Katy Perry never expected that "I Kissed a Girl" would be the most scorching song of the summer — and neither did her folks.

Both of Perry’s parents are pastors, and the 23-year-old songstress grew up in a strict environment where she was only allowed to sing gospel music. So it comes as no surprise that her family might be a little, er, upset or confused by the song.

"I was respectful of what they wanted while I was under their household, and I took the leap on my own to Los Angeles when I was 17," Perry told Pop Tarts. "They love me as their child, but I’m sure they would have had a bit of a different picture that they painted of me. I’m an adult and I make my own decisions — some of them are more successful than others. But they totally support me and are just happy that I’m not strung-out and a centerfold."

And even though Katy called her album "One of the Boys," the husky-voiced sensation is bringing girl-power back into the biz.

"I’m very competitive with boys," she said. "I think it’s fun when a girl beats them."

But it seems like Perry is just as skilled with her man-juggling as she is with her singing, and even offers some tips in the current issue of Blender magazine. She advises all women to have a man at every port from L.A. to New York to Paris and under no circumstances does she condone giving him a dresser drawer. Go girl!

Brooke Hogan Apologizes for Accusing Hulk of Abuse

Brooke Hogan recently signed an affidavit alleging that her father Hulk was abusive both physically and verbally toward her mother Linda, but the 20-year-old has now apologized for her mistake.

Hogan told People magazine that she signed the documents under pressure from her mother (who filed for divorce last December) and at a time when she was upset with Hulk due to rumors of infidelity.

According to a rep for the reality starlet, Brooke is deeply "distressed" over Linda's latest scheme to cause even more mayhem in the fractured family.

"I love my mother and hope to one day reconcile with her," Brooke also told the mag. "But using kids as pawns in a divorce is awful. Every day my mother resorts to this kind of behavior makes it much harder for us to have a relationship again."

An inside source told Pop Tarts that a relationship between mother and daughter is nonexistent, but Hulk has been Brooke's shoulder to cry on during this ordeal.

"He would do anything for Brooke," said our source, adding that the two are growing very close again.

Amanda Seyfried: 'I Was So Intimidated by Meryl Streep'

Amanda Seyfried has come a long way from her days as a dumb high school student in "Mean Girls" — she now stars (and sings) alongside Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan in "Mamma Mia!" But meeting Streep was obviously much more nerve-racking than chilling with Lindsay Lohan.

"I was so intimidated by Meryl. I had to introduce myself to her as the woman playing her daughter in a big movie," Seyfried told Pop Tarts. "But she took herself off the pedestal right away and she was like 'Hey, so great to meet you, we'd love to have you at our house.'"

Both Seyfried and Streep admitted that the experience of being in a movie-musical was a risk to their professional reputations, but for Pierce Brosnan it was an escape from an otherwise "boring" life.

"Life is boring, so I think you need to find the challenges in life and this is certainly one of them," Brosnan said. "It's 'Mamma Mia!' It's a musical, singing and Meryl Streep. But it's good nerves, healthy nerves."

Matthew McConaughey Parties While Mama Minds the Newborn

He just became a father, but Matthew McConaughey is still a party boy.

Pop Tarts spies spotted the "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" star sipping Corzo margaritas last weekend at a private party for his agent in Venice, Calif. We're told Matthew stole the spotlight as everyone gushed over the fact he is now a dad, but while he was livin' it up all evening (even staying to see the UFC fight), model mommy Camila Alves was at home with their first child, who made them millions thanks to last week's cover of OK! magazine.

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