Nicole Kidman better watch out because there's one super sexy country crooner who doesn't mind the look of her (married) man.

Carrie Underwood revealed her affection for Keith Urban to the sold-out Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday night during her "Carnival Ride" concert. Urban and Underwood kicked off her tour together in January and clearly his looks had a lasting impact.

"You guys might remember me and a man — something that rhymes with Meith Sherban," Underwood said with a cheeky grin. "OK, it's Keith Urban, and yeah, I think he's really hot."

Despite rampant rumors that the Oklahoma native is dating "The Bachelor" Travis Stork, Underwood made a big deal of her "very single" status and the trouble she has finding men.

"Ladies, I know what it's like and how difficult it is to date," Carrie said. "So do what I did and get a dog, sometimes it might be better."

The energetic southern starlet broke away from her genre with a rendition of Guns N' Roses "Paradise City," showing no signs of her problematic press week stemming from her comment to TV Guide that she "loses all respect" for celebrities who endorse political candidates (oops, that's 90 percent of Hollywood).

Nevertheless, our Carrie still scored some star-studded support as Pop Tarts spotted Reese Witherspoon (with a beer), her 9-year-old daughter Ava as well as reigning "American Idol" David Cook sneaking into the stadium. While Cook laid low, Witherspoon didn't hold back on the movin' and shakin' during the performance but err, rhythm really isn't the actress's forte y'all.

Speaking of "Idol," it's always refreshing to hear a star reminiscing on their roots and acknowledging what it was that gave them a leg-up in the biz.

"A crazy dream came true for me a few years ago so I know it's possible," she said, just before a montage of her career milestones flashed onto the screen — ending with that final moment where Ryan Seacrest stood in between Bo Bice and Underwood ready to announce the winner.

Sophie Monk Gets Cozy With Adam Levine

Rumors have been running rampant for the past few days that Sophie Monk is dating Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, but it looks as though the burgeoning love was confirmed at rocker’s Effen Vodka bash over the weekend.

Miss Monk was most certainly Adam’s guest of honor at the star-studded soiree which went down at his private home in the Hollywood Hills. Although the Tinseltown twosome managed to keep any public displays of affection to a minimum, we’re told that sparks were flying and the two stayed close for most of the night — although there was just one problem.

Kirsten Dunst apparently came across as a bit of a third-wheel and when she wasn’t chatting it up with Adrien Grenier, she was tagging along with the new twosome. Funnily enough, the "Spiderman" starlet is rumored to have woven a web of romance with both of these gentlemen in the past but always denied that she was anything more than just friends with either.

Megan Fox Demands a Bed

Megan Fox was obviously feeling a little light while filming "Transformers," as our inside snitches revealed that the starlet recently had her assistant call up "Sunset Tan" and request a bronzing bed be immediately delivered to the set.

The famed reality television business couldn’t accommodate the instantaneous order and instead offered to send an expert to give Fox a customized spray tan, but were given the "thanks, but no thanks." Hey, if the girl wants a bed the girl should get a bed!

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