Pop Tarts: Naomi Watts' Heath Ledger Ban

Naomi Watts may have spent many months in the arms of Heath Ledger prior to their break-up in 2004, but the Academy Award-nominated actress isn’t ready to talk about her late lover on camera just yet.

The star of the upcoming thriller "Funny Games" spent last week doing press for the eerie remake, but all members of the press were under strict orders not to approach the Ledger issue under any circumstances or else the interview would be "ceased immediately."

"Naomi isn’t ready to talk about [Heath] with all eyes watching," an inside source told Pop Tarts. "It’s obviously still very painful and personal."

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It was clear, however, that Watts’ thoughts were with her fellow Australian as we talked about her new life as a mom.

"I haven’t made any decisions about my future just yet; I’m still thinking about it. Time is obviously more precious to me now," she said, her eyes wandering. "But I’m really enjoying motherhood and being able to just spend time doing nothing with my son."

Watts also mentioned the "private hell" in which so many people in our society exist.

"There are some sick people out there who are on a mission to destroy others; it makes me ill. I can’t believe how often I turn on the news and some horrific story is playing out before my eyes, particularly what’s going on in universities with all the shootings," she added. "It’s very scary that people are out there living in private hell and aren’t being treated."

Watts also shared some of her own vulnerabilities.

"I am quite a gullible person, but having said that I am very careful in who I choose as my friends — I never trust anyone when they are being overly enthusiastic or positive," Watts warned. "I like someone to tell the truth, even if it’s stinging."

Jaime King Opens Up About Her 'Depression'

Jaime King may come across as a perky personality with a constant smile, but it turns out that her role as Toni Jo-Henry (the only woman ever to be electrocuted by the state of Louisiana) in the upcoming true-story drama "The Pardon" sent her into a downward spiral.

"That was intense. She was a real person, and I felt connected to her. The whole time I was filming, I was extremely depressed," cover girl King told the April issue of Maxim. "I had to do a scene where they sat me in a real electric chair, and I was like, ‘Get me the f—- off of it!'"

Her life as an A-list actress no doubt is far-removed from the modeling world she once existed in; however, Jaime’s reason for change wasn’t just because she wanted to spend more time on-screen.

"I love acting, and I love making a lot of money doing it. Having money gives you freedom to do whatever you want in life," King added. "But when you get attached to being the cool kid in all the magazines, you’re just a rat on a wheel."

But even despite a bountiful bank balance, this blond beauty can’t quite get her hands on everything she desires.

"I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. When Sotheby’s was auctioning off an autographed book by J.K. Rowling, I was online zooming in to see what she’d written," she told the men’s mag. "I was pissed when someone else snapped it up — not that I could’ve paid $4 million."

K-Fed Wants to Be the Male Version of Paris

Well, that’s what it is starting to look like.

Kevin Federline has made numerous Sin City "hosting" appearances since he took over Tangerine nightclub on New Year’s Eve, and he seems to be solidifying his rep as the most sought-after paid partygoer. In other words, Federline is well on his way to becoming the male version of Paris Hilton.

Federline is (again) set to host a pumping party at PURE nightclub this Friday to celebrate his 30th birthday.

But while Paris played a Pussycat Doll for her special day, we’re assuming Kevin’s soiree won’t be quite as sexy.

Speaking of Hilton and the big 3-0, blogger Perez Hilton also is celebrating his milestone birthday this weekend in Beverly Hills. Who is on the guest list? Paris, of course, Amanda Bynes, Khloe Kardashian, Marc Jacobs and Spice Girl Mel B. But if you were a star, wouldn't you be a little scared to party with Perez?

Audrina Patridge Shares Her Knowledge of Heidi's Clothing

Or, rather, her lack thereof.

"Everyone keeps asking me if I’m going to design my own clothing collection, too, as it seems to be the trend right now. I really don’t have any intentions to do that, but maybe in the future.

"It would have to be pretty but edgy," she continued. "Lauren (Conrad’s) is very girly; I don’t really know what Heidi [Montag's] is like. I have no idea, I haven’t paid any attention."

Patridge and Montag aren't exactly the best of buds, but what's coming up on "The Hills"?

"We’re wrapping the third season and it’s very full-on. We’re transitioning from our apartment into a house, starting new jobs, new guys, learning to live together with the new puppy; everything is happening," Audrina added.

But being a star of a reality show wasn't always so easy for the popular personality.

"I am so used to cameras it scares me," Audrina said. "Honestly, a couple of years ago I totally hated it, but now it’s just like second-nature."

But what about the paparazzi?

"Ah, that’s different altogether," she said. "I am still getting used to the paps hanging around."

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