Kendra Wilkinson is getting ready to bunny-hop into married life and leave Hef and her Playboy livelihood behind. But while most parents might have concerns about their little one having even dated an 83-year-old let alone lived with (and shared) longterm love alongside two other busty blondes, Wilkinson’s folks couldn’t have been happier.

"My parents are very proud - my mom is really happy for me that things are going so well. I’m so thankful," Kendra recently told Tarts.

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But despite her perky personality and apparent fearlessness, the "Girls Next Door" girl still "freaks out" a little over the thought of the world being able to flip open the men's magazine and see her naked.

"If you do the math, you only see a good 3-5 minutes of me in an episode, and I’m generally clothed, but you can have a magazine lying around forever and open it up and see me totally naked," Wilkinson said, adding that she gets scared just thinking about people scrutinizing her "personal places."

Ever since the 23-year-old announced her readiness to move on from the iconic mansion a couple of months ago, there has been talk of her hosting shows, and she’s reportedly inked a deal to appear in a series of Marc Ecko lingerie ads. So while she is more-than-ready to bounce into the biz, the glam gal would rather be behind the lens.

"I have no regrets coming to the Mansion and doing the show, I’ve had so much fun through the years and seasons and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved," she told Tarts. "Being here has opened my eyes to so many opportunities, now I can really dream. But I’m scared of the entertainment business, I’m scared of being around all these people. I just hope I can get a behind-the-scenes job."

Olsen’s Get Peeved at Protesters

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen experienced a little more madness then expected when they arrived at Westwood Borders on Wednesday evening to promote their new coffee table collection "Tribute." Dozens of PETA protesters lined the streets in "Trollsen" inspired masks with signs that read "Hairy Kate & Trashley" and "Hags From Hell" in a bid to bring attention to Olsen’s fur-wearing ways.

We’re told the former "Full House" hotties arrived early to the event and opted to wait upstairs, which meant that under no circumstances were customers allowed to venture beyond the first floor. Although in the wake of the media outcry from the "rules" that were posted up at their recent Borders signing in New York, there was no such thing this time around.

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The actresses-turned-authors were all smiles while sitting before their fans, but were less-than-impressed as they left the venue. Apparently the gals were screeching at the protesters to "get out of the way" and appeared quite distressed as they were ushered into their waiting SUV.

A few, ah, reformed fans, even told Tarts that after being won over by the masked mob, they wanted to return their books, but were informed that once they’d left the store that was it - no going back inside.

"The Olsens haven’t scheduled any more signings that we know of," a rep for the animal rights organization said. "But if they do, there is a good chance we’ll be there."

Nicole Richie's Awkward Reunion With Rachel Zoe

Star-studded stylist Rachel Zoe shot to fame in 2003 by perfecting Nicole Richie's boney boho look, and quickly becoming her BFF. But things turned sour in late 2006 when the two had a falling out and Richie gave Zoe the flick, sparking speculation that Zoe may have played a prominent role in the former "Simple Life" starlet's then-dangerously thin body.

Two years on and we're told the two had barely even exchanged a glance let alone a word, until they bumped into each other at Wednesday's opening of the first-ever Alberta Ferretti store.

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Just as Zoe had finished posing for pics on the red carpet, she stepped inside and the first person she looked up and saw was her ex client. The two hesitated awkwardly for a few moments before Zoe made the first move and embraced Richie. It didn't take too long for the ladies to warm up to one another in the unexpected reunion, but when it came to posing for photos together, that was most definitely a no-no.

Just as the glamorous gathering was coming to a close and other big-wig attendees like Lucy Liu, Ali Larter, Emmy Rossum and Nicky Hilton were out by the valet, the street was suddenly blocked off by protesters contesting the recent passing of Prop 8 in California which meant these in-demand divas couldn't get their cars for a good forty minutes. But rather then complaints everyone joined in the cheering and showed their support for the gay and lesbian community.

Crying for Attention? Shanna Moakler Upset About Being Pap-Free

She was Miss USA 1995, but now Shanna Moakler has taken on the oh-so heavy duty of being the "Celebrity Spokesperson" for the Miss California 2009 Pageant. The 33-year-old and more than 50 sash-wannabes (who will compete for the coveted crown in Palm Springs next weekend) all attended the opening of the Imperial Planet Store in Los Angeles last week.

However, we hear Ms. Moakler was pretty peeved about there being no paps lurking around outside the store to snap her, and even gave her two cents worth to an event organizer for not giving them the tip-off.

Moakler hit headlines in September following her ex-hubby Travis Barker’s plane accident when it was suggested her traumatic visit to the hospital in Georgia was staged as a photo op. Pics surfaced of the former beauty Queen leaving Joseph M. Still Burn Center, although Travis later claimed that he was never visited by his former flame.

Drew Barrymore's Mystery Man?

Hip-hoppin' hottie Eve celebrated her 30th Birthday in style on Friday night at swanky new West Hollywood Italian restaurant, Murano's.

Eve attempted to keep the milestone birthday low-key with just an intimate group of pals (including stylist to the stars Jessica Pastor and hairstylist Ken Paves), noshing on signature dishes and sipping cocktails, until restaurant owner Chris Paciello insisted on playing a video loop of Eve's 15-year career for the packed place to watch.

After shrieking with embarrassment, Eve was comforted by good friend Drew Barrymore who stopped by with a new dark and handsome mystery man. The two kept a low profile and snuck in and out the back-door to avoid being snapped together.

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