Paris Hilton went for it just after her stint in the slammer and "The Hills" hottie Audrina Patridge had her turn following the release of those scandalous snaps. But now it's Kim Kardashian's turn to strip in Sin City.

Pop Tarts has confirmed that the sexy socialite has been recruited as a guest Pussycat Doll and will make her debut at their Las Vegas lounge on Aug. 15.

We're told to expect pole performances, flesh-flashing and dirty dancing.

"I'm so flattered that I'm considered sexy; I love it," she recently told us.

Lindsay Lohan and Gal Pal: 'A Loving Couple'

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have yet to officially come out as a couple, but it seems the Tinseltown twosome are more than happy to be seen on dates.

The duo was recently spotted canoodling at Malibu’s LaLanne Power Juicer/DKNY Beach House, where they reportedly spent the entire day by each other’s side talking intimately as Ronson puffed away.

But according to an eyewitness, Linds and her DJ gal were very loving but at the same time very careful to hold back and not be overly affectionate, as they were well aware that all eyes were on them.

They made another public appearance together over the weekend at the Grey Goose manor clambake in East Hampton, which was hosted by Nicky Hilton. We’re told Linds and Ronson pretty much kept to themselves before heading over to Lily Pond later that night, where Ronson was spinning. The gals even held hands as they went inside and grooved the night away together.

Bridget Moynahan's 'Crazy' Measure to Regain Pre-Baby Body

Pop Tarts recently ran into the super-slim Bridget Moynahan (donning a tight green dress) and we just had to ask her how she managed to get her body back so quickly after giving birth.

“Exercise and diet — eating the right portions from all the food groups,” she responded. “I know, it’s crazy isn’t it…”

Heidi & Spencer Swapping 'The Hills' for Iraq

Finally, we're going to get a break from Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt here in "The Hills" because they're off to entertain the troops in Iraq.

According to People.com, the reality duo are off to entertain the troops in honor of Montag's late stepbrother, who served as an airborne ranger before being tragically killed in an accident earlier this year.

Ben Stiller Confesses to Obsession With Robert Downey Jr.

Even Ben Stiller has others in the industry whom he idolizes — but it seems though he took his admiration for Robert Downey Jr. a little too far after working with him on “Tropic Thunder."

"Because I was so blown away by the guy, I started trying to copy him. It was like, 'Wow, this guy’s a genius; maybe if I do what he does, I’ll be a genius too,'” Stiller told the August issue of Playboy magazine.

“So I started doing what he did. If Downey had some crazy vitamins, I’d get some. If he had spun around and thrown oat bran at the moon, I’d have run out, bought some oat bran and started spinning. I want to look like I’m as big a genius as he is."

Copycat or not, Stiller has certainly earned his mega-millions over the years by humiliating himself with such acts as having his nethers caught in his zipper for “There’s Something About Mary." But there are still some things this funnyman just will not do.

“I think I’d draw the line at porn, but no one has asked,” Stiller said.

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