She may recently have retired from making porn pictures, but Jenna Jameson still is the star of a saucy new horror flick, "Zombie Strippers."

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"There are so many political undertones in this film, which is actually what drew me to it, so I intend to send a copy to Bill O'Reilly, who I really love," the itty-bitty blonde told Pop Tarts.

But despite the ultra-blonde exterior and an interesting history in the "adult" industry, Jenna wants you to know there is much more to her than, er, skills between the sheets.

"My whole life has been a series of surprises — people always expect to meet this ultra-vixen who is going to breeze around with 10 men in straps," she said. "People always think they have to tiptoe around me, which is strange. I’m actually very normal."

Speaking of normalcy, the 34-year-old wants junior Jamesons and feels fabulous with her flat chest.

"I am definitely on the road to having kids in the next few years; I think these days it is widely accepted to have been in the porn industry or to have danced, so that won’t affect my children," she said.

"Removing my implants was a very personal thing for me — I just didn’t feel comfortable anymore and I wanted to feel normal. My advice to all the women out there that are thinking about getting a boob job really is to wait a year, because in five years you probably won’t want them."

Jameson says she initially entered the porn world because she "saw an opportunity for a woman to really succeed."

"It was an industry where women had no power at all, so I went in there with a list of demands," she said. "I’ve always been so sexually open; I’m a feminist so it’s always been incredibly empowering for me to do what I want without letting other people’s judgment affect me."

How Simon Lured Brad Pitt for 'Idol Gives Back'

Hollywood is full of surprises, and the special friendship between Simon Cowell and Brad Pitt is yet another of them. So what strings did the "American Idol" judge pull to make sure Pitt was present for Sunday’s taping of "Idol Gives Back"?

"Tonight has a lot of different emotions to it — what’s great is that everybody’s here," host Ryan Seacrest told Pop Tarts backstage. "It's one of the biggest shows of the year. Simon made a call to Brad Pitt."

But, oh, did we miss the memo stating these two were best buddies?

"I told him I'd play tennis with him on a particular day, but in return he agreed to come on the show," Cowell quickly explained.

But let’s not allow Simon to get all the credit — the star-studded turn-out certainly was a team effort. Ryan assured us he called Miley Cyrus, and Randy said he dialed Mariah Carey's digits (but Simon argued and said he texted her first). Randy also took some credit for Pitt’s appearance.

"Bear in mind that people say I’m the black Brad Pitt, so that probably has something to do with why he came," he said. "We look very alike." Ah, right.

But for Fergie and Reese Witherspoon, no arm-twisting was necessary. They both jumped at the opportunity to "give back."

"The second I was asked to do this, it was a no-brainer for me. I watch the show every week," Fergie said. "I just know that they raised $76 million last year. That's such a huge impact for a two-hour show to raise that much money."

She continued: "I've toured to a lot of different countries, and for me, I've seen it first-hand. I've been to different places, different orphanages, and I've seen what's out there."

Witherspoon’s approach, however, was to tackle the trauma in our own backyard.

"They called me about being on 'Idol Gives Back' and immediately I knew I had to do this. I think we see so much about children living in poverty overseas, but just to know that it's in our own neighborhoods, it's right down our streets, that these are lives that immediately touch our own is really heart-wrenching," she said. "So helping these children receive proper education can change entire communities — it can change our country."

Paris Is 'In Love'

She has been on the arm of anyone and everyone from "Backstreet Boy" Nick Carter to shipping heir Stavros Niarchos to fashion model Jason Shaw. But it seems Paris Hilton has (finally) found a long-lasting lover.

Hilton declared on her MySpace blog this week that "life has never been better" and that she is so "in love" with her Good Charlotte squeeze, Benji Madden.

"It's so much fun going to their shows every night," she wrote. "I know all the songs by heart."

In a recent conversation with the hotel heiress, she told us that her relationship with the rocker was "so special" and caught her totally by surprise.

"He's very supportive of everything," Hilton said. "We've been friends a long time and, of course, Nicole [Richie] is like my sister, so it's so strange everything has worked out like this."

Richie, of course, is Benji's twin bro Joel's girlfriend and mother of their child, Harlow; however, neither Benji nor Nicole will have a say when it comes to choosing a "Best Friend Forever" in her new MTV reality show.

"They might make an appearance, who knows?" Hilton hinted. "But the decision is something I will make totally on my own."

But one thing is for sure: Paris certainly can break hearts — and careers.

Last year, Australian surfer/fashion designer Tyler Atkins told numerous publications that he was dating the party girl, but left her for someone "better in bed." But according to those close to Hilton, "nothing happened" and Tyler simply was an attention-seeker.

"Hilton didn't take it lying down," the insider added. "His label is down the tubes, she made sure it was removed from all the hip places like Kitson and she'll make sure it stays that way."

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