Apologies to the millions of men out there, but Kim Kardashian is done baring her body.

This time last year the reality starlet added "Playboy Centerfold" to her resume as she had the honor of gracing the Annual Celebrity Issue. While the 28-year-old said it was an amazing experience, it was and will be a once in a lifetime experience only.

"It was a one-off," she told Tarts. "I don't think I'll do Playboy or anything like that again."

Even though the chances of Kimmy K stripping down for a men's mag ever again are well, next to none she and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney are giving away almost their entire wardrobe (according to Kim, life in the limelight means you can really only don an outfit once) in an Ebay auction close to her heart.

"A portion of the proceeds go to the Dream Foundation," Kim said. "My dad passed away from cancer so the funds go towards granting wishes for terminally-ill adults."

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Kim is also auctioning off her signature white Range Rover (looks like someone else is going to have to deal with the paparazzi pursuits for a little while) and plans to instead purchase a hardly ol' truck. She's even making her NFL beau Reggie Bush do away with his beloved Mercedes Shark II and Suzuki Motorcycle while Khloe is auctioning off her Masarati.

And for the record, Miss Kim is definitely no Jessica Simpson when it comes to watching Bush boot the ball.

"I don't have to sneak into games," she said. "I'd like to think I was his good luck charm, but I'd also like to think he plays at his best even when I'm not there."

On the other hand, boy-free Khloe Kardashian told Tarts that she's on a "manhunt" of her own but protecting her big sisters is keeping her busy.

"I've always been pretty wary of people," she said. "More females than males. I'm really protective of my family and get very cautious of anyone who wants to be friends with my sisters more so than myself."

Was Gordon Ramsay's Alleged Affair Just a PR Stunt?

It has been quite a rough week for top British chef Gordon Ramsay after author Sarah Symonds went public with claims she has been having a ten-year affair with the married "Hell’s Kitchen" star.

Ramsay however came forth on Thursday and dismissed the allegations as "a load of BS" while appearing on the BBC’s "Good Food Show."

Photo Essay: Are these famous celebrity rumors real or fake?

But Miss Symonds was employed in February this year to be the U.K spokesperson for the controversial internet dating service AshleyMadison.com which caters to those looking to have a secret extramarital affair.

"Symonds was the face of the company in the U.K and we wanted to generate some buzz and one of the ideas we threw around was if she was too have a high-profile affair," Noel Biderman, President & CEO of AshleyMadison.com tells Tarts. "At the time she specifically asked if an affair with a top British chef would accomplish what we needed to do."

So could it all be a PR stunt or did Symonds really have something to hide? The relationship between the spokeswoman and the company fizzed out after just a few months as Symonds reportedly wanted to head to Hollywood and pursue her lifelong ambitions while the company needed someone who would stay in the U.K.

"There were no ill feelings when she left," Biderman says, adding that he has since reached out to Symonds in the wake of the Ramsay infidelity claims but has not had a response.

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Have No "Secret" Engagement

They’ve been dismissing marriage murmurs for weeks but things went into overdrive when Kerr’s homeland paper, The Sunday Telegraph "exclusively confirmed" the engagement between "Victoria’s Secret" Angel Miranda Kerr and her man Orlando Bloom.

However reps for both parties dismissed the report as totally false and misleading. Despite claims that the couple (who were seen together in Venice, Italy last week) were celebrating their pending nuptials, a Kerr pal told Tarts that the lingerie lass was there for a photoshoot.

"I’m sure they’ll get married oneday but now is not the time," added the source.

Kerr and Bloom first met a few years ago but at the time the now 25-year-old supermodel was in a serious relationship.

"He was cheeky and went and got my number from my agent," Kerr said.

Looks like Miss Kerr made the right move as an ex ex of hers, 34-year-old Australian finance broker Adrian Camilleri was arrested and charged in Sydney last week with two counts of using a false instrument to obtain a financial benefit and one count of making a false statement. The couple dated for eighteen months over five years ago before Kerr hit the big time.

All Eyes on Leo & Gisele

Don't get any misconceptions, Gisele Bundchen hasn't given Tom Brady the boot and returned to the arms of her former long-term lover Leonardo DiCaprio, although the "Titanic" star did spend quite a bit of time observing the stunning supermodel last week.

Leo joined his fellow BFF's Lukas Haas and Kevin Connolly at Hollywood hotspot Bardot for MySpace Celebrity's premiere party for the Blackcowboys music video, directed by Connolly and featuring a very sexy cameo of Bundchen.

According to an eyewitness, DiCaprio's eyes remained fixated on the big-screen as his supermodel ex strutted in a wife beater tank, black bra and skinny black jeans while the band crooned about a guy who pushed his true love away and now realizes what he let go. ...

However, DiCaprio was careful to keep any emotions in check before heading back to his private booth immediately after.

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