Pop Tarts: Jessica Simpson Cracks the Whip

Jessica Simpson will forever be perceived as the sexy babe from Texas who eats tuna — or is it chicken? It turns out, however, that when she's in business mode, she's more bossy than she is "blonde."

"Jessica is incredibly authoritative — she approves and disapproves every little button and zipper," a rep for her personal clothing line told Pop Tarts at the Magic Clothing convention in Vegas this week. "No matter what her schedule is like, Jess attends every showing and definitely keeps us on our toes. She doesn't mess around."

Pop Tarts got a sneak peek of her never-before-seen collection of fall '08 coats and oversized bags, all of which ran along the lines of girly and glam — much like the pop princess herself.

"Jessica pays a great deal of attention to the cuts and shapes, in particular," a rep said. "She always questions how it would look on her and asks if it makes her look fat. If it does, it's a no-go. She knows what girls want and how to make everyone look their best."

But while her father, Joe Simpson, is busy managing the music careers of his baby girls, it turns out that mama Simpson stands by the sewing teams.

Pop Tarts has learned that when Jessica is unavailable, Tina Simpson is the next best thing in making all those business/branding decisions — and apparently is just as whip-cracking as that crooning kid of hers.

Speaking of the massive Magic convention (in which thousands of buyers, sellers and trendsetters step into Sin City to plug their upcoming collections), Tarts came across a few, well, "interesting" ideas.

Over at Jenny B Clothing, we spotted some sweet star-inspired tees. "I'm the Love of My Life" is dedicated to Paris Hilton, while Lindsay Lohan gets "Excuse Me, I Have a Bridge to Burn." We even heard that a "Bipolar" print is in production as we speak. No hints on to whom that one might be dedicated...

But we almost stumbled on our stilettos when we came across high heels for toddlers (seriously) who probably can barely walk. Fingers crossed our fave heel-wearing hottie Victoria "Posh" Beckham sticks to having boys.

Pop Tarts also spotted Beyonce in the building plugging her and her mama's line, House of Dereon, while her man Jay-Z did his thing in the show's biggest booth next door for his hot line, Rocawear.

The Hilton hotties were also hard at work wooing buyers to their brand. Paris looked a little tired from her night out on Tuesday, while her little sister's people were stressing big-time because the day already had begun, Nicky was still en route to the show and her clothes hadn't yet found their way from the Big Apple ... oops!

Cavallari Clinging to Hilton

Former "Laguna Beach" babe Kristin Cavallari may not be famous for too much other than socializing, but we give the 21-year-old points for keeping photo ops open by hanging with (or off) Paris Hilton.

Pop Tarts popped Kristin and the Hilton heiress hugging as they hosted the Stash Fashion Show together on Tuesday night at Sin City hotspot LAX.

Cav went all out, however, to show her affection for Paris by hopping on the mic multiple times to wish the older blonde a happy birthday and encourage everyone to come out with them at PURE on Saturday. Sigh.

"Kristin really, really likes and respects Paris," an insider told Pop Tarts. "She even seems to be following in her footsteps as the new perennial partygirl."

Randy Reveals the 'Bro-mance' Between Simon and Ryan

It is no secret that Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest haven't been the best of buddies since "American Idol" kicked off some seven seasons ago. But according to judge Randy Jackson, the problematic pair also share lots of lovin'.

"We each have our own different personalities; yes, the four of us are a very dysfunctional family," the music mogul told Tarts. "Simon and Ryan are continuing their 'Bro-mance,' but underneath the fighting they really do have a good time. We have fun, we're honest, just fun-loving people and music is what we do, so, we're on a great music show."

So Mr. Jackson might be on the biggest talent show the world has ever seen, but things weren't always so perky for the performer/producer.

"Man, I really paid my dues. I told someone the other day, I must have played a million gigs in a million bars for $4 before I made $20 for one," Randy said.

So which audition city was the best this year?

"San Diego was da bomb, dude," he said. "Kids came in and were just blazing hot."

Speaking of blazing hot, it turns out that the squabbling among the judging trio (plus Seacrest) is somewhat seasonal.

"It all depends what day it is," Paula Abdul told Pop Tarts over the weekend. "Sometimes we're friends, sometimes we just can't stand looking at each other. It depends what way the wind is blowing and if the sun is shining."

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