Mariah Carey made her way to the CBS lot on Wednesday afternoon as the guest mentor on "American Idol." And true to her rep, our girl was quite the diva.

Donning a (typical) tight-fitting outfit, Mariah worked the press area backstage — but it took a little longer than expected. Tech and camera guys apparently were made to put in the extra effort putting up lights and having them angled perfectly, with Carey's people "double checking" that she was positioned perfectly at all times.

"We had to reshoot one of the questions," one cameraman told Tarts. "I had to change the lighting and alter the position and do it again because we went off angle slightly. She has a director of photography with her at all times and can only be shot from the waist up."

Well, when you are a multimillion-dollar music mogul, you do have a little authority in demanding your best angle, right?

However, Maz did lose quite a few fans on Thursday night when she decided to turn up two hours late to an album-signing at Universal City.

"She strolled in with sunglasses on when it was nighttime and by that point a lot of people got fed up and had left," a photographer told Tarts. "It was ridiculous."

That said, Mariah is back with Billboard chart-topping album "E=MC2" and looking better than ever — and fellow music veteran Janet Jackson is in full support.

"I never gave up on Mariah, but a lot of people were ready to write her off and gave up on her," Jackson recently told Tarts. "Downs happen to a lot of people even in regular jobs, so it’s just a part of life. You can’t stay up, up, up forever."

Sarah Silverman Slams Scientology, Kabbalah, Adoption

Somehow we don't anticipate that Tom Cruise or Madonna will be inviting Sarah Silverman to any upcoming affairs.

The controversial comedian took to the stage at the Scleroderma Research Foundation's Cool Comedy and Hot Cuisine Fundraising Gala in Beverly Hills on Wednesday evening and had quite a few things to say about Cruise's beloved religion in her stand-up set.

"Scientology is totally gay," she said. "Not like the homosexual gay but when I say 'gay' I mean it's totally retarded."

Silverman also attempted to explain Kabbalah, the religion embodied by big-wigs such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Roseanne Barr.

"It's more than just a trendy religion — it's kind of like Judaism but without the big noseness," she said. "It makes me feel better than you."

Speaking of being blacklisted by certain A-listers, Silverman probably isn't waiting by the phone for a friendly call from Brangelina, either.

"I want to adopt, but I have to adopt brown because otherwise you don't get credit. I think I would like a boy from China," she continued.

So as shocking as such remarks are, it seems they're just part of the job.

"If you're going to get up there and say these things, you can't be scared about what people will think," Silverman recently told Pop Tarts. "It's kind of my job to upset and maybe shock some people, right?"

Well, Sarah certainly did that by also announcing that "it must be benefit season" because she recently attended an AIDS fundraiser.

"This one is better; I don't have to worry about who I hook up with," she said.

The sassy stand-up queen and YouTube sensation had the star-studded audience rolling in their seats (and a few rolling out the door in disgust).

Britney Loses (Almost) Another Million

Goodness, it costs a lot to lose your kids and rights to your earnings.

It was another expensive day in court for our fave pop princess on Thursday, with the commissioner ruling that the various legal parties involved in Britney Spears' conservatorship and custody battles be paid big-time from her bank account.

Five different firms will get their fingers on Brit's funds, including court-appointed lawyer Sam Ingham, who will receive a sweet $10,000 each week until July 31 with the total legal bill balancing out at $840,500.

Poor ol' Spears, although we're not the only ones feeling for her. The commish brought to our attention that a declaration was filed in March by a lawyer called Jon Eardley, basically expressing his thoughts that the whole conservatorship was BS.

His declaration, however, was dismissed — after all, he is not a legal representative for Spears and according to the court never has been.

Dave Navarro Uses Premieres to 'Pick Up' Porn Stars, Denies Performance With Prince

Carmen Electra's former flame Dave Navarro may have scooped up a plethora of AVN Awards for his directorial debut of the X-rated flick "Broken," but it seems he does have a dream to go mainstream.

"I am working on a more mainstream documentary and it's a style I would definitely like to do more of," Navarro told Tarts while accompanying porn star Tera Patrick to the premiere of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" last week. "But no matter what I do, it has to have an edge, something unique and a little bit of, well, you know."

Yes, we think we understand. But for the time being, Navarro seemed to be totally focused on finding fresh ladies for his more "adult" projects as he prowled around the premiere.

"It's very easy to get in one of my movies. Just look pretty and be willing to do things. Just give me your number and we’ll make it happen." Ah, no thanks.

Navarro also set the record straight regarding all the rumors that his reunited band Jane's Addiction will be performing alongside Prince at the upcoming Coachella Festival in less than two weeks.

"We're back together and working hard," he said. "We'll be ready to perform again soon, but just not that soon. We need at least a couple of months to rehearse."

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