Carmen Electra has perfected the art of the "Aerobic Striptease," but now, the former "Baywatch" babe is taking her passion for getting hot and heavy to a whole new marketing level.

Electra has been busy plugging her latest "workout" DVDs, “Vegas Strip" and "In the Bedroom." But she's also been working on the release of her very own line of stripper poles.

"I am so excited to have a new pole coming out, a portable stripper pole. The great thing about my portable pole is you can put it in your own living room or you can do the workout in your bedroom," she said. "No one has to see you do it. It's up to you — you can perform for your husband or boyfriend, or do it more as a workout and focus on that."

Electra (who has been training with The Pussycat Dolls for the past three years) has no doubt built an empire on her sex-symbol status, and is hoping that this interesting little product will help empower women not only to “get in the best shape of their life,” but do so in a way that they can embrace their female prowess.

So while Electra has cottoned onto the Tinseltown trend of being both an actress and a brand-builder, this bride-to-be assured us that she certainly won’t be following the current fad of rushing down the aisle.

“I have known him [her Korn guitarist fiancé Rob Patterson] for years; we were friends first and then we just started dating. He’s super sweet, really, really nice and a really kind, loving person," she said. "There are no plans as of yet; we're taking things really, really, really, slow.

“It's just funny how you get engaged and everyone thinks you're getting married tomorrow — even my friends were calling me going, 'Are you pregnant? I heard you're pregnant. Is that true?'" she continued. "All these rumors start and gossip, it's funny. But it could be 10 years. I really want to take it super, super slow.”

The 36-year-old obviously has a “thing” for rocker types — her past relationships include Prince, Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee and B-Real of Cypress Hill.

“I've always been attracted to the rebel, the person that seems the most fearless. Because maybe in a way, I can live through that person,” Carmen explained. “Maybe I’m that way because I grew up with a lot of music in my family — my dad plays guitar and my mom was a singer in a band and my brother played drums, so I guess I see a lot of my family in men like that.”

'Idol' Finalist David Archuleta Losing His Voice?

It may be a sweeping win for David Cook at this week’s “American Idol” finale unless fellow finalist David Archuleta gets some emergency shut-eye.

Pop Tarts caught up with the 17-year-old singing sensation on Monday morning, and he did look (and sound) slightly worse for wear.

"My main focus right now is to avoid singing," Archuleta said. "I am so worn out and my voice is almost shot but it's close to the end — I am just trying to hold it together.

"I thought I would have lots of time to rehearse for the final week, but it's been the busiest of them all," he continued. "With all the media and rehearsing, I am just finding it hard to find time to sleep — I had no idea how tiring this all would be. I'm just hanging in there."

But even if the sleepy star doesn't take the seventh season crown on Wednesday night, he still has his future planned.

"I guess in a year it would be good to have an album out," Archuleta added. "Or at least go back and finish school."

That's right, education all the way. ...

Britney Finds a Baby in Costa Rica

While Britney Spears fights to regain custody of her sons, she's taking time to play with other people's little ones.

Last Friday, the pop princess took off for a random getaway to Costa Rica with her new BFF Mel Gibson, and has since been bumming about the beach in her bikini, smoking (lots of) cigarettes and playing with a baby — that doesn't belong to her.

Our girl certainly looked to be in good spirits and seemed to be behaving herself — and although she and Gibson weren't seen together on this vacation, he obviously has a huge soft spot for the singer. An airport insider told Pop Tarts that Mel's plane (which transported the twosome to the Central American destination) "barely ever goes anywhere" and Mel only takes it out "for special occasions." Awww.

Brody Jenner Gets Girls Drunk Just So He Can ...

Keep them away?!

It sounds somewhat ironic, but it turns out that "The Hills" star Brody Jenner (son of Bruce Jenner) might have been handing out free booze on Saturday night just so he could hang with his boys.

The reality star hosted a bash to kick off the warmer weather at the White House in the Hamptons, where the girls were apparently even more aggressive than usual — forcing Jenner to ask event organizers for some assistance in getting them out of his face.

"Girls wearing next to nothing were grabbing him inappropriately and carrying on — it all got a bit much and he asked for some help,” said our inside source, adding that later in the evening Jenner started pouring his annoying female fans drinks from his Grey Goose bottle just too keep them preoccupied while he hung out with his male posse.

Across the country, fellow “Hills” hottie Audrina Patridge boosted her bank balance by celebrating her 23rd birthday with a bash at LAX nightclub. But we’re told that none of her “friends” from the hit MTV series were invited to the momentous occasion, making us wonder how “real” those relationships really are. …

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