Nicole Richie "broke down" upon hearing the heartbreaking news Saturday morning that her former fiance, celebrity spinner DJ AM, and former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker were injured in plane crash in which four people were killed on an airport runway in Columbia, S.C., a source told Pop Tarts.

Young Hollywood and the music industry were also shocked by the news.

"My prayers are with them — they are two people I just have so much respect for," Lauren Conrad of "The Hills" told Pop Tarts at Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmys party on Saturday night, a star-studded soiree that DJ AM was also tipped to attend. "I just think it's amazing they survived; I hope everything goes OK."

A source close to AM (real name Adam Goldstein) told Pop Tarts that while the family is totally devastated, they are staying positive and strong, and they are just deeply thankful that he survived.

"He has text messaged a few very close friends and told them he's OK," our insider said.

DJ AM's fellow spinner Samantha Ronson and her gal pal Lindsay Lohan expressed their pain via their MySpace blogs over the weekend.

"It's so scary to think that life can end so fast — we must treasure each and every moment and be thankful for what we have," Lohan wrote, with Ronson adding on her blog that she really didn't know what to say as the news was just so horrifying.

Mandy Moore's rep confirmed to E! that the pop princess flew to be by her ex-beau Goldstein's side on Saturday. Meanwhile, Barker's ex-wife Shanna Moakler immediately raced across the country to be by his bedside, People magazine reported.

"We're still best friends," Barker told Pop Tarts at a recent event. "Sometimes I think we loved each other too much and that's why it didn't work."

According to doctors at the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Ga., both men have second- and third-degree burns, but are expected to make a full recovery.

Janet Jackson Ditches Def Jam

After just 14 months of being signed to music label Island Def Jam (which boasts a string of big names including Rihanna, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Ludacris), Janet Jackson announced on Monday that she was moving on.

According to her rep, the breakup was a mutual agreement between Jackson and the company. (Janet's longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri is the president of Island Urban.)

Janet has expressed dissatisfaction with Def Jam over recent months, stemming from the poor reception of her album "Discipline," which sold only 415,000 copies following its February release.

'Stars' Swag Up: Tila Goes Bra-Crazy, Brooke Mueller Feels Fat

Hollywood was overloaded with gifting suites last week in anticipation of the Emmys — and while there is usually a smattering of big names, it's interesting how these events wind up to be freebie sprees for reality "stars."

Pop Tarts spotted Audrina Patridge at the "Passion for Pink" event picking up Spreegirl underwear while Tila Tequila and her new flame, Courtenay Semel, picked out very, er, intimate pieces for each other.

But the somewhat insistent "Shot at Love" starlet was then overheard asking the gals at the New Balance booth to send her a variety of different sports bras in different colors.

Meanwhile, a group of the "Dancing With the Stars" starlets (the dancers mind you, not the actual stars) strutted about the GBK suite, including Mario Lopez's ex-girlfriend Karina Smirnoff.

Charlie Sheen's stunning new wife, Brooke Mueller, also made her way over to pick up some Nine West boots and bags for fall at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge, reportedly complaining about feeling fat due to her pregnancy.

FOXNews.com Readers Fume Over Emmys and Palin Jokes

Pop Tarts' inbox was flooded with angry e-mails following Monday's recap of the 60th Primetime Emmys, so we'd thought we would share a little of what America had to say about the star-studded ceremony.

"Please pass a message to Tina Fey. I wish her a long and successful career as a Sarah Palin impersonator — perhaps 4 or 8 years if she is Vice-President and then 8 more years if God permits her to be President — the first female President. I know that some Europeans are comparing her to Margaret Thatcher — high praise indeed!" writes Tom.

Patk says: "I'm getting so sick of award shows telling their side of elections, wars, or whatever the latest political event may be. The 'celebrities' are no better than anyone else. The only difference is they have a forum of a national television station airing their opinions. My vote counts for one vote just like theirs. I don't know why they think America wants to know who they support anyway. Do they really think they will alter my vote? If anything I will quit watching their movies. It's too bad we don't have any patriotic stars like back in the 1940s."

Mike writes: "I hope a large number of people that want to puke at today's Hollywood will take the time to find other things for entertainment. I refuse to go to movies and support the scum that is in Hollywood today. When I was a kid during WWII, there were so many stars in Hollywood that found a way to serve their country, and I can't think of one person in today's Hollywood that can say that."

Donna says: "Most actors and actresses have not brains, they are trashy, they make trashy shows and trashy movies and have a trashy mouth. They live in a make-believe world and wouldn't know the truth if it hit 'em in the a#%. Tina only wishes she was as beautiful and smart as Gov. Sarah Palin. You can have your own opinions, but keep them to yourself. It only shows you how stupid you actually are. You put someone down, and talk bad about someone you DON"T even know. What experience does Barack have to be Pres? None!"

Melanie writes: "In my opinion, Hollywood needs to get a grip, they do not live in the real world. They just need to stick to acting. With what is going on right now with the economy, gas prices, etc., it was disgraceful that Hollywood continues on with their glitz and glamour while people in the real world are struggling to put food on the table for their family."

Ken says: "These 'celebrities' are so full of themselves and are so proud of their double digit IQ that as members of the alleged party of choice, tolerance, and acceptance, they've shown how respectful they are of a bright, intelligent and very capable women who exercises her freedom of choice differently than 'they' demand. Which is precisely why I don't patronize what they do. Their shows don't get watched by me."

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