Mary-Kate Olsen has been spending a lot of time with high-fashion model Jessica Stam, and apparently the Canadian-born blonde has been a positive influence on the once-troubled twin's road to a full recovery from years of weight and health woes.

Olsen spent the Fourth of July with Stam in the Hamptons and after happily chowing down at the model’s private barbecue, the BFFs headed over to another private grill-out at the Estate in Sag Harbor just before midnight.

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Dressed in a long black sweater and high heels, we’re told a healthy and glowing Olsen was actually laughing (big surprise) and was a total social butterfly as she happily floated around with Stam and her girlfriends from NYU.

Interestingly, Olsen chose not to associate with the male party peeps.

“I’ve never seen her [Mary-Kate] in such good spirits, and she didn’t look anything like her old emaciated self,” an eyewitness told Pop Tarts, adding that the “Weeds” actress refused even a drop of alcohol. She reportedly stuck totally to Snapple antioxidant water, which is believed to be another positive influence that the health-conscious Stam has had on her famous friend.

But despite MK’s new perky persona, some things will never change — she refused to be photographed and wouldn’t even let a digital camera get near her.

Also spotted at the same soiree was “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest. But unlike Mary-Kate and Jessica, the hard-working media mogul apparently took advantage of the adult beverages.

We’re told he arrived with his good pal and president of Epic Records Charlie Walk, and the two headed straight for the Don Julio tequila bar, where they were treated to a full tutorial and tasting of the three different tequilas.

But never one to stop working, Seacrest played host at an earlier event at Access by the Sea House, where guests were treated to a surprise performance by Lionel Richie.

Steve-O in a 'Loony Bin,' Still a 'Jackass'

Steve Glover (better known as Steve-O) appeared in Los Angeles Criminal Court on Tuesday morning in a follow-up hearing after he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine last month.

Judge Hank Goldberg ordered the “Jackass” star to return on Aug. 11 with proof of enrollment in a rehabilitation program in order to avoid further penalty.

Dressed neatly in a button-down blue shirt and pants (and a growing beard), Steve-O looked very much on the road to recovery as he told Pop Tarts that this was his 120th day of sobriety.

“Some days are better than others. I was having trouble forgiving myself and I felt trapped — I hit a wall,” he said outside the courtroom. “It’s tough for me to gauge my progress, because I’m stuck in my own head.”

Speaking of his head, Steve-O wasn’t afraid to admit that his years of substance abuse have caused him many physical and mental problems.

“I did a lot of damage to my brain and I’m suffering the consequences. I’ve got mood disorders, I’m bipolar. There’s so much stuff going on with my brain chemistry,” he explained. “I’ve been institutionalized for 120 days.”

His lawyer, Barry Gerald Sands, then stepped in to correct him and say that his client is not in a mental intuition, that he is in a “recovery medical hospital."

“No, it’s an institution,” Steve-O argued. “I’m in a loony bin.”

But just because Steve-O is cleaning up his act doesn’t mean we won’t see him doing some wild things in the future.

“I’ll always be a 'Jackass,'" he said. "I’ve got some projects happening, and I’m antsy to get on with my life.”

Sands then added that he’s hoping Steve-O will use his skills as a certified stunt-man and would like to put a show together featuring him flying across the fountains at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Vegas.

Courtney Love Isn’t Crazy, That’s Just Her Alter Ego

It looks as though Steve-O may be in good company with Courtney Love when it comes to suffering some mood and personality problems.

The former front woman of the rock band Hole and widow of Kurt Cobain posted an interesting message on her MySpace blog, where she blames (and names) her alter ego for having written a nonsensical post about credit-card bills last week, which she later deleted.

“Just want to hank allyou supportive lovely people and thank you for putting up with my kookoo bananas alter ego should; we give her a name?” Courtney wrote. “shoudl we give my alter ego a name? hmnmmmm Cherry! ‘Cherry kookoo.’”

But thankfully, Love thinks she may have finally “killed her [Cherry] off.”

Accidents Trouble Hollywood

It seems like everyone needs to be on safety alert in Los Angeles following two sad events last week.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, a young makeup artist was a victim of a hit-and-run while crossing the road at a crosswalk outside of popular new club Coco De Ville, reportedly suffering a crushed pelvis, punctured bladder and knocked-out teeth.

The 27-year-old female culprit reportedly blew a 0.17 alcohol reading, which is twice the legal limit in California.

In another incident, a man was shot several times in the early hours of Sunday morning in between Ivar Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, which is another cluster of popular clubs including the Green Door and Cabana Club.

Paparazzi on the scene obtained footage of the getaway car and the victim is believed to be in a critical condition.

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