"The Hills" hottie Lauren Conrad was actually happy to be made fun of as a guest character on an upcoming episode of "Family Guy."

"I thought it would be funny to see if we could get her to read very, very dense historical documents centering around the second World War," the show's creator Seth McFarlane told Pop Tarts. "Lauren did one scene where she had to read a paragraph on scientific self-analysis, which I thought was funny."

But the perennial party princess actually, like, impressed the show’s staff.

"She made an effort (to understand the text), so let me just put it that way," Seth said with a sly smile. "She took it very seriously and even hired an acting coach."

Conrad plays a genius in the episode — but it is comforting to know that she doesn't really take herself and her reality TV fame too seriously.

"It’s amazing, they destroy me in it. I’m totally making fun of myself," L.C. told us. "What can I say? It was funny, I had to go over historical facts and like, biology and weird formulas I had no idea about."

When you're getting paid a rumored $75,000 per episode of your reality show, around $20,000 for a mere party appearance (not to mention the endorsement deals, a book deal and her established clothing line), we guess you really don't need to know all that academic stuff, right?

Katie Holmes Dirty Dances

In her personal life, Katie Holmes comes across every inch the perfect Mrs. Cruise — but professionally, the 29-year-old mama is doing things a little dirty.

Snaps of Holmes performing provocatively for her guest role as an attorney named Grace on ABC’s “Eli Stone” hit the Web on Tuesday, with the racy episode set to air Oct. 21.

Click to see.

Meanwhile, Holmes has proven herself to be an absolute hit on Broadway. The former “Dawson’s Creek” starlet has not only received rave reviews for her role in “All My Sons,” but the play was the highest-grossing last week and took in around $685,000 at the box office.

Paris Releases (Another) Mind-Blowing Song

On Tuesday morning, Paris Hilton unveiled the theme song for her new MTV reality show “My New BFF,” which she has been working on with her rocker beau, Benji Madden.

Click to listen.

The, er, emotionally engaging song gives us insight into Paris’s soul-searching:

“All of my life I’ve been waiting for someone to trust, for someone who cares, someone I know will always be there, someone to tell me the truth even when it’s a hard thing to do…” Sob.

Hilton celebrated the show’s highly anticipated launch with a family affair at Hollywood club LAX on Tuesday night alongside her proud parents.

Russell Crowe's Son Engaged to Nicole Kidman's Daughter

Nicole Kidman and her hubby Keith Urban recently took their newborn, Sunday Rose, around to Russell Crowe's house in their homeland of Sydney for a play date — and planned what could potentially be one star-studded wedding in years to come.

"Sunday Rose was born on the same day as my son Tennyson — the 7th of July, and so Nicole and Keith brought Sunday Rose around on a Sunday, which I thought was appropriate," Russell told us while promoting "Body of Lies" over the weekend.

"Nicole had one look at my young son Tennyson and said, 'Russell, I'm a great believer in arranged marriages. Can we just make the connection now?' So Tennyson is engaged, he's only 2."

And it sounds as though the genetically blessed Kidman-Urban baby is already melting hearts herself at less than 3 months old.

"Sunday is a beautiful child with beautiful, delicate features," Crowe said.

So is Russ offering up any parenting advice to his Aussie mate'?

"Nah, she has brought up two children (Isabella and Conner, her children with ex-hubby Tom Cruise). She's well-versed in motherhood," he said.

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