hip-hoppin’ hottie Beyonce boogied in a cheap crown at her boyfriend Jay-Z’s brand-spankin’ new sports bar 40/40. Not to mention Mandy Moore in Miami (click for a pic) and even Pamela Anderson and perennial partiers Paris and Nicky went for the "illustrious" image.

We know it was New Year's, so rules can be broken, but have our famous faces just set a not-so-splendid fashion trend to reign over the parties of 2008? Please say it isn’t so!

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