Pop Tarts: Lindsay Lohan Back in the Habit

Every year, music mogul Clive Davis hosts Hollywood's hottest party to celebrate the Grammys. And even though he's pushing 80, he still manages to attract A-listers blessed with beauty and big bucks.

Pop Tarts spotted a sensational Lindsay Lohan, who popped into the party with a rather large personal posse to protect her from the press. But once inside, Linds still looked afraid to let loose.

"She is slowly coming back on the scene — she has really missed being social," an inside source said. "But all eyes were on her when the Intrigue Spirits [liquor] started coming by. ..."

Pop Tarts has been told, however, that the "Mean Girl" stuck to sipping her soft drink, but proved that the wild child still exists deep down.

"Linds was bopping away through the performances," our spy said. "She was also getting a lot of male attention; she just sat at her table mostly and people kept coming up to her."

(We thought it was a little odd that Linds bailed on the festivities early into the evening. Well, that was until we heard her discussing plans to party at Goa. Just the night before, Li-Lo partied at the Avalon and earlier in the week was spied at paparazzi hangouts Villa and Katsuya.)

However, Miss Lohan wasn't the only "reformed" rehabber to romp into the party.

A smashing Whitney Houston arrived on the red carpet, causing the host himself to cut short his time with the press to pose with the woman he proclaims to be "the best singer in the world."

Clive "Bodyguard" Davis grabbed Whitney protectively and escorted her inside the grand ballroom before any "interesting" questions could be asked.

Ashlee Simpson/Nicole Richie Double Date

Speaking of interesting, it seems Ashlee Simpson is looking (and feeling) rather fired up about life at the moment.

The younger Simpson sis and her "Fallout Boy" beau Pete Wentz also popped by the party (with managing daddy Joe Simpson, of course), but her new head of bright orange hair caused more chaos than the celebs themselves.

"I get bored easily — I like trying new things," Simpson said. "I don't necessarily follow fashions."

But someone who definitely does do well in this department is new yummy mommy Nicole Richie.

The former "Simple Life" starlet strolled inside, oh, a solid two hours after the good times began with dad Lionel Richie as her date (while beau Joel Madden stood back).

Nic was even busted sampling the fine food selection. Shock!

Rihanna Makes Paula Abdul Cry

In more Grammy party news, we weren't shocked when emotional "Idol" judge Paula Abdul's eyes swelled up (and this was before she even made it inside). But we were somewhat surprised to find out who caused the tears.

"I just want to say that you are so amazing and so beautiful," Paula said, staring up at the stylish and stunning singer Rihanna. "I'm so honored to meet, [to] be here next to you. You are so, so talented."

It seems British babe Natasha Bedingfield was also significantly starstruck.

"Oh my gosh, I just met Janet Jackson," she gushed to Tarts. "I can't believe it."

Bedingfield added that she intends to fly back to Britain this week just to spend Valentine's Day with her "honey."

But it seems the majority of Hollywood hotties are in need of a little love and less work.

Reigning "Idol" Jordin Sparks said she would be attending an awards show on Feb. 14 and that she "wished" she had a Valentine.

And "Idol" megastar Carrie Underwood will also be working on Thursday.

"I actually have a performance on Valentine's Day, so I'll just be singing," Underwood said.

Mind you, Carrie was looking very cute and cozy beside Chace Crawford as they checked their BlackBerrys together. She also surprised us with her sexy side at the Grammy ceremony by performing her hit "Before He Cheats" in hotpants and black knee-high boots.

But our "Idol" from Oklahoma still seems stunned by her life in the limelight.

“I don’t know if I can get used to it, but it's fun. It’s kind of like I lead a double life," Underwood said. "I have my normal life, and then I get to come out to ridiculous events like this. Everybody is dressed up and it’s so glamorous — weird."

Meanwhile, while Rihanna has recently been linked to the likes of Josh Hartnett, she insisted that there is no love in her life right now.

"No, none for me," Rihanna said. "I never have anyone. I will probably be in the studio for Valentine's."

Perhaps Pop Tarts could set something up between country crooner Taylor Swift and hip-hop hottie Chris Brown.

"I have a few numbers in my phone, so I may just have to call someone to pretend to be my Valentine," Brown said.

Someone Swift, perhaps?

"I never have a Valentine," Taylor told Tarts. "But I just got to meet Chris Brown ... he's incredible."

Hmmm, let's hope the two tuneful talents had the chance to talk.

Paris Hilton Outshone by Oompa-Loompas, Celebrates Birthday With Britney's 'Cousin' and 'Manager'

Paris Hilton has earned a great deal of fame (and fortune) from her party girl persona, but the "Hottie" heiress had her title jeopardized at the Playboy Energy Drink Party in Boston last week.

Video: Pop Tarts Talk

The Oompa-Loompas from the Beachers Madhouse in Sin City were on hand to strut their stuff on stage, but after seeing how much attention the little people received, the Hilton host (naturally) had to swing into the spotlight.

"Paris had a few too many Playboys and was buzzing big time," our spy said. "She got up straight away and did a strange little dance on stage and then started freestyling to her own song 'Turn It Up.' She was totally in her own little world."

Pop Tarts has been told that the good times were going strong until the police decided to drop in on the party.

"The cops tried to arrest the little people's host Jeff Beacher, but eventually decided just to give him a warning," an insider told Tarts. "Apparently there is some old Boston law that prevents the promotion of small people. However, Beacher and his gang are reportedly already making plans to come back to the city in March and stage a massive revolution in the streets," the insider continued.

Speaking of parties, Paris was spotted slipping into Hollywood hotspot Villa on Thursday evening where Prince was also present. But the "Purple Rain" man apparently insisted that the lights remain off in his VIP suite. Why? We're told it "hurts his eyes."

Over in Sin City, Hilton's "Hottie and the Nottie" co-star Christine Lakin was celebrating her birthday with a big bash at JET nightclub at The Mirage. It looks like Paris has rubbed off on the young actress, who was busted boogying (on a pole) until well past 3 a.m. while downing plenty of tequila shots with pineapple.

Even though Hilton has a big week of parties planned in Vegas to celebrate her 27th birthday, she kicked off the good times by earning some pocket money partying at Area in West Hollywood on Sunday night. Paris certainly makes sure her peeps are always entertained, with an interesting performance of table-top dancing and singing.

And with Britney Spears behaving badly, it seems her "cousin" Alli Simms has moved on.

Tarts spied the aspiring singer at Paris' private VIP table, the two gals sharing shots and talking hush-hush until the early hours alongside Spears' "manager" Sam Lutfi, Cisco Adler, Simon Rex and Mickey Avalon.

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