While most Americans spent Tuesday night either smiling or sobbing over Obama’s election as the 44th president of the United States, Hulk Hogan was taking his 18-year-old son Nick (and one of his male pals) out and about in Las Vegas.

Nick Hogan recently spent 166 days behind bars after pleading no contest to charges of reckless driving in an accident that left his close friend, John Graziano, critically injured. But clearly young Hogan is making up for lost time. Pop Tarts spies spotted the reality TV stars checking into Sin City’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (they’re booked until Friday) and are poised to make an appearance at SEMA, an automotive trade show.

But according to an insider, the "Hogan Knows Best" father has gone to extra lengths to make sure his son stays out of trouble by having staff book Nick a standard room right beside his VIP executive suite. There is even a mysterious man (believed to be a parole officer) lurking around them at all times.

"Hulk made a big point of saying that this was a relaxing getaway and that Nick will be taking it easy and won’t be partying," said our source. (Well, we certainly hope by now that Nick has learned the lesson that being underage and alcohol isn’t a good combination.)

But Nick isn’t allowing his post-pokey profile to shield him away from the limelight as he reportedly pranced around the hotel happily posing for pictures, signing autographs for fans and flirting with the hot young ladies that came his way. Even though daddy was all-smiles, it sounds as though the year of family drama is taking its toll.

"I’m pretty vulnerable right now, I’ve been beat up so bad of late I would probably be pretty easy to take down," the former WWE champ told Tarts, but in next breath hinted that if he pulled himself together and got in shape he might very well come out of-retirement.

As for his son’s negligent car crash that has left "best friend" Garrison in a vegetative state — it seems as though Hulk believes it really was no "accident".

"There are no accidents, God has a plan that unfolds just as he wants it," Hulk said.

Gimme More! Bad Britney on Best Behavior

At this time last year, Britney Spears had just lost custody of her kids and spent Halloween night crazily running around Los Angeles in a pink leotard with her not-so-nice posse, so we’re proud to announce that this year, she upgraded to attending Drew Barrymore’s Private Halloween Party at her Hollywood Hills home. We’re told Brit was the best-behaved A-lister in attendance (despite her evil-looking outfit which consisted of a big witch hat, a black wig and black lace dress) and was about the only guest who refused to touch even a sip of booze.

According to our source, Spears seemed pretty shy and stayed in close proximity to her party-lovin’ William Morris agent Jason Trawick and cousin Laura Lynn Covington, whose mother (Brit’s Aunty) passed away just prior to all the crazy behavior last year. Other guests included Jason Bateman, Dustin Hoffman, Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio (mind you, Leo apparently also told Heidi Klum’s peeps in New York that he’d make it to her bash) as well as Kate Beckinsale and Eve.

But seriously, what’s with celebs donning matching costumes? First of all Kate Hudson and a few of her friends sported the same stewardess get-up at her party last week, then Ali & Dina Lohan went out as cats together while Katie Holmes and daughter Suri were seen in pumpkin-inspired dresses. Now we’re told Drew Barrymore and Marley Shelton wore tribute costumes from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film "The Birds." Is this yet another indication of actors being so insecure that they can’t look silly alone?

Paris Hilton Actually Voted

Paris Hilton took time out of her oh-so-hectic schedule as a socialite/reality star to head to the polls (in a tight black dress) and vote on Tuesday.

Click for a pic.

But even despite her dedication to her own "Paris for President" campaign the blonde babe didn’t seem too disappointed that her name like, wasn’t on the ballot.

"I would start by painting the White House pink if I was elected," an (obviously) disillusioned Paris told Tarts.

Other celebs spotted having their say on election day included fellow hotel heiress Nicky Hilton, Ryan Phillippe, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hilary Swank, Heidi Klum, Pete Wentz, Ron Livingstone, Kim Kardashian, Brittny Gastineau, Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Panettiere .

Married couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner went their separate ways (Ben was spotted voting in Santa Monica while his very pregnant and glowing wife (Click for a pic) was busy ticking boxes in Brentwood while lovers Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson made a date out of it in Los Angeles, as did Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera (typically, the "Dirrty' diva turned heads in a sheer top with red lips).

Click for a pic.

Across the coast Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick waited in the long lines in NYC as polling partners with their son.

But for all the hoopla Heidi Montag went thru endorsing John McCain and then by creating a paparazzi pandemonium when she registered to vote at the Santa Monica DMV a few months back, it was strange she and beau Spencer Pratt were nowhere in sight on Tuesday. "The Hills" co-star and "Declare Yourself" supporter Lauren Conrad also passed up on the public pap photo op (L.C only goes out when she is paid big-bucks) although our spies did see Lauren "Lo" Bosworth voting in Los Angeles. Hmmm, let’s just hope the rest of the highly-opinionated Hollywood stuck to their word and at least filled out an absentee ballot. …

Exclusive: Man Spends $36,000 on Politician Dolls

Over 1.1 million page views later, Pop Tarts can officially announce that the winner of all four presidential Cabbage Patch Dolls was John Danieli, CEO of The Computer Merchant. Ltd. which is a computer staffing company headquartered in Massachusetts with over 6,000 employees.

As a former Marine, Danieli was inspired to take home both the Democratic and Republican nominees in the Ebay auction due to the Marine Toys for Tots charity tie-in. Palin was the popular vote and was snapped up for $19,000 while Obama came in at $8,400, McCain at $6,000 and Biden at $3,550.

The proud winner plans display the highly sought-after souvenirs in his office and hopes that the candidates will agree to autograph their respective doll, thus he can re-sell the signed dolls (for a much higher price we’re sure) and donate the proceeds to St. Judes Children’s cancer research.

Yet when it comes to revealing which party scored the big spender's vote, well he preferred to keep that one quiet.

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