Rock icon David Crosby has now stepped into the bitter battle between Rob and Sheryl Lowe and their former nanny Laura Boyce by filing a declaration in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

Crosby claimed that he and his wife went on a Hawaiian vacation with the Lowes last year and even though this was the first time he had met Ms. Boyce, she informed them that she only dated "black guys" and divulged very intimate details as to why.

Crosby also stated that he often spotted the nanny "talking and giggling" on her cell phone while she was supposed to be on duty.

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In another declaration, Sheryl's close friend Nancy Swift said that she was "horrified" by Boyce's use of "very graphic, vulgar language when she talked about her sex life" and her willingness to discuss very personal details of her relationship with an NBA player as this was only the second time she had met Boyce.

The Lowe children's tutor, Eden Jasiorkowski, also gave her two cents worth by declaring that Boyce used the "N-word in front of the kids."

Rob and Sheryl Lowe filed an objection to their ex-employee's claims that Rob was a "pervert" and that Sheryl made racist comments on the grounds that the accusations against them "lack foundation" and are "speculative."

"The Lowes should have figured out by now that the fact that they are rich and powerful and that they have rich and powerful friends is not going to protect them in this lawsuit," Boyce's attorney told Tarts in response.

Earlier this year, the Lowes sued Boyce and another former nanny, Jessica Gibson, for breach of confidentiality and the two nannies immediately cross-complained against them.

Gerard Butler's Bad Behavior

Gerard Butler is certainly no stranger to the Tinseltown party scene, as Pop Tarts regularly spots the Scotsman out and about — although he insists that he has tamed his wild ways.

"A rocknrolla lives it up, takes risks, enjoys life and that could be in a pretty bad way — we're talking about having some fun with the old sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. I used to be a rocknrolla big time," he told Tarts at the premiere of the Guy Ritchie flick "RocknRolla" in Hollywood on Monday night. "But I just couldn't do it anymore, I burned out. Now I'm just boring. I'm a boring old fart."

Hmmm, we think Butler may have been telling us a little white lie because just a few hours later (in the early hours of Tuesday morning) Butler was departing Hollywood hotspot Crown Bar in his limo when he reportedly got out and punched a pursuing pap several times before kicking the snapper's car.

The photog claims to have gone immediately to the hospital for stitches and then filed a police report. The LAPD are investigating the situation.

Butler's rep did not respond for comment.

Britney's Bad Driving Curse

Britney Spears and wheels are certainly not a comely combination. On Wednesday morning, it was announced by the pop princess's attorney that she rejected a final plea deal that would have placed her on a year's probation and required she pay a $150 fine, stemming from a minor accident in 2007 where she hit a parked car in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley and drove off. At the time, Spears didn't hold a valid Californian license.

Lawyer J. Michael Flanagan believes his client (who did not attend the hearing) should pay no more than $10 for the traffic infraction. The trial is set to begin on Oct. 15.

Ironically, just a few hours after the court date the songstress’s car crashed into a paparazzo's vehicle. Fortunately, Miss Spears has learned from her (many) driving mistakes and actually had her bodyguard behind the wheel.

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At the time of the fender bender, Brit had better things to do — like make a dash into West Hollywood's hip vintage store "Wasteland" to pick up some new shades.

Jamie Lynn's Baby Belly … It's All Hot Air

A very close Spears family friend has shot down reports that 17-year-old Jamie Lynn is pregnant again, just three months after giving birth to daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge. According to a National Enquirer report, Britney's baby sister is 8 weeks pregnant, with the tab saying pals are urging the teen mom to have an abortion.

"I was with Lynne [Spears] all day today and she thinks it's totally ridiculous," the source told Tarts on Wednesday afternoon. "I can tell you that the pregnancy rumor is just that — a rumor. There is no truth to it at all."

A rep for Spears also denied the speculation.

However, it was the Enquirer that initially broke the story of Jamie Lynn's first pregnancy in July 2007 and was later threatened with legal action from her attorney.

"Ms. Spears is not pregnant. It is pathetic for the National Enquirer to attempt to create a wholly baseless 'rumor' that Ms. Spears is pregnant, so it can run a malicious story and false story which would be emotionally devastating to a morally upright 16-year-old girl," the lawyer wrote in a letter to the tabloid publication.

Spears then confirmed to OK! Magazine in November that she was indeed "expecting." Ironically, Britney Spears gave birth to her two boys Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, almost exactly one year apart.

Jamie Lynn's legal team did not respond for comment.

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