Pop Tarts: Kim Kardashian Has Reggie Bush Lovesick

It seems that one curvaceous femme fatale has NFL sensation Reggie Bush "Super" sick — with love.

The New Orleans Saint running back and reality starlet Kim Kardashian have been romantically linked since May of last year, after meeting through Kim's former best friend Paris Hilton. And an insider tells Pop Tarts that in order to "Keep Up" with Miss Kardashian, Reggie has lost a little strength.

"He's all weak and lovesick now," laughed a friend. "Never seen Reggie like this — they'll get hitched one day for sure."

The comely couple was caught in the act at Maxim's annual Super Bowl bash in Arizona on Friday night, where Pop Tarts was told the two looked like they needed "to get a room."

"They were totally into each other all night, making out on the VIP couches and making puppy-dog eyes," said our spy. "Reggie even held Kim up so she could watch Akon and T-Pain perform."

And those puppy-dog eyes weren't wandering anywhere.

"There were heaps of hot girls hanging around just waiting for a free moment to flirt with Reggie," added the eyewitness. "Kim totally dug her claws in; Reggie was on reins and they didn't leave each other's side all night."

Well, almost.

Bush escaped at about 1 a.m., where he was busted with buddies LL Cool J, Snoop and Ludacris at the VICE party but of course, on his best behavior.

Oh, just in case you were wondering why Paris Hilton was a no-show at the big bashes this weekend: She actually had to return to L.A. to promote her new film "The Hottie and the Nottie."

But the hotel heiress did swing into town to host a pre-game gig on Thursday night. And word on the street is she was reduced to tears by 50 Cent when she attempted to strut onto the stage during his set.

Apparently, "The Massacre" rapper swore the "Simple Life" star away. Ouch.

Angelina Wears Another 'Maternity' Dress

It took Christina Aguilera almost the entire term of her pregnancy to come forward and publicly declare her pregnancy. Is the possibly expecting Angelina Jolie planning to do the same?

"Angelina isn't the type to need to go on about having a baby," an insider told Pop Tarts. "If she is pregnant, it is something she will discuss only between very close friends and family at least for a while."

The "Mighty Heart" hottie sparked even more speculation over the weekend about a bun in the oven when she followed up last week's SAG Awards with an appearance at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in what seemed to be another maternity-type dress.

Click here to see Angie in her dress

Pop Tarts was told that Brad Pitt was particularly protective of his leading lady throughout the evening, and that Angie sipped only water and was spotted subconsciously touching her stomach as she spent the night in the spotlight as an honoree for her Outstanding Performance of the Year award.

Heidi Celebrates Her Singing Career; Seacrest Is the Lachey/Minnillo Third-Wheel and Stacy Keibler 'Cracks'

Back to gossip from the Maxim bash. ... Reggie and Kim were not the only lovers to get passionate at the party. Even though the engagement between "The Hills" hotties Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt was recently canned, Pop Tarts can confirm that the two are still very much together.

Heidi graces the cover of Maxim this month, and even though she was apparently very proud to see her near-naked body bursting from every table at the bash, she was evidently more excited about the debut of her first official single, "Higher," which is set to slam iTunes on Tuesday.

The blond beauty, her boy-toy and music manager were doing celebratory shots of Patron in honor of a song we are oh-so-sure will be up for a Grammy next year.

Speaking of lush lovers, it seems Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo didn't have time to get too hot and heavy.

After roaming the red carpet hand-in-hand, the pair went straight for the VIP section, where friend Ryan Seacrest reportedly talked (and talked) to the two well into the wee hours. Hey, the "American Idol" host would not be deemed the hardest working boy in show biz if he didn't have the gift of the gab!

But even though she was at one of the most world-renowned benders of the year, life was all work and very little play for model/actress Stacy Keibler. Pop Tarts was told that the stunner left her man Geoff Stults to talk to Fergie's flame Josh Duhamel while she boogied away with her BlackBerry. Well, that was until she was scolded by a pal.

"Put that CrackBerry away and drink this shot of Patron!" yelled a (slightly) intoxicated friend.

Kendra's New 'Do

"Girls Next Door" tomboy Kendra Wilkinson may have been heading into one of her all-time favorite events (aka the Super Bowl) at the annual Playboy party on Saturday, but it seems the 22-year-old sports fanatic isn't going for the football-fan image.

Pop Tarts spotted Hugh Hefner's No. 3 girlfriend at the official opening of the ultra-luxe LMG Hair Studios in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, sporting some serious hair. The normally bottle-blonde was happily showing off her new brown tones, bangs and a whole lot of body.

Click here to see Kendra's new 'do

"She's so tiny, but with that big blow-wave she almost looks a little out of proportion," said an onlooker. "But Kendra looks incredibly sophisticated now, not like the tomboy from the TV."

Well, that was until she spoke.

"Man, is that food?" she shrieked as a waitress wandered by.

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