While her Beverly Hills home was on heat with Halloween festivities on Friday, Holly Madison was getting hot and heavy with her new beau Criss Angel in the city of ultimate sins.

The "Mindfreak" magician joined forces with Cirque du Soleil for the super-spooky premiere of CRISS ANGEL Believe at Luxor Las Vegas and the twosome took to the black carpet arm-in-arm.

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According to sources, Hugh Hefner's former flame and Angel (who has previously been linked to Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears and the reigning Miss Nevada Veronica Grabowski) have been dating for several months — but now its really getting serious.

"They're perfect for each other, Criss just adores her," said our insider, adding that Holly hasn't been this happy in a long time and often makes quick trips to Vegas to spend time with her man.

The pair partied the night away afterward on the pool deck a slew of other stars such as Justin Long, Paula Abdul, Neil Patrick Harris, Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan before hitting up popular club LAX. According to an eye witness, the duo couldn't keep their hands off each other and made no secret of their blossoming relationship. Angel even went so far as to give Holly a shout-out at the end of the evening, commenting on how beautiful and special she was before thanking the Playboy model for being on his "Mindfreak" show.

But while Miss Madison has been busy lapping it up with her new love, we're told Hef's new twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon are already causing chaos in the Mansion. Apparently all hell broke lose at last weekend's Halloween bash as Hef's playmates are unhappy with his new 19-year-old lovers and even at the wildest party of the year, he had to tell at least one of them to behave.

While in the VIP section, one of the troublesome (underage) twins was reportedly embarrassingly intoxicated and loudly instructed the waiter to bring her more booze, prompting Hef to pull her aside and insist that she settle down. Hmmm, sounds more like a father/daughter relationship or shall we say err, grandfather.

Meanwhile the men's magazine mogul took quite a liking to the Cycle 10 winner of "America's Next Top Model" who also attended the party, plus-size beauty Whitney Thompson. Apparently Hef was in-shock over her uncanny resemblance to the late Anna Nicole Smith and even made several attempts to introduce her to Smith's ex, Larry Birkhead (although Thompson declined.)

Heidi Montag Has It Out With "Her Boss"

No, not the producers of "The Hills" — we're talking about Brent Bolthouse, the Hollywood nightlife guru that Heidi Montag is supposed to be employed by. Well if she ever really did work for him, then it doesn't look as though she will be for long.

With the reality TV cameras rolling, Montag and her boss were busted having it out with a solid screaming match on the rooftop of Hollywood club The Kress at last week's Ultimate Vodka Launch. Things got so heated that the event organizers even had to intervene and usher some guests away from the firing line.

Clearly Miss Montag has been spending too much time on her other career focuses (aka triple-figure endorsement deals, party appearances, a top TV show) and has let her path as a party planner slip to the side. Shame.

Heids was reportedly reduced to tears (we hear Bolthouse gave her the flick) and (of course) her beau Spencer Pratt had to get involved and jump to her defense. Although we're sure Montag's tears will be short-lived - after all she makes like, $25,000 per episode and a few thousand everytime she makes turns up at a bash for a few minutes.

Inside Heidi Klum's Halloween Hoorah: Pink Gets a Complex, Alba Goes Blonde

Heidi Klum kept up tradition on Friday night by hosting her annual spook fest at Big Apple hotspot One OAK. While the soiree wasn't quite as scary as last year (Britney Spears showed up amid her breakdown in a leopard-skin bikini) it drew a fun flock of a famous people and people who well, at least dressed up as someone famous. (We saw a very interesting "Anderson Cooper" in short, tight lycra bikeshorts, a promiscuous "Palin" and plenty of masked "Wacko Jacko's").

Punk princess Pink cruised around as a clown (and was overheard complaining that she was too short standing next to super-tall supermodel Klum) while Jessica Alba attempted to go incognito in a long blonde wig as she and beau Cash Warren (in an afro) sipped some strong cocktails with BFF Jamie King until the wee hours of the morning.

Of course, the belle of the ball was Heidi herself who went all-out as a Hindu Goddess with 6 arms (each carrying swords) severed heads and jewels while her man Seal was a tribal King complete with a braided goatee and some hair on that normally bald head.

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Down the road, Pop Tarts scooped in a (slightly) more civilized affair being held by the Accompanied Literacy Society in honor of Edgar Allan Poe. "Sweet Home Alabama" star Josh Lucas did a cold read of "Lady Irene" for the select group of stars and socialites (while donning a blue wig) after being stood up by former "Friend" David Schwimmer.

We're told Schwimmer had agreed prior to the event to also read but "got nervous" and piked at the last minute. Schwimmer was even too shy to sport a costume for the stylish Halloween soiree — talk about actors and their insecurities!

Palin Winning the Presidential Patch

While many may have their doubts as to whether the GOP can pull thru to win this week's Presidential Election, one thing is for sure: VP hopeful Sarah Palin is blitzing the eBay Cabbage Patch Kids Presidential Auction.

The auction (which closes Election Day) only went live on Thursday but the Alaskan Governor-inspired doll has already drawn 88 bids and is sitting at $9,600 while Obama remains a distant second at $2,650 with 68 bids. McCain is coming third $1,525 (45 bids) while Biden's value is $710 (42 bids).

So it seems as though most kids want to squeeze and snuggle with a Republican as 55% of the total bids placed have been for the McCain/Palin team.