Rob Lowe's acting career isn't anywhere near as dramatic as the accusations flying back and forth between him, his wife and his former nanny.

Last week, Rob and Sheryl Lowe filed another motion against ex-nanny Laura Boyce, alleging that she broke employment confidentiality, made racial remarks around children and often came to work with bumps and bruises reportedly stemming from an abusive boyfriend.

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But 27-year-old Boyce fired back with a response on Tuesday in which she claims she resigned as she could "no longer tolerate Sheryl Lowe's disgusting racially and sexually offensive behavior."

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Boyce also denied that she used the n-word or discussed her private sexual matters and says instead that it was Sheryl who made comments about her boyfriend's manhood. The ex-nanny also declared that Mrs. Lowe showed off her husband (Rob's) sex toys and even talked about the size of her children's private parts.

Another former nanny, Jessica Gibson, who is also caught up in the court chaos, fully supports Laura's accusations and added that during her employment with the Lowes, she confided in Boyce that Rob was a "pervert" who consistently hit on her.

Gibson stated that a legal letter was sent to the celeb couple in March describing her claims of sexual harassment and unpaid wages, prompting the Lowes to sue her for a confidentiality breach. Gibson immediately cross-complained against them.

Mischa Barton and Josh Hartnett?

They are both Hollywood hotties and they are both strutting single — so it makes sense that Mischa Barton might have a bit of a "thing" for "Black Hawk Down" star Josh Hartnett.

The two were spotted boogying at London’s super-swanky Bungalow 8 club on Monday night, although they arrived separately.

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According to an eyewitness, Hartnett wasn’t paying too much attention to the former "O.C." starlet — until she danced daringly around his table. The two reportedly left together after their night out on the town. ...

Heidi Klum Shows Off Her Booty

Heidi Klum certainly has made a fortune from her beautiful body, and she sent temperatures soaring yet again at New York's Bloomingdale's last week when she showed off that regal rear end.

"I've been showing my booty to everyone, so you have to see it, too!" Klum exclaimed at the in-store event.

The sexy supermodel launched the fall line of her Heidi Klum by Jordache collection with an autograph signing, followed later that evening with a soiree at hotspot Marquee to launch the virtual collection on Stardoll.com.

We're told the Victoria's Secret "Angel" was the center of every party person's obsession and even when she'd left, everyone was lining up to pose for pics next to the life-sized cardboard cutouts.

So as one of the highest paid supermodels, the host of "Project Runway," a fashion designer, a wife and a mother of three, how does Klum cope?

"I love what I do so for me it is very easy, it's not a hard thing to do," she said. "I just design for what I would like to have, and then, things go into production."

Britney Spears Involved in 'Trade Secrets' Controversy

Will Britney Spears ever regain full control of her funds again?

The court-appointed lawyers for the songstress spent 90 minutes in closed chambers at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday morning, discussing issues related to her conservatorship.

Despite the obvious personal and professional progress the pop princess has made recently, the current order remains in place whereby father Jamie and lawyer Geraldine Wyle oversee Brit's finances and estate. However, we're told that the major issue of concern was related to "trade secrets" involving Spears.

"She's doing really well," lawyer Andrew Wallet told Pop Tarts, declining to comment further on the day's proceedings.

But speaking of Britney, her first single, "Womanizer," from her new album is set to hit the airwaves on Monday. Our inside sources say that this is hands-down the best album the starlet has ever recorded.

Kutcher Goes Gossip Girl

Ashton Kutcher never ceases to surprise us. Last week at the TechCrunch50 convention in Los Angeles, Demi Moore's hubby launched a gossip Web site for females.

The interactive, cartoon-based site Blahgirls.com features three young ladies spilling the scoops on the celeb world in, like, teen gal-speak. There’s also an online social networking component that allows the lasses to comment and cry over the stories.

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