Lauren Conrad and Victoria Beckham now have something to bond over — they were both stripped from the sales floor of Hollywood’s hottest boutique.

Earlier this year, Kitson owner Fraser Ross announced that he was dropping Vic's dVb style collection due to lackluster sales and her refusal to make a promotional appearance. Now Conrad's collection has suffered a similar fate with the recent announcement that her lack of involvement has led to a lack of sales.

"When the collection first came out it did really well because of all the hype surrounding it," a Kitson rep told Pop Tarts. "But her people were never able to set a date for her to come to the store and as a result it didn't sell."

However, a rep for “The Hills” hottie said that LC’s collection has exceeded expectations and is in more than 500 stores, including Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Planet Blue and Fred Segal. Her peeps also shot down whispers that Conrad isn’t exactly the creative genius behind the brand that she claims to be.

“Lauren designs the line from start to finish, doing everything from sketching to fabric selection to fitting the garments,” a rep said.

But a few key fashion insiders have told Pop Tarts that LC is more the “celebrity face” behind her label and that her Creative Director Sherry Wood (the designer for former fashion label Tart) is pretty much responsible for all those chic girly garments.

Apparently, the majority of celebs with a fashion line have such crazy schedules that they do a bit of the work and front the collection, and Conrad is “no different."

LC was also reportedly heard telling pals at a Hollywood club recently that she “can’t even draw a sketch” after being asked for some advice from an aspiring fashion designer.

But another insider in Conrad’s clothing camp was quick to tell Pop Tarts that Lauren is absolutely the designer and that she and Wood work alongside each other and share the process 50/50. This insider says that Conrad is often working out of the mart in downtown Los Angeles, where the clothes are conceived and manufactured.

“She generally stays for an hour or so when she comes,” a fellow employee in the mart said.

But in any case, this girl is a genius — how many of us can claim to make millions and build an empire just from, like, being cool and popular?

Brody Jenner Showers in Money … and Mandy Moore?

As per usual, Sin City was alive and well over the weekend and filled with celebs and, of course, people who think they’re celebs.

Britney Spears’ former BFF Alli Sims was spotted celebrating her 27th birthday at the Bellagio’s swanky spot The Bank on Saturday night. Apparently, the aspiring singer reveled in the limelight in her VIP section — like, has somebody told her that she isn’t really Britney’s “cousin” and the two aren’t even in contact anymore?

Corey Feldman was also there celebrating his birthday, but the '80s actor was upstaged by his wife Susie, who spent the night showing off her latest spread in Playboy magazine to partygoers.

Brody Jenner also made his way inside during the wee hours, and the surprised crowd got a little more of “The Hills” than they expected. The reality hottie showered the packed space with hundreds of $1 bills from his banquette.

Jenner also made an earlier appearance at the opening of new club Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, where he and pop princess Mandy Moore apparently shared a “lingering hug” before engaging in a close conversation over a beer. ...

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden were also present and couldn’t keep their hands off each other (yawn) while Gwen Stefani’s rocker hubby, Gavin Rossdale, (who is obviously very out of touch with the club scene) kept “hushing” the crowd in between each of his songs. We’re told he got so frustrated that he eventually lashed out at the rudeness of Sin City and couldn’t understand why the party peeps wouldn’t just shut up.

“The Hills” good-girl Whitney Port was seen taking a break from filming Season 4 of the hit show by partying hard at Planet Hollywood’s Prive. She brought an entourage of more than 25 people — but none of them were her so-called “friends” from the Hollywood Hills.

Secret Tape of Gillian Anderson Auditioning for 'Idol'

We knew that Gillian Anderson appeared on last year's "Idol Gives Back" — but we didn't know that there is unaired footage of the "X-Files" actress singing that was so bad it didn't make the cut.

"I recorded in London. But I also did a version where I pretended to audition for 'American Idol' a cappella, but did a really bad job," she told us. "Of course, they never used it, but I'm sure it will pop up at some point to embarrass me."

But being involved in the show isn't the only charitable thing Anderson has done. She is currently auctioning off some very special personal items from her days on the "X-Files" to raise money for three chosen charities — including one item which could make someone a lot of money someday.

Click here to bid.

"There's an FBI file that I'm a bit hesitant to auction because it may be one of only two in existence — but I'm doing it anyway," Anderson said.

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