Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush seem to know their way around a photo booth.

Over at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, the pair apparently posed in the Lifestyles Condom Makeout booth set up at the 5WPR/Butter private party, and from what we were told, the pics were particularly, um, passionate.

"They would be worth a lot," said the photo-finder the following day.

The Playboy cover girl, reality star and former best pal of Paris Hilton also told Pop Tarts about her favorite Sundance freebie.

"I have been given so many lovely things, which I'm so thankful for — it has just been amazing," said the surprisingly soft-spoken starlet. "But my favorite? I got some gorgeous underwear."

However, KK was still "Keeping Up" her signature sensuality at the L-R-G suite when she was spied selecting Luxirie's super-tight jeans (which had big zippers on the backside to draw attention to that famous booty).

Kardashian rose to fame last year following the release of the sex tape she made with her ex, rapper Ray J. But now that she is the main squeeze of an NFL sensation, is the E! reality queen resurrecting her rep?

Pop Tarts has been told that Kimmy cruised into Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge but chose to avoid being snapped swagging from the stand that was giving out below-the-waist hair dye among other personal products.

Lavigne Mocks Britney; K-Fed to Get 'Britney' Diaper Bag

Sundance isn't the only place where good times are going on. It turns out that those who stayed home in Hollywood on Tuesday night were treated to some "Crazy" karaoke crooning at new nightspot Villa.

Avril Lavigne took center stage and performed her own rendition of Brit's first big hit "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)." Apparently, everyone was laughing and even Lavigne couldn't control her giggles as she and a pal turned it into a duet.

Speaking of Spears, it turns out that her former husband Kevin Federline will be receiving an interesting gift in the mail...

Over at the Alive Expo Green Pavilion in Park City, the celebrity designer behind the vintage line Pop Rock told Pop Tarts that she picked up a T-shirt with a pic of the pop princess from her heyday on it and turned it into a baby bag especially for the Fed-Ex.

We're not sure if the former back-up dancer will take great pleasure mixing dirty diapers with the face of the "Crazy" crooner...

But if he doesn't, Paul Mitchell most certainly will. While Brit doesn't have much of a mane for the star-studded hairdresser to play with, it turns out he is still a strong "supporter" of the songstress.

Apparently, Mitchell could have gone home with anything from Led Zeppelin to the Sex Pistols to Audrey Hepburn, but he was "desperate" for a diaper bag in Britney's honor. How, ah, disturbing.

Suvari: Californians Are Second-Class Citizens?

She's still remembered as an "American Beauty," but even Mena Suvari wasn't top of Pittsburgh's priorities while filming in the Pennsylvania location.

Suvari's co-star Sienna Miller made her feelings toward the city brutally clear last year in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine (she later retracted the statements in which she beat up on the location), but Suvari, too, had a somewhat "strange" experience.

"I found a wonderful little boutique I liked," she said. "With all these gorgeous hats, but as soon as she found out I was from California..."

Apparently, the (somewhat snooty) assistant turned up her nose and brought out a bundle of "different" hats from out the back that looked like they had been there a while.

"It was all very strange," said the stunning starlet. "Suddenly as a Californian I had to choose something different."

Katie Holmes on Friends and Finances

Katie Holmes has come a long way since her days on "Dawson’s Creek." Yet even though she’s married to one of Hollywood’s most high-profile men and stars alongside fellow A-listers Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah in the new flick "Mad Money," the yummy mommy still appreciates every paycheck.

"Money was always a means to something. I always wanted to be an actress and when I started making money, it was sort of a relief because it meant to me, 'OK, now I have something that will help me to my next job,'" Holmes told Pop Tarts.

"Or I can stay here for a bit longer; I can do what I want for a bit longer. It wasn't really, 'now I can buy this,' it was 'now I can create.' The more you acquire, the more it opens doors for creating bigger things — giving away money."

And despite rampant rumors that co-stars Latifah and Keaton were trying to urge Katie away from Cruise while on location in Louisiana, Holmes insists that it was all innocent, girly, good times.

"We got to talk like women talk, and we talked about our children, and we talked about the movies, different experiences, arts, Latifah's music. It was just nice," she said.

"I think when you hear Diane speaking about her experiences and what she's interested in, and when she’s listening, she listens to you, she's really a great friend, so you walk away being inspired and you want to be more like her. It's been great, really great."

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