Pop Tarts: Mischa Barton’s 'Severe Cellulite' Condition

Britney Spears certainly isn't alone when it comes to being publicly attacked for her womanly assets.

Despite being one of the slimmest screen stars in recent days, Mischa Barton is no stranger to close-ups of her cellulite. A fresh batch of pictures surfaced on Monday of the former "O.C." star getting some sun Down Under, only she was branded worldwide underneath headlines outlining her "losing battle" to "severe cellulite."

Barton did happen to be topless; however, it seems the world was more interested in learning more about the condition that plagues the female population.

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This week, an Australian magazine called NW even dedicated its front page and entire section to showing off stars such as Mischa and Sophie Monk who (shock, horror!) have a few "dimples" as well as giving expert advice on how other celebrities such as Uma Thurman have managed to turn pudgy thighs into perfect stems.

Tom Brady Scared of Females? Birkhead With an Anna Look-Alike?

NFL sensation Tom Brady wasn't too scared to hop into the Crown Royal Playboy Party at the Kentucky Derby on Friday night, but it turns out he was a little afraid to play anywhere near the Playmates, or anywhere near any other females, for that matter.

We're told the Patriot refused to look twice at any of the hotties around him and spent the evening in the corner with his head down — talking to male pals only.

Well, when you happen to be dating the highest-earning model in the world (aka Gisele Bundchen), you have to play it pretty safe, especially when you have a bevy of barely dressed busty blondes bouncing around.

But over at the In Touch Magazine Derby Day bash, party people apparently were "shocked" to see Larry Birkhead boogying with an Anna Nicole Smith look-alike blonde, the cozy couple even sharing cocktails at the PAMA bar.

"It just seemed kind of inappropriate," an eyewitness told Pop Tarts. "Considering it was Derby Day parties four years ago when he first met Anna Nicole."

K-Fed 'Pleased With Britney's Progress'

Britney Spears ' track record for actually making it into the courtroom at the Los Angeles Superior Court hasn't been exactly superior, and for a moment the pop princess almost bailed on Tuesday's proceedings.

After speculation from a security guard that Spears was "freaking out" while waiting in a room at the courthouse, a somber-looking songstress finally entered at 9:36 a.m., 10 minutes after Kevin Federline and his posse paraded inside.

Federline's media-lovin' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, made sure to turn around and have a good ol' stare and wave to his "friends" in the press seated at the back of the room.

Brit (sporting a bad blonde weave) didn't exchange as much as a glance with her former flame as she was comforted by one of her lawyers before the commissioner granted a request for the courtroom to be cleared.

A court insider told Pop Tarts that Britney "needed a break" after about 55 minutes in session. She left looking particularly distraught with red, weeping eyes and smudged eyeliner as she held the hand of her lawyer for a five-minute breather in a private room, only to take a much longer break just a few minutes later.

On a more positive note, at least the love between Brit and mama Lynne looks restored as we spotted the Miss and Mrs. Spears holding hands as the pop star exited and re-entered the courtroom. (For the record, Lynne looked particularly young and gorgeous.)

But that's not the only tidbit of affection that came out of the proceedings; a spokesperson for Kevin told us after the hearing was over that Fed-Ex is "pleased" with how our girl is doing.

"It's a step in the right direction," Kaplan added.

That's right. We're proud of the pop princess who turned up on time, smiled through her tears and looked good (except for that bad blonde wig).

Brit was granted expanded visitation rights to her two sons on Tuesday during the child-custody hearing. Interestingly, she wasn't the only music mogul in the building — apparently, ex- Guns N' Roses strummer Slash was downstairs on jury duty.

Reese Breaks Down Over Breast Cancer, Determined to Find a Cure

Reese Witherspoon's role as an international spokeswoman for household cosmetic brand Avon certainly has involved more wiping of the eyes than wearing of the eyeliner.

The Oscar-winning actress flew into Washington, D.C., on Sunday, straight from her beau Jake Gyllenhaal's film set in South Carolina (with him in tow) to join 3,500 athletic individuals for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Event organizers described the "Sweet Home Alabama" starlet as "simply precious" as she offered to help hand out lunches and got her groove on by jumping in for the final mile.

An insider, however, told Pop Tarts that Witherspoon was later reduced to tears watching a video featuring a young woman who almost lost her mother to the devastating illness.

"Reese got really upset about it and said she felt really determined to help find a cure for her own daughter Ava's sake," said our source, adding that Witherspoon reportedly lost a very close friend to breast cancer recently and was so "overwhelmed" she couldn't control her emotion in front of the crowd.

Another excited participant (who is battling the cancer) told us that Reese randomly embraced her on the walk after hearing about experiences undergoing radiation therapy.

But after all the physical and emotional exertion, the A-list actress was back in the arms of Gyllenhaal as the comely couple was caught heading off straight away for a romantic dinner while Reese's ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, reportedly was looking after the divorced duo's two children, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4.

And when Reese romps back into L.A. this week, it seems she'll be the apple of her kids' affection.

"I'll just be spending Mother's Day with my children, which will be even more special now they're old enough to appreciate it a little more," the blonde bombshell told a Pop Tarts insider, adding that the day will probably also be somewhat sad as she'll be missing her own mother, who resides in her home state of Tennessee.

Apparently, Jake is set to return to the South Carolina set of "Nailed," which also stars Jessica Biel and James Marsden — so chances are Witherspoon will be missing her man, too.

Aguilera Poised for First Official Post-Baby Party

Christina Aguilera may have just popped out her first baby a couple of months ago, but the music megastar already is booked to strut her stuff until the wee hours of the morning.

Pop Tarts has confirmed that the "Dirrrty" diva will host a huge dance party on May 31 at Sin City hotspot, LAX — which Chris also invests in financially.

No word yet if the pop princess will enliven the party with those precious pipes.

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