Pop Tarts: Lindsay Lohan Should Follow in Paris Hilton's Footsteps

Hollywood heavyweight Garry Marshall hit the headlines in 2006 when he "requested" that a scolding letter be sent to his leading lady, Lindsay Lohan, regarding her disruptive, undedicated behavior on the set of "Georgia Rule."

But it seems the big-wig director still is somewhat saddened by the box office flop.

"I really liked the film — Lindsay was very good," Marshall told Pop Tarts last week. "But as you and I know, too much baggage. Let's hope they all do well and they all settle down. Paris seems to be pretty settled, and we hope the others will all follow."

Linds already followed in Paris' footsteps by getting busted for DUI in August last year (just as lil' Barron Hilton has now done).

But by "others," could he possibly be referring not only to Lohan, but to our bizarre Britney? And messy Mischa? Not to mention current rehabbers Eva Mendes and, reportedly, Kirsten Dunst.

Lohan, however, says she's already on the road to recovery.

"I wasn't taking any time to just sit and live and breathe," the "Bobby" beauty told the March issue of Harper's Bazaar. "I've learned so much, though, like learning to live my life in a different way."

But she still likes to be out and about.

"I have it in me to go, go, go," she told the magazine. "I'm still young. I love life. I'm a very social person."

In fact, Linds and her posse hit up West Hollywood's Diabless earlier this week, where apparently she was acting like a "new woman."

"Lindsay is a store regular — she came in not long after she got out of rehab and even then seemed a little withdrawn," a store insider said. "But this time she was back to business, looking hot and having fun."

Cool. Now she just needs a job!

Shar Jackson Reaches Out to Britney; Janice Dickinson Will Get Fat?

Time and time again, Kevin Federline's former lass Shar Jackson has proven she's a girl with a big heart.

Not only does she endlessly defend K-Fed's fathering ways (despite that he ditched her for Britney while she was pregnant), but now it seems she is sending sweetness to sad Spears.

Pop Tarts caught up with Jackson at Sunday's Festival of Children Spiderwick Video Game Launch at Paramount Studios, and she gave Brit her blessings.

"I just hope she gets better — I wish her all the best," said Shar, who is working on her own album.

Meanwhile, reality television star Janice Dickinson also was present at the party and was spotted pigging out on cotton candy.

"I'm going to get fat," said the self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel."

But it seems Dickinson is so preoccupied making people from her modeling agency cry that she doesn't have time for her own children.

"It's really nice to get out; we don't have much family time anymore," she added.

Strangely, Dickinson was on her best behavior the entire day and ditched her diva ways.

"I couldn't believe how nice she was," an event organizer told Tarts. "I've met her before and that experience wasn't the best, but she was much better this time 'round."

What Happened to Kanye?

Kanye West may have moved millions with a touching tribute to his late mom, Donda West, at the Grammys on Sunday, but the music mogul left flocks of fans frowning when he failed to show at his own Grammy after-party at Hollywood hotspots Opera/Crimson.

Hollywood streets were shut down to accommodate the hundreds attempting to get inside. Even his manager and artists from the G.O.O.D. Life were waiting, in addition to pals from the Oakland Raiders and 49ers, Wilmer Valderrama, Bai Ling and Snoop. (Strangely, not long after the "Drop it Like It's Hot" crooner came in, an "interesting" scent suddenly saturated the club.)

But the celebrations came and went without Mr. West.

"He went to the Entertainment Weekly bash at STK," an insider told Tarts. "He got swept up and I guess forgot to make it to his own party."

But another big name who remembered his star-studded duties in Sin City so happened to be Mike Tyson. Tarts spotted the boxer on Monday evening at JET nightclub at The Mirage, and we're pleased to say that he gave up his VIP table to hang out down below with the commoners (and, of course, pose for pics).

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