Colin Farrell "Freaked" About Playing Heath Ledger’s Role

Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp & Jude Law hit headlines earlier this year when they stepped in to help finish Heath Ledger’s final film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" — but the decision to climb on board and bring to life his good friend’s role was torment for Farrell.

"It was a very difficult decision to make, when I first heard about it I totally freaked at the idea," Farrell told Tarts. "But it was important to get Heath’s work out and doing what I think Heath would have wanted, which was finishing the movie to its entirety."

Just as the decision wasn’t easy for the Irish actor, it wasn’t easy for the film’s existing stars.

"I don’t know how I feel about it," Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer hesitantly told Tarts earlier this year. "Part of me thinks maybe it would be better to leave it be (and not replace Ledger)."

But back to Farrell, the "Pride & Glory" star has also battling a demon of his own — alcoholism. The 32-year-old recently came forth and admitted to the BBC that his addiction almost cost him his life.

"I’m just keeping myself as busy I can with work," he told us. "Trying to behave."

Adrienne Bailon Suing Over Half-Naked Pics

Obviously seeing the public slamming that Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus experienced when their steamy snaps were stolen and exposed wasn’t enough of a warning for Adrienne Bailon to keep her clothes on.

The 25-year-old Disney diva (who dates Robert Kardashian, the younger brother of fellow sex-scandal starlet Kim Kardashian) recently had her very private pics stolen from her laptop at New York’s JFK airport. The computer was anonymously returned to her record label for $1000, but the photos were removed. They have apparently since been shopped around to media outlets, although have not yet surfaced publicly.

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According to Bailon’s rep, the Cheetah Girl intends to sue over the racy incident.

Lindsay Lohan Crying Poor? Not Exactly.

The rumor mill has been churning for quite some time now that Lindsay Lohan is well, no longer the wealthy starlet she was prior to last year's romp into rehab. But it seems the "Mean Girl" isn't exactly short on funds.

Lohan spent the weekend in Sin City and stayed in the most deluxe suite possible in Palms Place — setting her back a steep $10,000 per night. And of course the 22-year-old dined only at the very best, the hotel's swanky sushi spot Simon, where she left quite a generous tip.

After hosting a launch party at PURE on Friday for her new line of leggings, Lohan spent her Saturday getting her groove on at Madonna’s concert before hosting an impromptu Madonna after-party especially for Madge's concert dancers in the Palms Penthouse. Ronson was nowhere to be seen, but we hear Lilo really let her hair down and got down on the dance floor until 4 a.m. ...

Meghan McCain Refuses to Release Photos of Election Night

Ever since John McCain embarked on his path to be President in 2007, his daughter Meghan has been documenting the journey on her blogette Web site, complete with videos and pictures of every rally and every event across the country.

But following her father’s loss last Tuesday, Meghan has refrained from publishing the very personal pictures, as she feels the media may make a mockery of their sad evening.

"My girls, Shannon and Heather, were there filming and taking photographs; however, this is the first time in the history of the blogette that I have decided to keep the documentation for myself and my family and not publish it on the site," Meghan wrote in her latest blog entry. "I hope everyone understands that I don't feel as open to sharing such an emotional night as I once did. It is not that I don't believe our readers would be sensitive to the material, it is that I don't believe that some in the media would."

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The 24-year-old aspiring fashion designer also admitted that she is still trying to figure out what her next step in life will be, but for the moment is content "decompressing" in the illustrious countryside of Sedona, Arizona.

Mischa Barton Lunches With Her On-Screen Lesbian Lover

Donning a strapless feathered dress, Mischa Barton looked every inch a style icon as she made a surprise appearance at Lupus L.A’s 6th Annual Bag Lady Luncheon in Beverly Hills on Friday, hosted by Kim Kardashian's mama Kris.

The former "O.C" starlet (who will forever be remembered for those steamy girl-on-girl good times with Olivia Wilde while playing Marissa Cooper in the hit series) brought an interesting date to the lavish luncheon — another on-screen lesbian lover, Shantel VanSanten, who she gets down and dirty with in the upcoming "You and I."

But when it comes to personal preference, is looks as though Miss Mischa is desperately trying to shed her single status and find a man. Pop Tarts spies spotted the 22-year-old flirting with actor Ryan Gosling as he DJ’d a bash at L.A club Bardot last week. We’re told Mischa spent quite a bit of time hanging around his booth, although we’re told the smiles and laughs wasn’t quite as enthusiastic from Ryan’s end …

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