It’s no secret that Beyonce has been donning designer furs for several years, and she even used fur in her fashion line House of Dereon. However, it seems as though the hip-hoppin’ hottie has had a change of heart.

Beyonce was ambushed by PETA back in 2006 when they sneakily won an eBay auction to wine and dine with her New York City. The confrontation ended when the animal rights activists pulled out a DVD to demonstrate how animals are skinned alive in an attempt to change an angry B's fur-wearing ways.

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However, two years on, Beyonce is Jay-Z ’s wife, though she hasn't admitted it yet — and Pop Tarts has been told exclusively that PETA has been part of the surprise celebration.

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After monitoring (or perhaps stalking) the sexy starlet every day throughout the winter, the organization never once spotted her wearing fur, motivating PETA Senior VP Lisa Lange to send the newlyweds a throw blanket from the ultra-luxe faux fur maker Fabulous Furs.

"From all of us at PETA, we wish you much happiness in your life together. Please accept this faux-fur throw with many good wishes and a hope from us that together, you’ll be a fur-free couple!" Lange wrote in the congratulatory card obtained by Pop Tarts.

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"Time will tell if Beyonce is truly committed to being fur-free, but all indications are that she’s become a real ‘Dreamgirl’ for fur-bearing animals," Lange said.

Who knows, we may just see her "go naked" rather than wear fur sometime soon. But even if Beyonce goes bare, we can't help but think most eyes will still be drawn to that reported big ring on her finger. Beyonce was reportedly busted out and about in Atlanta this week, rocking out at her hubby’s concert with one HUGE rock.

But while her bling may be big, the wedding certainly was not. According to People magazine, the secret ceremony on April 4 only had 40 attendees (including Gwyneth Paltrow) and was an extremely "spiritual" event with "lots of crying."

The reception was reportedly decorated with 70,000 white orchids while the "beautifully orchestrated" first dance between the newlyweds triggered even more tears.

Well, it does certainly sound as though Mrs. Z got to be more than just a "Dreamgirl"... she was able to live out something most of us can only fantasize about. Sigh.

Randy and Simon Blame Michael Johns' Copycat Behavior for His Elimination

Australia's "American Idol" Michael Johns was given the boot Thursday night, but according to Simon Cowell, it all came down to his inability to "be himself" on stage.

"Eight weeks ago, Johns was one of the guys we thought would be in the finals, so it goes it show no one is safe," Cowell told us while agreeing with Randy's opinion that Johns didn't really make it "his own" and stuck to "copying the original" in singing "Dream On."

But Paula Abdul said it was Simon's harsh words that lost Johns the vote.

"I am shocked. I’m very shocked. I didn’t expect that one coming," she said. "I blame everything on Simon, it's his fault — he has to have the attention on him."

John Mayer Ignores the Ladies

John Mayer attempted to "sneak" his way into Hollywood hotspot Teddy's for Hennessy's Jazz night just before midnight on Thursday, but when you've got a guitar strapped to your back, it's a little hard to go incognito.

Donning jeans and a sleeveless shirt (those arms!), a super-toned Mayer made his way past the groups of guys not allowed in because of their failure to wear ties (but for someone like John, exceptions are always made!)

"Nah, no girls, I just wanna jam," he said. "I wanna get up there, I need the practice."

(Mind you, Mayer stuck to his word. Plenty of pretty ladies lingered around his table all night but he didn't look twice, and he headed home alone right after his performance without sipping a single drink.)

Apparently, last time John jammed at the jazz night he brought an entourage who ordered bucket-loads of boozy Hennessey Busbys, resulting in him being branded a bit of a drunk — hence his hasty exit.

"I really didn't drink much at all," he answered in response to those reports.

Lohan Peeves Party Peeps

Lindsay Lohan may be a member of AA, but it seems as though she earns an AAA for attitude.

The "reformed" rehabber hit up Hollywood’s hottest nightspot Villa on Wednesday, where she apparently put on quite a performance.

"Lindsay came in with her head down pretending she didn’t want to be noticed," said a fellow party person. "But it’s a small club and she stopped right in the middle where everybody could see her acting all coy."

Word hit the streets that the "Mean Girl" was back in da club, tripling the amount of paps waiting for her to re-emerge. A few fans even showed up with pics of the screen siren they were hoping to have autographed, but they were dissed.

Note to Lohan: if you don't want to be seen, don't get to a place where you have to stumble through heaps of snappers just to get through the front door.

'Catty' Casting Call

Sexy? Check. Stylish? Check. Suggestive? Double-check. If this sounds like you, make your way to Sin City this Sunday.

PURE nightclub inside Caesars Palace is expecting hundreds of "purrfect" party girls to turn out to cat fight for the chance to be a Las Vegas Pussy Cat Doll.

Pop Tarts has been told that the talented troupe is seeking "experienced dancers" (take that however you like) with a "sexy style."

Oh, but it’s not all about your headshot and resume — they also made it clear that having a "great attitude" is equally as important … hmm, right.

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