We always knew Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell was cheeky, but we just weren’t aware quite how cheeky as the sexy songstress left very little to the imagination while attending the BAFTA British Academy Children’s Awards in London over the weekend.

From the front Halliwell appeared every inch the prim and proper pop princess with her soft curls and ruffled red dress, but the backside was another story. Thanks to a gust of wind while posing for pics on the red carpet, the 36-year-old exposed her bare bottom at the otherwise family-friendly event.

Click For Pics (Warning: Content May Offend)

According to an eyewitness, quite a commotion was made among the photogs but the mama did her best to brush it off and scurried inside to schmooze with the likes of Sienna Miller and Keira Knightly (who arrived together) as well as Gemma Arterton and Danni Minogue.

Report: Pussycat Doll Stirs Fist Fight at L.A Club

You can catch the Pussycat Dolls performing at staple West Hollywood club The Viper Room over the next few weeks, but it seems their launch last week boogied off on a bad note and was a little more diva-like then it was dance-like.

The burlesque-inspired troupe performed just one song (their current hit “When I Grow Up”) and immediately after we’re told lead doll Nicole Scherzinger ran off stage in a huff. According to an inside source, Scherzinger’s pals made comments about her performance and the sound being off and she immediately gave the sound manager her two cents worth.

“It’s one of her pet peeves,” a pal told Tarts. “The sound guy then got upset with a coordinator at the venue and a full fist fight later broke out.” Ouch.

Reps for The Viper Room and Scherzinger did not respond for comment.

Even though the songstresses are known internationally for their super sexy style and for getting down and dirty singing such things as “Girl, there ain’t no pain in me looking at your …” and “I know I’m on your mind, I know we’d have a good time…” it seems they are attracting a particularly young following.

“We look out at the audience and all these little girls know the song and their singing and their dancing. We even have had little girls come back stage and tell us their stories about how they've been inspired by us and helped them get through,” member Jessica Sutta recently told Tarts while promoting their new album “Doll Domination”.

Scherzinger added they are “so proud” of their super-young fan base.

“We're girls just like everyone else who had a dream. When we grew up we wanted to sing and we wanted to do this. We followed our hearts and we worked really hard for it and when you say that we've grown stronger and the strength comes from confidence,” she said.

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Bridget Marquardt Teased Growing Up

It looks as though Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend and Bridget Marquardt has come along way since her highschool days where she wore the brunt of bitchy female bullying.

“I always dressed a little crazy and I wasn’t popular at all,” she recently told Tarts. “I really understand how that feels (to be heavily teased).”

And it seems Marquardt is going to miss all the lurks and perks that her men’s mag beau provided when she bunny-hops out into the real world, but at this stage she is still a resident of the iconic mansion.

“It would hard to live anywhere else,” she said, adding that they are “very spoilt” due to the 24-hour kitchen, housekeepers, gymnasium and the overall luxe lifestyle of Hef’s not-so-humble home.

Demi Lovato’s Dallas Cowboys Pay Back

“Disney” dame Demi Lovato made her way from Hollywood and back to her Texan roots to sing the national anthem for the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game against Seattle, but she’s not the first Lovato to draw attention center-field.

“My mom was a cheerleader for the Cowboys and obviously I’m not so this is my way of paying her back,” she told Tarts.

But while the “Camp Rock” sensation certainly shows maturity well beyond her tender 16 years, the starlet also admitted that she actually does slightly less grown-up things when she goes home as well.

“I like to find deserted playgrounds and run around at night,” she added. Hmmm…