As the daughter of Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson certainly has genetics in her favor — but after topping People magazine's 25 Most Beautiful List this year, Hollywood's golden girl is starting to feel a little uncomfortable with her knockout status.

"It’s totally weird and yet it’s an honor at the same time," Hudson told Pop Tarts at Monday's Hollywood premiere of "My Best Friend's Girl." "At first you think it's really cool, and then you’re like, what is this, that’s so weird ... it’s really weird."

At just 27, Hudson has already been married to (and divorced from) rocker Chris Robinson. Since the divorce, she has been romantically linked to high-profile stars like Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong and Dax Shepard. But despite her relationship failures, the "Almost Famous" starlet still believes in true love — although keeping it going is the challenging part.

"I would hope initially it would come super-natural and be easy, but you always have to work in a relationship," Kate said. "I had a friend who said to me that when it comes time to work you've got to be an adult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t screw up, it doesn’t mean you can’t be childish. But when it comes time to actually do the work, you've got to grow a little bit, so there’s always a time in a relationship where you've got to work at it, but it shouldn’t be too hard."

Kate's starring role in the upcoming comedy "My Best Friend's Girl" is quite the departure from the all-American sweethearts she typically plays, as she pushes boundaries with her raunchy and racy behavior.

"Kate pushes the envelope, which is great because if you know Kate, you know that she’s willing to go to these places, she's full-on," co-star Jason Biggs said. "She crosses that line and she hangs out there for the whole movie, and it’s actually really, really funny."

Fellow star and funnyman Dane Cook thinks Hudson even outdid his efforts.

"She's so available and comedically is just right there, I don’t think she realizes [it]. I’m a person who’s worked at comedy for 18 years and sometimes she’ll do things so effortlessly," Cook said, adding that Kate just "comes up" with funny things that would take him a week and a half of brainstorming.

Bette Midler Mocks Madonna

Madonna recently made an odd YouTube video promoting her single "Four Minutes" in which she stampedes around her home with a vacuum cleaner while her duet with Justin Timberlake plays in the background. She also swears at her fans and tells them to "clean up after themselves."

Click to watch.

This week, fellow icon Bette Midler posted her own parody video to promote her upcoming album "Jackpot: The Best Bette," which drops on Sept. 23.

Putting on a faux British accent, Midler too poses with a vacuum cleaner while making fun of Madge’s expressions — and she even takes a dig at adoption.

Click to watch.

Eva 'Not Allowed' to Get Pregnant

Despite all the murmurs that Eva Longoria Parker has a bun in the oven, insiders that work around her Tex-Mex ovens at her Hollywood restaurant Beso told Pop Tarts that she simply isn’t allowed to have a baby.

"Eva is definitely not pregnant. She is committed to a lot of different promotional things for Beso so she just can’t afford to get pregnant for at least another year," an inside source said, adding that they are currently in talks to start a Beso branch in Greece.

The "Desperate Housewives" star addressed the topic again last week on French TV show Le Grand Journal.

"I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat," she exclaimed.

Michelle Monaghan on Pregnancy Cravings, Billy Bob Talks Addiction

While many pregnant women say they crave foods like chocolate, peanut butter and pickles, actress Michelle Monaghan has been hungering for something healthier.

"Fruit — I’m not a big fan and never ate it before," she told Pop Tarts at the Hollywood premiere of "Eagle Eye" on Tuesday night. "But our house is like a fruit stand right now. Can’t get enough."

Speaking of addictions, co-star Billy Bob Thornton is no CrackBerry junkie. Thornton said he stays away from technology and focuses on other obsessions.

"I’m addicted to living and being there for my kids, making music and stuff like that," he said.

Just don’t put Thornton anywhere near anything antique — the ex-hubby of Angelina Jolie has said that he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and has a strong phobia of "old stuff" like furniture, cutlery and harpsichords.

Let's hope he survived the premiere without too much heartache — after all, Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater was built in 1922 and features ancient décor of early Chinese and Egyptian times.

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