Demi did it. So did Britney and Christina — but don't expect Jessica Alba to show off her baby bump on a magazine cover anytime soon.

Alba has been busted anywhere and everywhere at the Sundance Film Festival in support of her fiance, Cash Warren, for his new flick, "Made in America." But even despite her gorgeous pre-yummy mommy glow, the "Honey" hottie has prohibited photogs from taking pictures of her. So is she nervous about those preggo pounds?

"Jess has always been tiny, so this is all totally new to her," an insider told Pop Tarts. "She refuses to pose and is extra careful to not be photographed at all at this point in time. It just isn't something she feels comfortable with right now."

But even with a bustling belly, Alba still made the most of the Sundance social scene. Pop Tarts popped the future parents partying into the early hours on Saturday and Sunday at the MySpace/Tao nights, but Warren had to shine in the spotlight solo as Jess refused to be snapped.

However, the "Fantastic Four" star made one exception. She spent ages beading a bracelet for a child in need at Marnie Rocks "Beading Cancer" at Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge. And she even smiled for a snapper while holding up the creation.

But will Alba be the next Madonna or Angelina Jolie? She is said to have expressed her desire to have a bunch of biological and adopted children, asking lots of questions about how to go about it.

New Couple Alerts: Dunst and Hartnett, Hilton and Leto?

Hmmm ... it seems Sundance isn't only a festival for new films, because new couples are cropping up everywhere.

What once was just a Hollywood hotspot, Hyde Lounge at Village at the Yard is now the place for a little lovin' in Park City.

It appears as though all those romance rumors about Rihanna were bogus, or at least they're old news, because Pop Tarts was told that the very calm and collected "August" star Josh Hartnett and Kirsten Dunst were caught getting cozy together at the nightspot over the weekend.

However, Paris Hilton also made more than just mischief at Hyde — she reportedly made out with Jared Leto at the luxe lounge.

'Hills' Hottie: Patridge Promotes Her New Man

Speaking of star-studded kisses, someone else has a new man. Audrina Patridge may not have a film at the festival, but we are proud to announce that she has a purpose for popping through Park City.

Aside from the films, festivities and freebies, it seems she is also here to put a little focus on her brand new beau, Bernard Steinmann.

The trendy twosome twirled through the Boost Mobile Lounge on Main Street at a time when the venue was at a full capacity and totally crazy.

However, there was no diva behavior on Patridge's part. The reality star sweetly waited in line to pick out her presents, passing time by getting very passionate with Bernard.

Pop Tarts popped the pair getting very, very hot at Hyde on Monday night, sipping each other's drinks and getting down on the dance floor.

Ray Romano Gets Stood Up, Luke Wilson Left Waiting and the Hiltons Turn Into Twins?

Don't call him an actor — he refers to himself as a comedian only. Pop Tarts popped Ray Romano romping into his Park City press junket on Monday, only to be told that his "The Last Word" co-star Wes Bentley bumped him due to "sickness."

Was Wes doing the town a little too much the night before? Hmmm.

Pop Tarts, however, has been told that the bidding war between the big-wigs for Romano's first not-so-funny flick has already begun...

Pop Tarts was also was told that "Henry Poole Is Here" star Luke Wilson was left lingering with the commoners at "Teddy's" in Park City earlier this week.

Well, even if you are Wilson — when a spot reaches maximum capacity, you gotta wait your turn. But our spy says that Luke didn't seem to care and didn't give the standard "Don't you know who I am?" speech. According to staff at a super-busy restaurant on Main Street, they are all "totally over" that phrase which has been "overplayed" in Park City this week.

Speaking of slight overexposure, Nicky Hilton was previously thought of as the "quiet one"; however, of late she certainly has been extending herself socially. The younger Hilton has been popped by Pop Tarts partying anywhere and everywhere with the pap-popular Paris in Park City, even dressing the same.

These days, the sisters even slurp the same stuff. An insider at the MySpace Cafe at The Lift told Pop Tarts that the siblings have been surviving on the same order of chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese and fries day in and out ... but while the tiny Tinseltown twosome may be joined at the hip, it definitely doesn't go to their hips.

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