Her name is (literally) synonymous with such high-class publications as Harper's Bazaar and Esquire, but Hearst Publications heiress Lydia Hearst is revealing a lot more than just her name to the world.

The 23-year-old model/handbag designer/socialite stars in the upcoming bittersweet romantic comedy "Frost," playing provocative party girl Stella.

The film premieres in the Big Apple next week as part of the Gen Art Film Festival; tickets for the premiere already have sold out; however, Tarts has been told that Hearst does, indeed, take her top off in a nightclub scene in front of a full house. But that obviously wasn't a bother for the waif-like beauty.

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"Lydia didn't have any hang-ups on the set; she is clearly confident with her own body and relished the provocative nature of the role," producer Mike Landry said. "She just has this sexy radiance — most men would give their right arm for the chance to go out with her, and I'm sure many women are jealous of her and she seemed to enjoy the playfully sadistic side of Stella."

Hmmm, great-grandfather William Randolph Hearst would be proud. ...

John Krasinski’s Brush with Death at 'Leatherheads' Premiere

He might play a big, burly footballer in George Clooney’s latest comedy, "Leatherheads," but John Krasinski needs to be told that, unfortunately, he isn’t invincible.

Hollywood Boulevard was closed off on Monday evening to accommodate the hundreds of fans lining the streets for the premiere of the 1920s football flick; however, Krasinski’s fondness toward his fans could have ended not so lovingly.

After posing for pictures outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, "The Office" star made a mad dash across the road to sign autographs — and amid the excitement, he forgot to look both ways.

A bus was forced to screech to a halt and Krasinski’s publicist had to rush out and motion it to stop to avoid what could have been a very bad, um, touchdown. But it does sound as though he is very used to injuries these days.

"Embarrassingly, I suffered injuries that were ridiculous, like every time I ran the ball," John told Tarts. "I pulled muscles when I was running from here to there — like 20 yards — and that’s embarrassing. That’s why actors look like we know what we are doing but we have no idea."

But when you work hard, you gotta play hard.

"We did get into a little trouble off the set," he added. "We went out to a bunch of different bars, little karaoke, a lot of ribs in the Carolinas. Let’s just say it was a big love fest."

Co-star Renee Zellweger, however, found filming with a bunch of gorgeous guys to be a more painful, rather than passionate, experience. Yeah, right.

"It was so challenging. I hated it. You know to sit there and watch those guys throw the pigskin and run up and down the field in those little costumes," Zellweger said with a sigh. "But somebody had to do it. Unfortunately, that somebody was me."

But despite that Clooney admitted to Tarts he "got smacked around and dropped a lot" and that he is "old so things hurt much more," his 29-year-old leading lady, Sarah Larson (who was officially listed on the tip-sheet, not as a former cocktail waitress, but as a "celebrity"), didn’t seem too bothered as she smiled adoringly at her beau all night.

Incidentally, Sarah stayed pretty silent and sober — very different than in those wild party pics that recently surfaced.

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From K-Fed to K-Fib?

Just a few weeks ago Pop Tarts were in court to hear Britney Spears’ lawyer, Stacy Phillips, enlighten everyone to the fact that Federline tipped $2,000 on a $360 restaurant bill, so it comes as no surprise that the "rapper" has a secret stash of dollars.

Phillips has filed documents contesting the court ruling that Spears had to cough up cash for Kevin’s legal fees by alleging that Federline has "understated his income by $200,000." Naughty, naughty.

Phillips recently told the judge that Kevin allegedly classifies a lot of his expenses as being "business-related" when they are of a "personal" nature. Hmmm, it seems as though the Fed might have a very healthy bank balance despite that he really only is famous for his nuptials to our problematic pop princess Britney.

Pop Tarts 80 Years and Over Only

Just because they were all born before 1928 doesn’t mean that they’re too old to be considered "Pop Tarts."

A British-based pop group of 80-and-up senior citizens has won the hearts of Hollywood with their classic renditions of contemporary rhythms, ranging from The Clash to Coldplay.

Not only are our golden oldies the stars of an upcoming FOX Searchlight documentary "Young@Heart," but they’re touring the world and even stopping by Tinseltown to strut their stuff live on stage later this month.

But they don’t seem to mind that they’ll have to compete with the live shows of "American Idol." In fact, they’re pretty sure they could cream any of the younger contestants.

"I think that the age limit 'Idol' has sets limitations and needs to go much higher," chorus member Stanley Goldman told Tarts. "I need a right knee replacement, so I don’t know if that will be a problem for the judges.

"But last night I was out and a Latin band was playing; I was moving like you wouldn’t believe with two ladies on the dance floor," he said. "It doesn’t take much to get me moving."

"That’s only because they injected his knee with cocaine," joked fellow performer Steve Martin.

Goodness — and to think we thought the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Britney were the only badly behaved ones in the biz.

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