Kristen Bell is blond, beautiful, brainy ... and happy to support her male co-star in his nude scene in the upcoming "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Bell, of "Heroes," "Gossip Girl" and "Veronica Mars," stars in the heavily marketed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," which incidentally shows her co-star Jason Segal, ah, totally nude several times. And to support Segal’s daring role, our "Hero" donned a tell-all T-shirt.

"The costume designer made T-shirts that had the statue of David on the front, so we all had you-know-whats on the front of our shirts and had little sayings on the back like, 'Keep it up, Jas!' We tried to be as supportive as we could," Bell said. "We weren’t allowed to laugh."

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But Bell certainly is pleased that she didn’t have to "show her boobs," and is all about the girl power.

"The great thing about this is that it's not sort of exploitative, [like] 'let's just show boobs.' There really isn't much nudity in the movie unless it's Jason and he wrote it, and I think that's really amazing," Bell said.

"Not that I'm promoting seeing more male nudity in the movies. But the truth be told, if you're not just looking on an equal plane, you don't see a lot of guys going out there and doing nudity," she added.

Hmm, but we are somewhat concerned that Segal has become a little too comfortable flashing the flesh.

"It's actually encouraged. Everyone likes me to be as naked as possible everywhere I go now," Segal said. "I don’t know how that would do for tourism, but we should find out and give it a short-lived experiment."

Sorry, Jas, we haven’t heard back from USA Tourism about this idea just yet.

Britney and Larry Rudolph Back On?

Word on the street is that Britney Spears is back in talks with the man who "made her" go to rehab last year. (Of course, it wasn't like she really needed any help, right?)

Spears and former manager Larry Rudolph parted ways last year prior to the pop princess' severe decline, which involved losing custody of her sons and a disastrous performance at the VMAs in September.

But according to OK! mag, our Brit has turned back to the man who helped make her a superstar. Although a Britney buddy couldn't confirm whether the reports are accurate, we're told that she is "getting a lot better."

"Britney is starting to glow again — she is really focused on getting herself back to good," our source said. "She has her family back in her life and I think if she brought Larry back she would really improve."

Rudolph has expressed his unconditional affection toward Spears several times in the past, telling Tarts recently that despite everything, he still "had faith" that she was capable of a comeback.

Mariah Carey Still 'Healing' From Her Film Flops

Mariah Carey’s starring role in the 2001 flick "Glitter" is better remembered for being an embarrassing flop that severely damaged her A-list rep (and triggered a nervous breakdown) rather than a moving romantic drama.

Carey (who stars in the upcoming "Tennessee"), however, has refused to let that "bad experience" destroy her confidence and ability to be considered a serious actress.

"I love acting, being able to express myself, and it is another aspect of creativity that I’m able to tap into," she said. "It has also been an emotionally healing process for me — I’ve been through some bad experiences where I was unprepared and just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"But that has all been a learning experience for me, so this time around I was able to fully put myself into the creation of this character and really explore what this character has to offer the world not as me, Mariah Carey the singer, but as a totally different character who is revealing something else," she continued.

Back to Mariah Carey the singer, it seems she never allowed anyone to be her boss, even as a rookie in the recording studio.

"Even when I was just like a teenager and I was at the studio, prior to signing my first record deal, I was producing and I didn't realize it," Carey said. "I was working with people, and obviously they were all older than me, they were more experienced and whatever, but I knew what I liked and I would be like, 'OK, let's try it this way.' I have had this style for a long time."

Carey also opened up about the meaning of those demanding lyrics of her latest release, "Touch My Body/Put Me on the Floor/Wrestle Me Around/Play With Me Some More" — sorry, guys, it doesn’t appear as though she really was giving us an insight into what goes on in her bedroom.

"There is no full-blown meaning; it is just cute and it's one of those songs that makes me happy," Carey said quickly. "I wasn’t taking it that seriously. It was just fun experience."

Speaking of fun, Carey hit up "The Hills" bash in the Big Apple last week, donning her trademark mini and metallic gold jacket. According to our spy, the A-list singer seemed to "intimidate" the reality stars.

"Lauren [Conrad] seemed a bit intimidated and stayed away from Mariah," the source said. "She came across as being very nervous, in general."

Joshua Jackson’s Japanese Struggle

Joshua Jackson may have come a long way from his "Dawson's Creek" days, but it turns out the Hollywood heartthrob still struggled with the "cultural differences" while filming the thriller "Shutter" in Japan.

"The language barrier was definitely very difficult and film sets in Japan run so differently to the ones in America," Jackson told Tarts. "But coping outside of work was much harder — it isn’t fun not being able to order a coffee or get a cab. It was an isolating experience."

But Jackson wasn't exactly alone in this "isolation"; it turns out that his Australian co-star Rachael Taylor also was estranged.

"People think the Japanese go crazy [for] the blonde/blue-eyed actress from Hollywood, but I found it to be quite the opposite," Rachael said. "I found that I was a ghost myself in Tokyo — nothing I did had any impact on the city. I had so many of those 'Lost in Translation' moments that I would go to bed at night feeling just so isolated. It was so surreal."

But in spite of her dream-like experience, playing the lover of Jackson was a dream come true for the 22-year-old blonde from rural Tasmania.

"I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of 'Dawson’s Creek,' but I saw Josh in 'Bobby' and just loved him," Taylor gushed. "I also loved him back in the day when I was a teenager watching 'Cruel Intentions.' He was so delicious in that movie. But Josh is just so smart and I adore him."

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