Lindsay Lohan's newly confirmed girlfriend is to blame for her personal and professional problems, her father Michael Lohan says.

Michael, in an e-mail to Pop Tarts, wrote that he has reason to believe that recent blog posts condemning him on his daughter's Web site were actually written by celeb DJ Samantha Ronson, even though they were said to have been written by Lindsay.

Michael also said he was in deep conversation on the phone with his daughter recently and heard Sam in the background enticing her to hang up.

Last week, Lindsay hit back at "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis over his comment that Ronson was "controlling" Lohan. Michael Lohan and Francis both have said that they don't believe Lindsay is gay.

Michael says Joe is a "good person" who cares deeply about Lindsay.

"He wasn't a bad guy when he flew Lindsay around on his jet, opened the doors to his home or tried to help, was he?" Michael said. "Of course not, because SaMANtha wasn't around." (Michael refers to Ronson as SaMANtha throughout the e-mail.)

Lohan said his baby girl could do much better when it comes to finding a lover.

"There is a lot more to Samantha then meets the eyes, not that what we see is too pleasing anyway! I mean, what's with this ... 'person'??? Look at the way she 'dresses'? Once more, she uses her middle finger more than she uses words! Personally, I think she is dark, hideous and a disgusting representation of humanity," Lohan wrote.

"God will weed her out of Lindsay's life and at that time, you will finally see Lindsay back in the place where she belongs," he continued. "Not doing independent films, guest starring on [a] TV show, being a guest judge on a reality TV show or making appearances at Samantha's DJ gigs. Is this the Lindsay we all knew and loved before Samantha came into her life? No!!! When she got out of Cirque Lodge everything looked good until Samantha came on the 'scene.'"

Although Dina Lohan, Lindsay's mother, publicly praises Samantha, Michael said that privately, his ex-wife certainly does not. He said Dina called him two weeks ago to say Lindsay was very upset as Ronson was threatening to write a tell-all book about their private life. (Michael claims to have the conversation on tape.) Dina could not be reached for comment.

But the one thing everyone wants to know is why Michael continues to talk about Lindsay's personal business.

"Lindsay is my daughter. I am her father first and not a friend or an enabler," he responded. "After the death of my dad, [her grandfather] and all the things I continue to hear and see, I am compelled to speak out. The Lindsay I knew never would have missed his wake or funeral. But since being around Samantha, she has become a different person.

"If Samantha or 'anyone' wants to blog me or has anything to say, let them, to my face. Otherwise, if they want to be the sneaky, lying, parasites they are, I am ready to really spill the beans, and I won't stop until this dark, evil nemesis is out of Lindsay's life."

Reps for Ronson and Lindsay did not respond for comment.

Meanwhile, on Monday night, the duo offered what seemed to be the first public confession that they are lovers. Loveline radio host Ted Stryker asked how long they've been together, and Lindsay responded, "A long, long time."

Heidi Montag Celebrates 22nd Birthday Sin City-Style

While her former friend/co-star Lauren Conrad was getting prepped to present at the Emmy Awards last weekend, Heidi Montag was celebrating her birthday with a typically cheesy bash at new Las Vegas hotspot Christian Audigier The Nightclub on Saturday.

"The Hills" hottie and her longtime beau, Spencer Pratt, repeated their ritual of posing for pics and signing autographs for flocks of fans before entering the Ed Hardy designer's exclusive digs.

Montag was presented with a four-tier cake and even hit the DJ booth (but thank goodness she didn't sing!)

Click for a pic.

While the reality stars were joined at their VIP table by several friends and family members, Heidi's pal/ Spencer's sister Stephanie Pratt wasn't one of them. Pop Tarts instead spotted her late Saturday afternoon getting her makeup done and hair colored (for free) at the posh Napoleon Perdis/Patrick Melville pre-Emmy gifting suite in West Hollywood.

Speaking of "The Hills," Audrina Patridge spent her weekend moving into a new Hollywood Hills mansion and showing off her brand new third-generation red Dodge Challenger, complete with racing stripes.

Click for a pic.

Gwyneth Goes GOOP

She’s a stunning mama who sings, acts and wins Academy Awards — but now Gwyneth Paltrow can add lifestyle guru to her long list of credentials.

This week, the actress launched her very own lifestyle Web site Goop.com, which features motivational essays that she personally wrote to encourage her readers to "nourish the inner aspect" and make the most out of life. And it looks as though we can expect many more tips and tricks from Paltrow in the near future.

"The site is still very much under development and will be expanded in the coming months," her rep told Pop Tarts.

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