Pop Tarts: Jessica Alba Likes Obama; Paris Confused by Primaries

Jessica Alba is a young woman whose power extends far beyond the Hollywood Hills. In fact, it goes all the way to Capitol Hill as she joins a slew of stars supporting presidential candidates.

"I am leaning toward Obama," Alba told Pop Tarts at the premiere of her new thriller, "The Eye," on Thursday night. "He is pretty incredible!"

But even though Alba is earning big bucks as one of the most in-demand dames in Tinseltown, it turns out she is troubled by the value of her bountiful bank balance.

"The economy is huge — the fact that our dollar is so low is unbelievable," Alba said. "Health care is another big one and, obviously, the war in Iraq."

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Later, Pop Tarts spotted a somewhat sick-with-the-flu Jess hightailing it from the theater just moments after the movie began, and the pre-yummy mommy didn't return for the after-party, either.

According to an insider, the thrill and intensity of the new flick not only caused Alba to suffer nightmares during filming, it also causes "trigger kicking" from her bouncy little bun in the oven when she watches it.

Political Problems: Paris Confused by Primaries?

It appears that Paris Hilton doesn't (shock!) watch the news or read the papers.

Hilton hosted a press day for her new flick, "The Hottie and the Nottie," on Sunday alongside co-star Christine Lakin. But according to our insider, when asked about politics and who she was supporting in the primaries, the hotel heiress didn't seem too sure what was going on.

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"Christine quickly jumped in and responded," said our source. "After the interviewer left, she asked Christine what the primaries were and how many there were, so Christine patiently went through what the process was."

Perhaps our Paris just has other things on her mind — like Valentine's Day. Pop Tarts has confirmed the Hollywood hottie will be in her home-away-from-home (aka LAX nightclub in Las Vegas) to play Cupid at a posh post-V-Day bash next Friday night.

But even though she's single, we don't doubt there will plenty of people lined up to share the love with the former "Simple Life" starlet.

"All I need is a nice card from a guy," Hilton told Pop Tarts on Monday night.

But according to her co-star Lakin, the Hilton heiress isn't so simplistic in real life.

"There is a lot more to Paris than most people know — she isn't a diva at all," Lakin said at "The Hottie and the Nottie" Hollywood premiere. "She really took the role really seriously and even saw an acting coach. She came to the set every day knowing what she was doing and worked hard."

Inside the Oscar Nominees Luncheon

The Beverly Hilton once again played host to the annual Oscar nominees luncheon, where the who's who of Hollywood came out to eat ... and declare their "infidelity."

"I am in love with Ellen Page," "Juno" director Jason Reitman told us. "My wife knows that and she's cool with it."

The director (turned comic) even described their first "date" as the two of them sitting "gleefully" in Page's trailer while she was on a shoot for another film.

"She is incapable of having a dishonest moment," Reitman added.

Such a characteristic prevailed for the 20-year-old nominee when she, too, told us of her affection for the young director.

"I was blown away by the script and I just hit it off with Jason right away," Page said. "But being nominated for an Oscar is ridiculously humbling — hey, it means I might get to do a few more films!"

The Hilton suddenly got hot when a hair-dyed, chest-baring George Clooney cruised inside to talk about the last two weeks he's spent in four war-torn zones trying to make peace.

"When you see people killing for senseless reasons, it puts everything into perspective," the "Michael Clayton" actor said. "It makes you less uptight about being nominated — I just want to have fun. It's nice to be in a suit again."

However, some of his humanitarian hotness must have been sniffed by fellow nominee Amy Ryan, who Pop Tarts heard saying:

"Mmm, I can still smell Mr. Clooney ... it's very nice."

But even before Viggo Mortensen hit the caviar and champagne, the "Eastern Promises" star talked Halle Berry's bare body.

"I didn't mind seeing her naked in 'Monster's Ball' — did you?" he responded when asked whether doing a nude scene improves your chance of winning an Oscar.

Mortensen bares all in the flick but believes the flesh-flashing has much deeper connotations.

"It's more about the emotional nakedness," he said. "It is so well-crafted — the scene tells a story the way it ought to be told."

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