Well, nobody is going to argue that 2007 was a big year for Lindsay Lohan — and the reformed rehabber made sure it went out with a bang.

Linds originally was booked to do her sinning in Sin City at the popular PURE nightclub, but after her DUI drama, the 21-year-old was relieved of her duties and instead chose to go bella-up in Italy.

Our spy in Capri told us Lohan was going wild on the dance floor as she counted down to a new year, a new start and ... a new man, or shall we say men?

"Lindsay was swarmed by a group of gorgeous Italian men who, of course, charmed her and treated her like she was beyond royalty," our source said. "But there was one guy, in particular, whom she was pretty close to come midnight."

Li-Lo was in the pasta-lovin' land as a Hollywood honoree at the Capri Film Festival and, according to various reports, she has been in amore with a number of locals over the last few days, ranging from Roman waiter Alessandro Di Nunzio to actor Eduardo Costa and even actor Dario Faiella, the son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri.

And is it possible Lohan has gone back to her bad behavior? An X17 source said that the "Bobby" beauty already had spent 500 euros (about $735) on adult beverages, and that was before her New Year's boogying...

While a rehab return probably isn't on the resolution list for Linds, it seems like lots of lovin' certainly is.

"Lindsay is gearing up for a big year and to put the past behind her," an insider told Pop Tarts. "She hasn't had a lot of luck in relationships, so she really wants to find that special somebody who will be able to support her and help her get back on [her] feet for good."

Mischa Barton Goes to the Dogs

Mischa Barton may have made a stopover in the "doghouse" last week when arrested for DUI, but the former soap opera star has been using canine creatures in an attempt to resurrect her ruined public image.

Barton has been busted several times over the last few days bumming in Beverly Hills with her own little dogs as well as giving a few other random pups a pat in the park.

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Barton was booked to do a little more sinning as the host of the CatHouse Club in Sin City for New Year's Eve; however, due to her not-so-mini mishap last week, Mischa had to pull the plug.

And while one would assume that this would have sent the club peeps crazy and crying, according to the New York Post's Page Six gossip column, they were actually pleased to be freed from Barton's diva behavior.

Apparently, Mischa was demanding all sorts of perks (including bringing her beloved dogs to the bar and banning the Hilton sisters) in addition to a $30,000 appearance fee.

Somehow we don't think that she'll be scoring anything similar when she makes an "appearance" in the courthouse in the coming weeks over her West Hollywood arrest. According to an insider, however, it is Mischa's mom and dad who are taking their little girl's gaffe the hardest.

"This whole drama has really caused a tremendous amount of tension for the family, especially given the fact that this really was going to be Mischa's year with several big movies coming out," a source told us. "Last year was difficult, as Mischa's younger sister, Hania, went to rehab, and now for this to happen to Mischa, her parents and family are really struggling."

Biggest in the Big Apple to Get Skinny Star Treatment

Speaking of New Year's resolutions, it turns out that New York City women who weigh over 250 pounds and men who bulge beyond 300 pounds will be blessed with some star-studded stimulation to pop those pounds.

Celeb trainer Joe Maysonet of Manhattan's Printing House Fitness & Squash Club has told Pop Tarts that the doors are open for the obese to sign up free to become flab-free, and he has even enlisted some stars to motivate and mentor the biggest losers.

"The idea is to make New York a healthier New York — that's what we want as fitness professionals," Maysonet said.

Hmm ... so will the thought of possibly having LeeLee Sobieski, Matt Dillon or Jeremy Piven pop by to give someone a one-on-one sweat session be enough of a push to lose the lard?

Queen Latifah Wants to Be a One-Woman Band, and She's Not 'Coming Out'

OK, it is important that celebrities dream big to break it and make it in da biz, but it seems movie/music/merchandise mogul Queen Latifah wants to do something no man nor woman has ever done. This "Dreamgirl" is dreaming of being a band. But all by herself?

"I'm trying to learn drums, and trumpet, and guitar and bass," the star of the new "Perfect Holiday" told FOX. "That would be cool, if I could master all those instruments — right, all at once."

And even though Santa was comin' to town in her new flick, this rhythmic "royal" wasn't expecting any overnight goodies.

"I know people that make those timelines for everything that they do in life and if they don't hit one, they go nuts," she added. "There are people who turn 30 and freak out. I am not that person. I'm the person who jumps off the cliff in Jamaica; I'm the person who wants to snowboard and jet ski and live life to the fullest every day."

Speaking of fullness, it seems our Queen is also leading a life that is pretty close to "Perfect."

"I accept that things will be as they are and I don't put unnecessary expectations on things," Latifah said. "I don't over-celebrate things."

Ah. We always like words of wisdom as we common peeps prepare for a brand new year; however, word on the street recently was that Queen Latifah was prepping to propose to her "pal," celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins. Numerous outlets from Perez Hilton to Page Six hinted at the possible nuptials, but the Queen herself has hammered the hearsay.

"People will make up all sorts of things that are not true," she told the Chicago-Sun Times. "There ain't gonna be no wedding."

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