Adrienne Bailon apparently wanted to transform herself into a sex symbol — but it sounds as though things went pretty wrong.

Steamy snaps started circulating the internet this week after her laptop was stolen from JFK airport and returned for a $1G ransom — but it turns out it the talk of the naughty photos was all initially a PR stunt.

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Bailon's (now ex) Hollywood publicist/pal Jonathon Jaxson (who only started working with the songstress "as a friend" two weeks ago to help spice up her image) admitted to Tarts that after the laptop was stolen he and the 25-year-old decided to "juice up" the story by saying that "nude pictures could have possibly been stolen."

"Adrienne's tour with Cheetah Girls will be over December 22nd, so she is then free to pursue other projects and wanted to be seen as more adult and sexy," Jaxson said. "So after the laptop was stolen we used it as an opportunity to drum up some publicity and start speculating about nude photos, but we never expected anything to get out."

Oddly enough, Jaxson said that the steamy snaps were actually stolen from the starlet's Sidekick phone (not her laptop) so it's under suspicious circumstances as to how the pics have been made public.

"Adrienne and her boyfriend (Kim Kardashian's younger brother Robert) swear they didn't leak them, but it wouldn't surprise me if Adrienne did."

It's either her or someone very close to her," Jaxson added. "Things are pretty ugly, what should have been an image boost has really turned around and bitten her in the butt."

As for how the teen idol is handling the heat?

"Adrienne has been crying for two days straight, she's on her Cheetah Girls tour right now so she has to explain to her fans and is totally distraught. Her career is in real jeopardy," Jaxson said, adding that they aren't exactly friends anymore and won't be working together in the future.

Speaking of work, we don't expect Bailon to be getting any assistance from her current family-friendly employers in the future either, especially given that it seems she used scandal for self-promotion.

According to a Disney insider, talent contracts have very "tight wording" with regards to maintaining an appropriate code of conduct and somehow we don’t think they’d be happy about one of their tween idols flashing the flesh for her phone camera.

A Disney spokesperson said they were still looking into the situation before issuing a comment. Bailon's (official) rep did not respond to a request for comment on the latest revelations regarding the purported PR stunt.

Sienna Miller's Big Score for Topless Pics

It was a $27,000 payday for Sienna Miller on Tuesday after the actress was snapped a few months ago baring her breasts while cavorting on a yacht with her then-boyfriend, Balthazar Getty. But no, Miller’s bank boost isn’t coming from a men’s magazine — the actress was awarded the "damages" money in an out-of-court settlement with two British tabloids for breach of privacy.

Miller sued the Sun and News of the World over their publication of the intrusive snaps and career-damaging coverage of her relationship with Getty. The tabloids suggested Sienna was a home-wrecker and that she started seeing the father-of-four while he was still with his wife, Rosetta.

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The romance has obviously been a rough ride for the "Factory Girl" star and the unfortunate outcome for Miller is that it is over already.

"I’m single at the moment and I’m completely happy with that," Miller confirmed to Us Weekly on Friday.

Meanwhile, Getty was spotted getting on with his life back in Los Angeles on Monday. The "Brothers & Sisters" star spent the day with two of his children chomping on pizza in the park and looked less than impressed.

Evan Rachel Wood is a Dita Von Teese Wannabe

Evan Rachel Wood and Dita Von Teese are both former flames of Marilyn Manson , but it looks as though Wood is trying a little too hard to actually be the burlesque beauty. The 21-year-old actress arrived at Sunday's Hamilton & Hollywood Life Behind-the-Camera Awards looking lush with her dark hair, porcelain white skin, ruby lips and figure-hugging gold dress — in an image almost exactly like Teese's.

The likeness and style was so similar that one of the evening's honorees, Director McG, actually looked over at Wood when she arrived and said "Dita Von Teese is here, wow ... didn't know she was coming."

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For our part, we think Wood (who presented Albert Wolksky with his award for costume design) should stick to the scripts. The "Across the Universe" starlet blundered nervously during the speech before making the comment that Wolksky was "around before her time." Ouch — he didn't exactly seem pleased she made reference to him being well, older.

But is it possible that the starlet (who only just recently parted ways with Manson) has already moved on? Pop Tarts spotted Joseph Gordon-Levitt inviting Teese (oops, we mean Wood) over to his table where he introduced her to Ryan Philippe and his girlfriend, Abbie Cornish. Levitt and Wood proceeded to drink and dance the night away in very cozy company before leaving the venue together …

Winslet’s Costume Designer Defends Her Curves

In the wake of the Kate Winslet controversy and her outcry at reports she was airbrushed for the latest cover of "Vanity Fair", the event’s honoree Albert Wolksky (who is also the costume designer for Winslet's upcoming screen reunion with Leonardo DiCaprio "Revolutionary Road") has defended her not-stick-skinny body.

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"Kate is a serious actress but she is someone who really cares about what she looks like," he told Tarts at the soiree. "She is not out to be someone that she isn’t, she wants to be herself. She is terrific; Kate's body is terrific to work with."

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